Chris Ramsey

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Karen Hauer
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 12
Twitter: @IAmChrisRamsey
Instagram: @iamchrisramsey
What a performance @IAmChrisRamsey you had me in tears from the start. You were fabulous. You have a wonderful smile! Good luck and well done Love #StrictlyComeDancing2019
Yes Chris! Loved it! #Strictly you are amazing! @IAmChrisRamsey wow such a great compliment from Craig!
Smashed it mate. No it wasn't world champion standard, but I cried. I loved it. Chris is my winner #StrictlyComeDancing
Bloody love @IAmChrisRamsey! Very humble, genuine, lovely guy. Really hope you win #Strictly mate!
I'm watching #StrictlyComeDancing and I'm thrilled that @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer are in the semi final as comic book guy from the Simpson's would say best couple ever I'm backing them to win because this is better than brexit
Chris - very heartwarming lovely routine. We know stronger dancers have left but wow it makes me happy to watch novies fall in love with dance #strictlycomedancing #strictly
I love Chris! Might not have been perfect but what an improvement. Well done. Nice chap too #Strictly
chris is actually doing this so good, like for someone who has genuinely had no experience that rumba was beautiful, hes never going to be the strongest dancer but he gives it his absolute best, you cant deny that!! #strictly
I love @ShirleyBallas but I'm sorry she is wrong . I don't watch this to see people who have already danced improve, I watch so see how amazing non-dancers can do #Strictly well done @IAmChrisRamsey it was fantastic x
he's not the best dancer but he's incredible and come so far, well done chris!!! so genuine too #StrictlyComeDancing
What a lovely comment from Craig. @IAmChrisRamsey may not be the best dancer but he has come on so much! He's should be so proud he got this far. Love #strictly
#Strictly I love @IAmChrisRamsey so much. He may not technically be the best dancer but by far the most improved and surely that's what it's all about? He's my winner.
Awww when @karen_hauer mentioned Robin Thank you and well done @IAmChrisRamsey you've brought us such joy each week, we're all so proud! Voting! @Rosemarino #StrictlyComeDancing
YAY! So thrilled @CraigRevHorwood is making the point of just how much Chris has come on. He really really has, when you think of his first dances! He has such an amazing attitude too #strictly
You really can't fault @IAmChrisRamsey for his effort during the competition. The improvement week on week is nothing short of impressive and an absolutely lovely bloke to boot - even my gran is in love with him #StrictlyComeDancing
So what if @IAmChrisRamsey isn't the best dancer, he's never claimed to be. He went in there thinking he'd only last a week and he's in the SEMI FINAL! He's improved so much and has done amazing. If he goes this weekend then what a week to go Love #Strictly
What a beautiful, emotive dance. Brought a tear to my eye. Great story telling. And I love your positivity even when things don't go to plan @IAmChrisRamsey @karen_hauer #strictly
I thought Chris' rumba was amazing. It wasn't the best technically but it was really emotional and he clearly gave it is absolute all. He has come so far and should be immensely proud of himself #StrictlyComeDancing
Well, whatever happens tonight on #Strictly, we've thoroughly enjoyed @IAmChrisRamsey's journey - & he's the reason we're still tuning in. It takes all sorts to make an entertainment show, but Chris's enthusiasm & positivity has been infectious & a joy to watch. Good
That Viennese Waltz had us truly in a spin - the improvement is amazing to see @IAmChrisRamsey @karen_hauer. Could not be prouder of you two! Excited for the rumba next! #TeamQuiff #strictly #scd
Chris probably the weakest but I love how determined and likeable he is. He's done brilliantly for a non-dancer. #scd #StrictlyComeDancing #strictly
How nice was Craig to say that to @IAmChrisRamsey if smiles were worth 10 Chris would be top of the leaderboard you can see how much he loves it #Strictly
Love the permanent smile on @IAmChrisRamsey's face throughout his dance! Genuinely entertaining. 100% got my vote - inspirational! Get @Rosemarino on next year too BBC! #strictly #voteramsey #ShaggedMarriedAnnoyed
It may not be a sexy rhumba but it was certainly a beautiful one. I loved it #TeamChris #strictly
What a bittersweet #rhumba. Well done #Karen. You really sold that. #chrisramsey we cried with you. #StrictlyComeDancing #beautiful
Right. I want @IAmChrisRamsey to get to the strictly final. I've been a fan of his for years and been to every tour since 2014. Please help me if you love me. Use the free votes on bbc website when it opens in about 20 minutes. I'll love you forever. #Strictly
Chris is my winner. So humble, so grateful, so good. And he's got the bestest accent. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly
That wasn't brilliant @IAmChrisRamsey but you and @karen_hauer have made me smile every week. Not bad for a non dancer. Thanks #StrictlyComeDancing
Brilliant! A triumph darlings! Get yourself down to Cinderella at @ShawTheatreLdn. #Strictly + #DragRaceUK +#Christmas = #panto
Loved that from Chris & Karen and can I say Karen looked stunning Love #Strictly
Adore Chris so much. There's no desperation to win, he's just enjoying his time on the show. #Strictly
I agree with Shirley. Yes it's fantastic to see a non dancer learning, improving & falling in love with dance, but surely Chris has come to the end of his #Strictly journey tonight
Chris is kind of like when a kid at school does an illegible drawing and they show you and you have to do the whole that's nice darling thing and put it on the fridge, but you're proud and enamoured... that's Chris dancing that VW #scd #strictly #strictlycomedancing
Out of all the Semi Finalists, Chris is the most improved. It wasn't a perfect Viennese Waltz but it was enjoyable. 8 #Strictly
I'm voting for @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer because they are my favourites. For me @bbcstrictly is about the journey and how much of an improvement has been made. And I look forward to watching them every week. My winners. #StrictlyComeDancing
Okay I'm going to say it @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer are my absolute faves this year on @bbcstrictly #Strictly I mean bloody legends!!! He's tried to hard and brought so much joy!!!! Karen can be proud her hard work and chris' paid off!!
That was actually pretty good. Well done, Chris, you can be proud of that. #Strictly
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