Bethzienna Williams

Status: Eliminated
Started: Blind Auditions 1
Finished: Final
Instagram: @Bethzienna
Well done on getting to the final! @Bethzienna all the best! The Battler from Barry! You can win it! #TheVoiceUK
I'm so shook! Bethzienna is incredible. She has gotten SO GOOD and is the most versatile act I think I've ever seen on the voice, she should have a huge career ahead of her in theatre #TheVoiceUK
@Bethzienna has to win hands down pure amazing #TheVoiceUK
Even if the lovely bethzienna doesn't win #TheVoiceUK she can just enjoy replaying THAT video singing with @RealSirTomJones
Jennifer made a good early start in the number of 'amazing' comments, but Bethzienna now a clear leader..... #TheVoiceUK
Great duet. Bethzienna was awesome. #TheVoiceUK
Bethzienna sung much better in that duet. Didn't try to do too much. She has a naturally good voice. Doesn't need to push it as hard as she does. That was quality. #TheVoiceUK
Bethzienna is a great singer, performer and beautiful!#TheVoiceUK
I would actually love to see Bethzienna win....... #TheVoiceUK
Brilliant performances tonight Bethzienna!!!! You made us all proud and more importantly you should be proud of yourself. Speak on Monday @BBCRadioWales at 1:15 ! Llongyfarchiade mawr Barry Girl #TheVoiceUK
Bethzienna and Tom Jones is far the best thing about tonights show .... just perfect #thevoiceuk
Bethzienna to win #TheVoiceUK. The live band isn't bad either!
Love this artist @Bethzienna! Great voice. #TheVoiceUK
I really don't get this hype with Bethzienna. She's not that good... #TheVoiceUK
I'd vote for Bethzienna to win the final #thevoiceuk
My vote goes to @Bethzienna amazing tonight #TheVoiceUK
Properly love @Bethzienna she's like the UKs answer to lady gaga #TheVoiceUK
@Bethzienna is bringing her powerful Welsh spirit to this strong performance x #thevoiceuk
#TheVoiceUK @RealSirTomJones @Bethzienna wow! Certainly channelling Miss Shirley Bassey. Fabulous performance!
Bethzienna is channelling a bit of Dame Shirley Bassey. And @RealSirTomJones is just incredible #TheVoiceUK
Come on @Bethzienna .... Barry girl does great!! #TheVoiceUK
Bethzienna to win. #TheVoiceUK
I've never had a better use for the term She smashed it' @Bethzienna #TheVoiceUK
That, on the other hand, was great. I thought Bethzienna was the weakest link in the final, but she did really well there. Tom's very astute at choosing songs for duets. #TheVoiceUK
Oh damn! @Bethzienna singing one of my favourite songs of all time she ain't here to play any games ! Wow #TheVoiceUK
Bethzienna's voice without all that additional performance is wonderful! #TheVoiceuk
@thevoiceuk This song is much better suited to @Bethzienna. Decent duet. #TheVoiceUK
No way! I cannot believe that @Bethzienna did not get through. Bethzienna you are amazing! #ShouldHaveBeenTheWinner #TheVoiceUK
Great duo Tom and Bethzienna, Tom's still got it big time #TheVoiceUk
#NinaSimone song sung by #SirTom and #Bethzienna Please don't let me be misunderstood good song choice delivered very very well #TheVoiceUK
Brilliant. #bethzienna and #sirtomjones #TheVoiceUK
Beautiful duet @RealSirTomJones #Bethzienna #TheVoiceUK
YOO SINGING ALONGSIDE SIR TOM JONES YOU GOTTA COME CORRECT CAUSE HE IS THE FOR REAL!! Too much!!! @Bethzienna killed this shit! This was way better! Amazing duet #TheVoiceUK she's winning
#TheVoiceUK My gosh how amazing was Bethzienna and Tom? Performance of the night!
Flawless. #Bethzienna #TheVoiceUK
I liked that... Bethzienna has such a powerful voice #theVoiceUK
Bethzienna we love you #TheVoiceUK
I just want @ollyofficial & @Bethzienna to get together super cute!! #TheVoiceUK
Bethzienna has an amazing voice but think the song choices for her will be her downfall #TheVoiceUK
@Bethzienna That dress Where on gods earth did that come from? #gorgeous #TheVoiceUK #thatdress
Wanted Bethzienna to win.....disappointed #TheVoiceUK
@thevoiceuk Bethzienna should have won! #TheVoiceUK #bethzienna
What a great duet. Bethzienna has stepped up her game to sing with Tom. #TheVoiceUK
Bethzienna Duet Better song choice - still going for the sex appeal which isn't working for me but better than her solo performance #TheVoiceUK #TeamTom
what organ do i need to sell to look like bethzienna tho pls someone help #thevoiceuk
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