The moment Paddy was crowned the winner of #TheCircle 2019! #TheCircleFinal
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Paddy came out at the top of the final ratings making him the WINNER of #TheCircle 2019! #TheCircleFinal
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Ladies and gentlemen, your Viewers' Champion! #TheCircle #TheCircleFinal
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Professor, goat herder, monk, Viewers' Champion of #TheCircle 2019. Tim's list of accolades just gets better and better! #TheCircleFinal
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"The youngest of hearts with the wisest of brains" - @EmmaWillis's take on Woody and Tim's friendship just broke the pozzyometer. Rainbow heart, send. #TheCircle
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STOP EVERYTHING! Ella and Woody have finally met Love #TheCircle #TheCircleFinal
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Can't think of anything more wholesome. #TheCircle
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All's fair in love, war and catfishing as a woman to win a reality show! #TheCircleFinal #TheCircle
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Cheers to the 'Circle of happiness'. What a great three weeks it's been! #TheCircleFinal
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Tim: Who have I got here? James: Sammie Tim: #TheCircle
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What a reaction from Ella! Don't think James is in her good books #TheCircle
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Couldn't resist one final Tim meme. #TheCircle
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The last Bey pun of the series #TheCircle
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The whole family is back together for the final! 5 minutes to go #TheCircle
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During tonight's live final, you can vote for your Viewers' Champion! Make sure you're registered to vote on our app, because your favourite Player could be walking home with £30,000! #TheCircle
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DAILY DROP! It's time for the final Ratings and the Players meet FACE-TO-FACE... 10pm | @Channel4 | #TheCircle
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The Circle 2019 comes to an end tonight () but what an incredible journey it's been! What was your series highlight? #TheCircle
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HAPPY FINAL DAY! The past three weeks have all been leading up to today. Don't miss the live final with @EmmaWillis from 10pm on @Channel4. #TheCircle
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In the words of Woody's dad: They've come a long long way together... but it all comes to an end tonight at 10pm on @Channel4. #TheCircle
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