Will Bayley

Status: Withdrew
Professional: Janette Manrara
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 6
Twitter: @WillBayleytt
Instagram: @willbayleytt
#Strictly Sending lots of love and get well hugs to both @WillBayleytt and @Mr_NJones and wishing you both a speedy recovery. I'm so loving everyone's #Halloween outfits, @MOTSI_MABUSE you look amazing!
#TeamPocketRacket #StrictlyComeDancing my 6 yr old daughters favourite couple is will and Janette and each week she loves your dances. We hope for your speedy recovery Will! My daughter said I miss will and Janette they dance so beautifully
Get well soon @WillBayleytt u & @JManrara had worked so hard for #Strictly Halloween. Rest up & recover my friend, u are & will continue to be an inspiration & a hero to so many. U are the heart & soul of @bbcstrictly 2019 & we all love you! #TeamPocketRacket xxx
Oh no!! No Will or Neil!!! Thank goodness England won the rugby this morning or I'd be a proper old Flouncy Stroppington right now #Strictly But how on earth do they make this fair now?
Best wishes and speedy recovery to Will Bailey Love #Strictly
will and janette are both so sweet and so humble, im so much sadder than i thought i was going to be about not seeing their halloween performance but i love how the cast are so sweet and supportive and sent all their love, i adore them pls :') #strictly
Dear Will, all the best, I hope you recover well #Strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing time. Really hoping Will is ok. Will miss him and @JManrara and wishing a speedy recovery to @Mr_NJones Love
#Strictly2019 Hope it's not too serious @WillBayleytt Wishing you a speedy recovery Love
Hope you heal and feel better soon @WillBayleytt Love #StrictlyComeDancing
Presumably Will is gonna get a bye to next week now? They did it with Laura Whitmore a few years ago. I just hope him and Neil are better soon Love #strictly
Sending love to @WillBayleytt and @Mr_NJones wishing you both a speedy recovery #Strictly
Speedy recovery and best wishes to @Mr_NJones and @WillBayleytt #Strictly
Get well soon Will I hope you are ok you are such a inspiration to so many can't wait to see you back next week xx Love Love #Strictly
Hope Neil and Will recover quickly! Excited to see Kevin again though! #Strictly
Something haunted has come for #Strictly tonight. @WillBayleytt and @Mr_NJones, get better soon :), and good luck @keviclifton!!!
A shame about Will. Take care buddy, see you next week but ONLY if your fit enough. Your wellbeing comes first. #Strictly speaking.
Oh no poor Will and Neil. Hope they get better soon. #strictly
Sending @WillBayleytt lots of love and wishing you a speedy recovery. Miss seeing you and @JManrara dance tonight Love Love #Strictly
Absolutely gutted that @WillBayleytt and @JManrara aren't performing tonight. I love watching them every week. I hope you have a speedy recovery Will Love #Strictly
Oh dear, I hope Will feels better soon! #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
YES KEVIN!! What an amazing smart choice to step in for Neil, go smash it!!! hope he's back on his feet soon and Will and Jannette too shame to see they are not there tonight #Strictly
So gutted about this! Wishing both Will and Neil a speedy recovery but also super excited to see King Kev dancing again #Strictly
Was so looking forward to Will and Janette this week and the jive but we all look forward to seeing you next week. Hoping for a speedy recovery. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2019 #Strictly
Will gets a bye - saved saying bye bye for good #Strictly
I'm not bothered Neil isn't on tonight but I'm gutted Will isn't. He's superb and I look forward to his boyish energy every week. At least we know he's going through to next week! #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
This is such a shame Sending lots of love to @WillBayleytt @Mr_NJones @JManrara Love Love Wishing Neil and Will a speedy recovery #Strictly
Get better soon Will loves your dance last week #Strictly2019
Get better soon Will!!!!!!! Love Love Love #Strictly #Strictly2019 #StrictlyComeDancing
Oh no! I hope @WillBayleytt is recovering, sending you Love Love Love #strictly #TeamPocketRacket
Nooooooooo!! Poor @WillBayleytt ! Get better mate! #StrictlyComeDancing
Oh no, poor Will. After such a great week too #Will #Strictly
No @WillBayleytt &@Mr_NJones Hope you recovery real soon from your injuries . #StrictlyComeDancing
lots of injuries this week #Strictly2019 wishing @WillBayleytt and @Mr_NJones a speedy recovery
Will completely deserves to go through to next week. Bare in mind some celebs pull out of the competition completely when they hurt themselves. But not Will! He's amazing! We should be so proud of our athletes! #StrictlyComeDancing
Wishing @Mr_NJones and @WillBayleytt a speedy recovery. Get well soon boys#StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2019 #strictly #strictlycomedancing2019
Wishing a speedy recovery to @WillBayleytt and @Mr_NJones tonight is not going to be the same #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly2019 #Strictly
Wishing you all the best @WillBayleytt #Strictly
Wishing @WillBayleytt and @Mr_NJones a speedy recovery. #Strictly
Wishing @WillBayleytt a speedy recovery. #Strictly
Geez injuries galore tonight lol. Will and Neil both out. #Strictly x
Oh no hope wills knees better soon Love #StrictlyComeDancing
Oh no! Get well soon @Mr_NJones and @WillBayleytt. Love #Strictly
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