Status: Eliminated
Artist: Teya and Salena
Song: Who The Hell Is Edgar?
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Okay, here we go. My #Eurovision thread that is most definitely not going to pick the winner. Hannah Waddingham (Rebecca from Ted Lasso) being a host is just great. #Austria up first, they seem fine. Nice they made it to the finals.
#Eurovision #Austria well done πŸ‘ good luck! Poe Poe Poe pa pa pa Poe Poe Poe pa pa 🎢🎢🎢
austria! poe poe poe poe yeah i've already addressed how amazing this song is, it's super catchy, super well-written and the message is super strong! i just hope the running order doesn't screw with their result because they deserve such a high placement! poe poe poe #eurovision
Whatever happens right now, Teya and Salena should be so, so proud of themselves, they're incredible and made their country proud ❀️🀍❀️ #Eurovision
"equal payment for women would be the most beautiful thing of all" πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ bravo Austria! #Eurovision2023
Austria - A terrible draw as this deserves to be shown near the end. This has got to be one of the favourites to win. Catchy as anything and like the dig at Spotify as well! 😁 #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
I love that song from Austria. Wonderfully catchy. #Eurovision
I love Austria! Excited they are opening the show! Their friendship is so cute also! #Eurovision
They were amazing openers, excellent job girls πŸ₯° Austria #Eurovision2023
I like the Austria song ❀️ #Eurovision catchy 😊
Thrilled to announce Nevermore Theatres official support for Austria at this year's Eurovision. Proud of our girls going out and representing daddy. #WhoTheHellisEdgar #Eurovision2023
Please i want back hottest austrian spokesperson Philip! I looooooooooove him ❀️🀍❀️🀍❀️🀍 he's my Dad !!!! #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
I don't think they'll win, but my fave is #Austria for making Edgar Allan Poe a catchy hook in a pop song. #Eurovision
I met someone sporting a #Lazarusheart design in support of #austria at #Eurovision. Thank You! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ–€ Exclusively at @Redbubble
#Eurovision2023 Wow Austria's slightly catchy ! I wasn't sure to like it first but i ended up liking it
That was a great start to #Eurovision2023 from teya and salena 😁❀️
#Eurovision2023 has started! Our preshow started with because nothing will ever be better than Love, Love, Peace, Peace. So far #Austria is our favorite tonight.
Wow lets go. We kicking the contest off with female duo from Austria. I love the Poe Poe song. What a fantastic start to #Eurovision with the Poe poe song. Fantastic job @teyandsalena
Austria coming in strong with a song about being possessed by the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe! Absolutely love it! I don't need to hear the rest. They're the winner! #Eurovision
Austria is delivering! Good performance, catchy song! Should be Top 10 #Eurovision2023
I wish I could vote for @teyandsalena tonight at the #Eurovision Song Contest... but as I can't, I am left crossing my fingers that we will hear at least once "#Austria 12 points"! 🀞🀞🀞❣️#TeyaandSalena #TeyaSalena #WhoTheHellisEdgar
Yeess this song! I love this one!! It's so unique and fun!! Go Austria!! Austria #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision
Edgar Allan Poe! Love this strange wonderful soon to be a classic from Austria! #Eurovision2023
We're in a WhatsApp group with friends and they have added their son (my god son) especially to discuss Eurovision. He has somehow added score voting for each act, I have no idea how and now feel officially old. PS. Austria are going to win. #Eurovision
Austria with this funky Edgar Allen Poe song. This is why I love #Eurovision, because this is bonkers πŸ˜›
Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe πŸŽ‰ Doesn't get better. My son loved the Teletubbies πŸ₯³ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #austria
And this is why #Eurovision is epic. A euro dance track about Edgar Allan Poe, I mean where else would you get this!!!!! Love it. #Austria #Eurovision2023
I'm such a fan of this one it's got such a fun eBay #Eurovision #austria
Nice reference to a classic writer from Austria. Also, how catchy is that chorus! #Eurovision
Austria obviously was inspired by Taylor Swift πŸ˜… #Eurovision
Good luck Austria #Eurovision
Starting off hella strong w a song about Edgar Allen Poe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thank you Austria #Eurovision2023
Austria: poppy, dancey, catchy, Performance ok. good Start. #ESC2023
Quite a good upbeat tune Austria #eurovision
Starting with MY WINNERS of the night 😌#Eurovision #AUT
#Eurovision ❀️❀️❀️ Love you TEYA AND SALENA
Love Austria, but not quite it. If it was a dish, it would just like a pinch of salt to be great. #Eurovision2023
Ik ben echt fan van het nummer van Oostenrijk. Zo zo catchy en zo'n leuk thema hebben ze gebruikt. #esf2023 #Eurovision2023
This Austria song is the perfect opener for #Eurovision2023 🀩🀩
#Eurovision2023 starting off with Austria is the best thing I could have asked for! Love their song!
salena is so funny please lmaooo #eurovision
Austria is so robbed 😭 WISH THEM LUCK THEY'RE FABULOUS Austria #Eurovision #ESC2023 #ESC #Eurovision2023
I love Austria 🀩 #Eurovision2023
Trying to vote for #Austria and it's still engaged… hope that's a good sign. #Eurovision
GOOD LUCK TEYA & SALENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#Austria #Eurovision
Great opener from Austria. Very catchy #Eurovision2023
nice of austria to remind that a) we should buy music we love and b) we should all wear red eyeshadow more #Eurovision2023
Yeeehhh good luck #austria #Eurovision2023 with #sybilontour raising awareness of #Huntingtonsdisease
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