Michelle Visage

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Giovanni Pernice
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 9
Twitter: @michellevisage
Instagram: @michellevisage
I've just watched @michellevisage & @pernicegiovann1 Vogue. It was INCREDIBLE. Michelle looks amazing, Gio is stunning. The outfits are divine and I sobbed through your VT. Thank you, thank you, thank you Love Love Love #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #TeamVisagio
This was more than a (brilliant) dance. For me it was a message of empowerment, acceptance and love. It was Iconic and something to be very proud of @michellevisage @pernicegiovann1 amazing! #Strictly
YES MICHELLE @michellevisage I love you, you are incredible, thank you for sharing so much love as positivity to the LGBTQA+ community through that wonderful dance. Love Love #Strictly
I absolutely love @michellevisage. I want her to be my mum, my sister & my best friend. She is amazing and she is such an inspiration. Not to mention the dancing, she & @pernicegiovann1 are just perfect together. #letsvogue #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #strictlyblackpool #ItTakesTwo
As fans we know how much vogue means 2 u @michellevisage and you did yourself and all of us proud Love Loved it loved the passion it was the event I knew it would be @pernicegiovann1 amazing work #StrictlyComeDancing
Proper chills watching that amazing!!!! @michellevisage fabulous! Adore you Michelle Love Love Love get voting people! #StrictlyComeDancing2019
That performance was outstanding, amazing and had me in tears from the intro. We love you @michellevisage !! #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #Strictly
Wow that was so fabulous @michellevisage I loved it so much, you looked incredible too #StrictlyComeDancing2019
Fabulously feisty @michellevisage and her victorious vogue was a triumph of styling and expression. Such an amazing dance, message & look #goMichelle #strictlyblackpool #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #strictly
Yes!! The back story and performance was outstandingly amazing. Poised and strong, absolutely loved it. @michellevisage #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
i just know this is going to be an iconic moment for #strictly you look amazing @michellevisage good luck to you and @pernicegiovann1
Thought I had a good grasp of the English language and a wide vocabulary. But all I can say is yassss queen!!! Loved it. Kudos to @michellevisage for using that VT to get such an important message across. You slayed!!! #SCD2019 #StrictlyComeDancing2019
An outstanding tribute to the queen of pop! Loved it well done @michellevisage and @pernicegiovann1 #Strictly #strictlyblackpool
That was fantastic. I loved Giovanni in it, Michelle was great and I love the outfits...except Panniers should sit on your waist!!! DX #strictly
Come on guys, we've all had our week in #grancanaria for #WinterPride ... now let's get back behind the gorgeous and amazing @michellevisage Love #strictlyblackpool #strictly
WOW Love @michellevisage at the end of her bit just almost had me in tears. "...And the community out there who've faught for each other..." Beautiful. #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #strictlyblackpool #LGBTQ
Michelle I absolutely adore you. What you stand for is amazing and the classic ball/ drag culture world you introduce to so many people on British sofas is something I am thankful for. I just wish there was more footwork to make this my dream dance. #StrictlyComeDancing2019
Another AMAZING dance!!! I am incredibly proud of you @michellevisage you are my EVERYTHING Love #strictly
#StrictlyComeDancing2019 @michellevisage @pernicegiovann1 the time has come for you to dance for your life in Blackpool ... good luck have THE most amazing night Mama and don't fcuk it up AND TWEEPS PLEASE VOTE !!!! #TeamVisagio #TeamVisagio2WIN
michelle visage is so fucking amazing, what an amazing gorgeous woman honestly. an inspiration. i love her sm. #StrictlyComeDancing2019
Madonna is my all time favourite Diva. I just love her music and her persona! Thank you Michelle and Giovanni for a fab tribute! #StrictlyComeDancing
.@michellevisage and @pernicegiovann1 - that dance made me cry, it was so gorgeous. Scores were ridiculous. But who cares? Your beauty and awesomeness shone through. #strictly
A great routine to Vogue from @michellevisage & @pernicegiovann1 on @bbcstrictly Costumes are amazing, well done @t_hewlett & team Score - 8, 8, 8, 8 = 32/40 #Strictly
Brilliant to see @michellevisage paying such a glamorous tribute to @Madonna and the LGBTQ community. You gave good face Queen!!!! #Strictly
Good job Michelle! Felt like more content was needed but great fun. 8 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Michelle looked GORGEOUS! I really enjoy the Couple's Dances, and this was no exception. Kudos to the #Strictly wardrobe/hair/make-up, too. I loved it!
sorry only 32 for @michellevisage?? Queen that deserved so much more, thank you for bringing drag and that beautiful message of acceptance to #strictly Love
I ADORED THAT! @michellevisage @pernicegiovann1 #vogue #fabulous Love Love Love Love #StrictlyComeDancing2019
.@michellevisage is an incredible ally to the #LGBTQ community! A fantastic dedication, now let's get behind her and VOTE #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #Vogue
I like michelle and love vogue but that wasn't her best dance, it was posing lol #Strictly
Go on @michellevisage! Our community is grateful for all you have done and do for us. You're a ferocious ally to us and we love you! Thanks for being you. You're an inspiration to many of us. #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #strictlyblackpool
you're the best ally @michellevisage Love you always have been and always will be. and as always you and @pernicegiovann1 were brilliant tonight #StrictlyComeDancing2019
#StrictlyComeDancing Michelle that was so good it gave me Goosebumps fantastic dance :))))
#Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #bbc Thank you @michellevisage for that beautiful @Madonna vogue dance...dance for us the community Loved it!! Got get my vote as always xx
I love @michellevisage so much and am sure that this Vogue will be absafuckinlutely amazing...what an inspirational woman! Gwan Michelle- you got this! You Queen!!!! #strictly
Well done @michellevisage and @pernicegiovann1 what a performance, worth more than 8s thats for sure. What a beautiful tribute to the ballroom scene. #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #LGBTQ
Good luck @michellevisage and @pernicegiovann1 for tonight's epic performance!!! #TeamVisagio #StrictlyComeDancing2019
Wow @michellevisage you smashed that @bbcstrictly #strictly you are a true model for the whole #lgbt community you are a queen fabulous darling
I'm so excited for #Strictly tonight! Can't wait to see @michellevisage dance! Gonna be amazing! Vogue, baby, vouge! Love
THAT WAS FABULOUS @michellevisage SUPERB #StrictlyComeDancing2019
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