Status: Eliminated
Artist: Brunette
Song: Future Lover
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Instagram: @brunette_e_
I love Armenia's staging this year. It's so extremely beautiful. Brunette nailed the song vocally. That rap part sounds soooo good live. Top 10-15 ❤️ Armenia #Eurovision
I DECIDE TO BE GOOD, DO GOOD, LOOK GOOD ~ 💖 I LOVE YOU BRUNETTE !!!! YOU'RE ALREADY MY WINNER !!!!!! Armenia Armenia Armenia #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #EurovisionRTVE #ARMENIA
Armenia hits me hard as a song for someone who'll love you whom you don't even know exists. Perfect performance, gorgeous staging, one of the most dynamic instrumentals of the year, I need this to get valued properly by the voters and jurors Armenia 💜 #EUROVISION
I also love Armenia and by the way I want to visit all countries! How much beauty! ❤️ #Eurovision2023
#Eurovision2023 Loved the flow between Soulful and upbeat from Armenia's performance. Loved the lighting and staging. Great job.
#Armenia - Nice voice. Better when the song gets going but too little too late. The end is very good so it gets a bonus point. 8/12. #Eurovision2023  #Eurovision  @bbceurovision @Eurovision #Brunette #FutureLover
I love you Armenia! You're my winner! 😭❤️😭❤️ #Eurovision2023
Absolutely beautiful! Brunette has such a gorgeous voice. #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 ❤️🥰
okay i really hope armenia wins this. she deserves it, it's a song with great lyrics #Eurovision
Armenia is incredible!!! The staging fits the song perfectly, and the vocals and the attitude of Brunette are catchy. This should be at least top 5!!! #Eurovision #Eurovision2023 #ESC2023 #eurovisionRTVE
The best song of the night so far. Brunette is incredible. Armenia #Eurovision2023
Brunette is a babe I love her #Armenia you are a init to win it #Eurovision2023
Armenia I don't care for the song but Armenia gives every country a masterclass of how to do staging in an effective and impactful way. Juries will love this I feel like, could end up in the top 10 #Eurovision2023
armenia's song is so beautiful and she wrote it herself? shes such good a songwriter #EUROVISION
#Eurovision #17 Armenia This song is not doing it for me ... lovely voice, but, don't think it's a winner #Eurovision2023
Armenia!!!!!!! Brunette is amazing - what a great performance #Eurovision2023
Anyone else trying to think how is Brunette standing on it 👀😭😍 goes to show how good the staging is it looks so believable #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
armenia's song is so beautiful and she wrote it herself? shes such a good songwriter #EUROVISION
ARMENIA Armenia 🥰🥰🥰 My Winner 🏆 🤩#Eurovision
Lowkey hope armenia wins 🤞 #Eurovision
I really liked Armenia. Beautiful song and singer. She delivered #Eurovision
yes brunette's graphics were good but this was the greatest graphic in eurovision history #Eurovision
Ariana Grande representando a Armenia! Buena nana para acelerar mi sueno 👍🏼😁 #Eurovision2023
armenia sounds like a song you might hear on a car ad IN A GOOD WAY i love #Eurovision
Nope. Even her beauty doesn'tmake the song good. #armenia #Eurovision
Oh good they got rid of the smoke during Armenia's dance break. We can actually see her. But without it, it kind of loses the ethereal feel of it. Perfect vocals per the usual tho 😍 Armenia #eurovision
Armenia cloned Ariana Grande and it worked 😍 it's a lovely song and I like the staging #Eurovision I don't think it'll get the recognition it deserves though!
some good lyrics and she is very beautiful Armenia #Eurovision
Armenia Another standout performance tonight from Brunette! One of a few great pop numbers in the running that really comes into its own as it progresses. Not sure how it'll come out in the voting but she's holding her own up there #Eurovision2023
Well done Armenia ! 👏 #Eurovision2023
I think she wrote this song for a lover (going by the lyrics) mood changed quite quickly, she's now enticing them with some lovely dancing. I don't think the poor lover knows where they stand. I don't. #Eurovision2023 #Armenia
So beautiful! She has such a sweet voice and then bamn! Rap and I'm blown away #Armenia #Eurovision
Ariane Grande look alike At first I was like 'Nah', but great comeback! 🙌 #Eurovision    #Armenia
Big fan of that Armenia song, definitely my favourite so far #Armenia #EUROVISION #Eurovision2023
Armenia : Time for our second dance break of the night! Armenia's Brunette has delivered yet another stunning performance of her song 'Future Lover' in the Grand Final 🩷 📷: EBU // Sarah Louise Bennett #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Nicely wonky. Not going to win. #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision #ARM
Brunette 😻 this entry is so good #Armenia #Eurovision2023
Armenia defo wrote this song whilst being ghosted and decided like most females today to be their own boss. "I decide to be good look good" bet she got the live laugh love mirror #Eurovision
Brunette just proved why she's a superstar in the making - her performance was on another level and her talent is simply undeniable! 🔥 #Eurovision #Armenia
Brunette did an incredible job! What a memorizing performance! Goodluck Armenia!! Armenia Armenia #Eurovision2023
Oh wait no Armenia is great. Surprising but not disjointed. #Eurovision
Armenia has to be in top 10 #Eurovision2023 👍😃
Sorry but can we talk about how good brunette is, everything about her is perfect. She's for sure a Underdog. #EUROVISION
Armenia | Looks like Armenia saved money by not bothering with any staging… or a songwriter by the sound of it. #Eurovision #esc #Eurovision23@bbceurovision
Bien ahi Armenia sacando el humo ❤️ #EUROVISION
'and cute littel things like drink smoothies at the cafe' fair. armenia. #Eurovision
Armenia has a bloody gorgeous performance and she's so beautiful, what the hell #EUROVISION
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