Panda Ross

Status: Merged into Panda And Burgandy
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: ---
Twitter: @RealPandaRoss
Instagram: @RealPandaRoss
Oh wow. Robbie taking burgundy and panda to his category was super amazing. They sang perfectly together and had me in tears #xfactor #xfactor2018
Wow! @TheXFactor is damn intense tonight! Gotta love @robbiewilliams for Burgundy & Panda! Brilliant! #XFactor #SixChairChallenge
Robbie Williams is a legend I like what he has done with Burgundy and Panda #XFactor #SixChairChallenge Robbie loves Black people
We loved Panda what is Robbie doing oh we love it @robbiewilliams #XFactor
So glad @RealPandaRoss got a second chance!! #xfactor
#XFactor loved Robbies idea of making Panda and Burgundy a group. What a genius
Proper shower of shite this is Panda Ross should be in the overs she has an amazing soulful voice shes a solo artist not part of a duet had high hopes for the overs but you fluffed it with them 6 #XFactor
I've just abandoned every hope I've had for this season and Panda/Burgundy HAVE TO WIN!!!! #XFactor
PANDA AND BURGUNDY ARE SO GOOD #xfactor #sixchairchallenge
Panda & Burgundy is already the perfect name for a duo #XFactor.
Lol!!! What's with the facial expressions from Panda?!?! #XFactor
i'm so happy about this! i loved both panda and burgundy so hell yeah #XFactor
Love panda dnd bugrady together #xfactor
Panda and Burgundy! What a genius of a group @robbiewilliams #xfactor
Together, Panda and Burgundy are bringing the house down, wooow! #XFactor
Please tell me Panda and Bergundy are gonna be a duo! #xfactor #SixChairChallenge
Robbie: Do you know Never Enough? Panda: Is there anyone left on the show who doesn't know every single word of that song? It plays in my sleep. Won't someone buy Simon another album? Please... #XFactor
#XFactor panda sings like she's chewing a wasp can't cope
Well panda and burgundy is the most set up thing Ive ever seen at least try and make it believable #xfactor
#xfactor@ladylovebug1good choice robbie #bergondy #panda
Robbie Williams putting Panda and Burgundy in a group The lengths that man will go to for a threesome @TheXFactor #XFactor
Panda and Burgundy - that was rehearsed and fixed... dont believe that for one min #XFactor
Make Panda and Burgundy a duo NOW!!! #XFactor
The fuckin weather girls! #xfactor #panda
Robbie is saving his wife from embarrassment and suddenly I ship Panda and Burgundy #xfactor
Wow. Actually sobbing @robbiewilliams @xfactor. Go Burgundy and Panda #xfactor #robbiewilliams #wow
Burgundy and Panda!!! Omg that worked so bloody well #xfactor
Now called red panda #XFactor
Panda & burgundy??!! What kinda of names are they??!! #xfactor
Burgundy and Panda. Has anyone got a real name anymore? #Xfactor #SixChairChallenge
10er says Robbie gets Panda & Ron Burgundy to sing Its raining men for their next audition #xfactor #xfactoruk #xfactor2018
Hugely missed opportunity if they don't call the group Burgundy Panda #XFactor
I am L I V I N G for Panda and Burgundy you know #xfactor
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