Saffron Barker

Status: Eliminated
Professional: AJ Pritchard
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 10
Twitter: @SaffronBarker
Instagram: @saffronbarker
I love @Aj11Ace and @SaffronBarker I really enjoyed that dance and think they were so underscored I hope you get through to next week as your both incredible and I have loved watching you every week on #Strictly
Always watch Saff with a big smile on my face, so proud. Please get voting tonight! I think she deserved higher but they know best! Voting opens at 8.10pm! Please vote Love @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace #StrictlyComeDancing
That dance was brilliant! We really need to get voting tonight as we can't let her be in the dance off again, so please VOTE!! Loved that routine so much though, she's amazing! @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace #Strictly
Omg @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace that was amazing, little ray of sunshine Love @bbcstrictly #Strictly beautiful hun
strictly come dancing is getting so tough! my younger youtube fan girl self is really hoping everyone votes for @SaffronBarker! i love absolutely everyone this year! it's getting so hard to choose who could win #StrictlyComeDancing
I thought @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace smashed it . Samba is difficult but I think she did an incredible job. Don't forget to #VoteTeamSJ #TeamSJ #Strictly Love
Catching up so sorry I'm a little late but @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace absolutely LOVED that dance! What a great opening. Really uplifting and had me smiling the whole way through #BBCStrictly #strictly2019 #strictlyspoiler #scd2019
#strictly2019 @SaffronBarker you did amazing in your dance! So proud keep up hopefully you will go for you using my 10 accounts later on! Love
I like watching AJ and Saffron dance. Not so keen on them talking, but their dancing's lovely. Young and fun. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Normally I say saffron is fab but I felt it wasn't brilliant this week week 10 more like week 1 dance #Strictly
pls vote for saffron and aj!! voting opens : 8:10pm! 09015 22 52 06 6 22 52 06 (you get three free votes!! & can vote on as many different accounts you want) thank you legends @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #Strictly
If you love @SaffronBarker and @Aj11Ace do us all a favour and vote your asses off!! Such a special couple that deserves to be in the quarter final!! #Strictly
I'm walking on sunshiiiiine, Saffron looks stunning in that dress! I enjoyed that dance but it felt... flatish? #Strictly
Saffron is a really lovely dancer to watch. I kind of don't mind the occasional wobble from her because her performance makes me happy #Strictly
3 votes for @SaffronBarker and @Aj11Ace !!! Loved the dance and she looks spectacular as always! VOTE NOW people #Strictly
How on earth can you salsa to Walking on Sunshine? Saffron always looks like she's having such fun but her footwork was too heavy and untidy for me again. Felt like she took a step back tonight 7 #strictly
votes opens at 8:10pm please vote to keep @SaffronBarker and @Aj11Ace in the competition 09015 22 52 06 6 22 52 06 vote for free on maximum of 3 times #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #Strictly #SaffronBarker #AJPritchard @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace Love Love
saffron doing her best to remember calling them followers instead of fans looool #strictly
Loved that much fun! @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace #Strictly @bbcstrictly
Big good luck to @Aj11Ace & @SaffronBarker on their Samba #Strictly dance tonight! #Samba #dance #Bounce @bbcstrictly
Big good luck to @Aj11Ace & @SaffronBarker on their Samba #Strictly dance tonight! #Samba #dance #bounce
Saffron & AJ Samba: #strictly @bbcstrictly I actually enjoyed that but it felt too careful & placed and wasn't sizzling enough or party enough ! Great way to start the show though
I thought Saffron was fun and upbeat but her dance looked clumsy. I doubt the judges will agree because I am never right about dancing #Strictly
Is Craig ok? A 5!! Really. She was amazing @SaffronBarker please please vote everyone!!! #Strictly
Loved @SaffronBarker and @Aj11Ace today, thought she was a bit UNDERMARKED though @bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #strictly
That was blooming amazing from saffron, that routine was by far her best Latin it was amazing to watch.. I hope these hypocritical judges are as picky with the other couples #Strictly
Best of luck @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace #teamsj #saffron #ajache #Strictly
Good effort from @SaffronBarker. Lots of content, he hadn't gone easy on her. #Strictly
AJ wisely kept the choeography simply samba and it worked. Well done Saffron #strictly2019
09015 22 52 06 6 22 52 06 vote for free on maximum of 3 times @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #Strictly #SaffronBarker #AJPritchard @SaffronBarker @Aj11Ace Love Love
Saffron's dress is gorgeous colours Love But the dance was SOOOO wooden #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
These judges need to go ape spec save saffron AJ brilliant. #Strictly
Well done to @SaffronBarker & @Aj11Ace dancing a Samba on @bbcstrictly a difficult dance to do. LOVED THE DRESS @t_hewlett & tea, Score - 5, 7, 7, 7 = 26/40 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #SCD
What a great performance from @SaffronBarker and @Aj11Ace! Loved the costumes as well! #Strictly
Saffron and AJ were definitely undermarked!! Please please vote for them they've put so much effort into this dance and deserve to make it onto another week #strictly
PLEASE vote for @SaffronBarker , i can't stress enough how much she deserves it & she needs the extra help tonight #strictly #strictly2019
Strictly time! Come on @SaffronBarker Saffron and @Aj11Ace! Love #Strictly
Everyone needs to vote for @SaffronBarker tonight. We can't let her go home because she is amazing and the samba is hard. AJ has gone home every year on the samba so PLEASE vote #strictly #VoteSJ
That was a bit weird...poor Saffron strange delivery of music/singing on that version of Walking on Sunshine. Not the best Samba.She looks beautiful though.#Strictly
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