Panda And Burgandy

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Judges' Houses 2
Panda and Burgandy are good but I want to hear something outside their comfort zone #XFactor
Showstopping from Panda and Burgandy. I would love to see them in the live shows but I hope they get the songs if they make it as I feel there is a risk it could become a bit cruise shippy staging wise if they get jazzy numbers. #XFactor
Does anyone else think that Burgandy and Panda aren't as good as everyone thinks? #Xfactor
Panda and Burgandy work better as soloists. Their voices are too similar. Not sure who is better #XFactor
Panda and Burgandy would've been 10x better than the choir and would've made it further #XFactor #JudgesHouses
im obsessed with panda and burgandy together honestly #xfactor
At least Panda and Burgandy got a free trip home to the US. #XFactor
nope Panda and Burgandy #XFactor
Panda and Burgandy are the first group being sent home and not through to the live shows #XFactor #JudgesHouses
Awwww Panda and Burgandy aren't going through #XFactor
What a voices #XFactor #JudgesHouses #PandaAndBurgandy
Panda and Burgandy.... #XFactor
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