Dev Griffin

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Dianne Buswell
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 4
Twitter: @dev_101
Instagram: @dev
Devs hips just need that lil more work in all styles of ballroom but besides that he's doing amazing. Dianne has a good dancer again this year! Also that cover of that Sam Smith song was better than sams version of it Love #StrictlyComeDancing
well done to @dev_101 and @dbuzz6589 loved your cha cha!!!! Love #Strictly
Amazing choreography @dbuzz6589 Love Well done @dev_101 on a difficult dance #Strictly
Come on! Good luck!!! @dev_101 @dbuzz6589 #StrictlyComeDancing #TeamRedDevils!!
#strictly Loving Dev & Diane... Love Keep going Dev...Brilliant critic from @ShirleyBallas Love
Nice job from Dev. Every time I think he has it nailed he doesn't finish elements so well. But he could be sensational! #Strictly
Can see that @ShirleyBallas is giving @dev_101 some serious constructive criticism because she wants him to be great, but they are gushing over Katherine and she didn't have the timing, or the grace of Dev. In my opinion he was undermarked #scd #StrictlyComeDancing #devanddianne
#Strictly2019 absolutely amazing dance Dev loved it :)))
Dev and Dianne did amazing! Loved the dance, they did so well #Strictly @dbuzz6589 @dev_101
Really like Dev but didn't seem all that confident in himself tonight. He should, he's awesome! #Strictly
That was cool af @dev_101 and @dbuzz6589 very stylish, I really loved it! #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Nice to see @dev_101 is not blue anymore. How could I forget he had a body like that Love #Strictly
Dev and Dianne score 27 (6,7,7,7). What did you think of their routine? Follow, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win an iPad #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Dev hip appreciation from me yessssss #Strictly Love
Not his usual great performance but he's good #Dev #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
great thanks @dev_101 and @dbuzz6589 now i have to order a kebab #Strictly
Quite a contrast to last week for Dev. I mostly agree with Craig, actually. If they get to the final I'd like to see that again. The costumes & lighting were great. #Strictly
I love Saff and AJ as well as Dev and Dianne but Anton finally has a decent partner #Strictly
Well I'm voting for Dev tonight as he was a bit let down by the song and choreography but he's a great natural dancer #Strictly
Might not have been Dev's best dance but that was a stylish cha cha. #StrictlyComeDancing
I seriously think the judges are over praising some of the couples tonight and under praising others and absolutely no inbetween!! We need to vote for Dev and Dianne they were so much better than 27 and deserve to dance another week!!!! #StrictlyComeDancing
I liked that from Dev and @dbuzz6589. He really worked hard with his hips and it was a little bit sexy too. #Strictly
Also love @dev_101 hes got natural talent #strictly
I really like Dev and Dianne as a couple. They're swaying me with all the red. Loved the different feel of this cha cha though! #Strictly #scd M
Love Dev and Dianne but I don't think that song suited the dance at all, obviously not their fault because they don't choose the music #strictly
My dad will be glad Dev's not a poser. I distinctly remember him telling me to steer clear of posers when I was 8. (Ken from Howard's Way was preening in a mirror prior to a date with Jan Harvey). It's advice I've always heeded. #strictly2019
Dev looks very sexy in that red outfit. Dianne too! #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #SCD2019 #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing2019
Dev seems like a genuinely lovely guy #Strictly
Not to be Me about it...but this is very sexy Dev. #Strictly
Brilliant routine from @dev_101 @dbuzz6589. #Strictly
I'm enjoying Dev's cha cha cha, feels properly modern, rather than just naf #Strictly #scd
Always having fun @dev_101 @dbuzz6589 #Strictly #Dev
Dev is an incredibly natural dancer, and I would be astounded if he's not in the final. I didn't love the dance, but I just wasn't all that interested in the choreography rather than it being anything Dev did wrong. #Strictly
Lol! @dev_101 looks like a @RiuHoteles animation rep #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
Love dev and diane #StrictlyComeDancing
I know this is a dancing show, but I really loved the set design for Dev and Dianne's cha-cha #Strictly
In other words, Shirley, Dev has a great butt. #Strictly
What a blessed relief: a training VT where they talked about, errr, training. No comedy 'bit'. #Dev #Strictly
Liked that from Dev, but that 'Dancing with a Stranger' track was too slow for that dance should've kept the original Sam Smith version #Strictly
Devs got the moves #StrictlyComeDancing #DevandDianne Love
Ohh. Dev's face says he wasn't happy with that score. #Strictly
Dev doesn't look so happy with those scores Diane!! #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
This...isn't cha-cha music at all. Dev is really good, and I feel he's been let down by the music there #Strictly
Dev is a right little dark horse, he's SO good #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #Strictly2019
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