Alex Scott

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Neil Jones
Started: Launch Show
Finished: Week 11
Twitter: @AlexScott
Instagram: @alexscott2
LOVE IT! That samba was so good! Alex had so much fun this week and I absolutely loved it! She shook it, she spun it and SHE NAILED IT! I do agree with the extra bounce but I absolutely loved it! WHAT A QUEEN #Strictly2019 #BBCStrictly #Strictly
Alex, wow! That musicals week dance was incredible. Full of energy and fun, and some really good dancing #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
I still find it amazing that @Mr_NJones has only just being given a partner on @bbcstrictly .He is the best dancer and choreographer the show has had for a long time. He and @AlexScott are realistic finalists. #StrictlyComeDancing2019 #winners
Yyeesssss!! That was amazing! Fun, vibrant and wow #TeamRed #Strictly @AlexScott @Mr_NJones
LOVE IT! That samba was so good! Alex has so much this week and I absolutely loved it! She shook it, she spun it and SHE NAILED IT! I do agree with the extra bounce but I absolutely loved it! WHAT A QUEEN #Strictly2019 #BBCStrictly #Strictly
Clever choreography from @Mr_NJones there, @AlexScott was totally joyful to watch, well done, I loved it #Strictly
#Strictly2019 Alex & Neil - Samba I actually enjoyed this dance! The song really fitted the dance and I loved the fusion of Samba and Commercial dance, the technique made this her best Latin dance so far- excellent! 8
#StrictlyComeDancing2019 I'd like to take this opportunity before the voting lines open to beg everyone to VOTE FOR ALEX AND NEIL because they deserve the world and were very undermarked Love
I give Alex and Neil 8 out of 10. A fabulous performance - I love that Alex and Neil made the routine their own - but there wasn't enough Samba. LOVED it though. #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #Strictly2019
Loved Alex's dance! Great to see her dancing with such confidence and thoroughly enjoying herself! #Strictly
Oh my gosh @AlexScott @Mr_NJones that was AMAZING! MODERN, FRESH AND FABULOUS The judges need to move with the times. @bbcstrictly #strictly
Alex just redeemed my childhood! Filled with so much joy and wow I really enjoyed that Samba #Strictly
I really loved their dance and I loved seeing Alex that happy on that dance floor so I'm not even mad at the score because I understand where they're coming from but I will however be mad at the public if they don't stand behind her and support her by voting tonight. #Strictly
How can u do a full samba to that music? Wasn't fast enough. Choreography was unreal to make it look that great! Well done @Mr_NJones and @AlexScott #strictly
Time for #StrictlyComeDancing good luck @AlexScott Love
Just when I didn't think it was possible to love #AlexScott any more: absolutely brilliant. Perfect song. Bring on the weird positions! . #StrictlyComeDancing
Fun dance for Alex & Neil but it wasn't a samba I agree with Bruno! Made me smile but could've been more daring with the lifts she is super athletic #StrictlyComeDancing
hi, i'm so so proud of you. whatever happens tonight, remember we are all so proud of you and love you. from a non dancer to WEEK ELEVEN. you're amazing!! @AlexScott @Mr_NJones #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Honestly what do Alex and Neil have to do to get higher marks? That dance was so fun and I really wanted to dance with them. Which is the spirit of the samba for me and they did it good. #strictly
Alex and Neil dancing to the big medley from #SisterAct2 aka the reason I have good taste in Hip Hop/R&B music today! Want to rewatch the movie now! Love #strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #scd #90skid
The journey Alex Scott as a non-dancer especially, has been on has been amazing, wasn't overly fussed on her before #Strictly but actually adore her now and loved that routine from her and Neil
Okay. A theme is emerging. Great performance, loads of fun, but technically all over the shop. Alex is just so much fun. #strictly
Alex looks so cute in those short dungarees and what a great dance Love #StrictlyComeDancing
Amazing @AlexScott totally loved it! #strictly2019
Well done @AlexScott & @Mr_NJones that was a joyful performance to watch #Strictly
I LOVED that samba it was so cool and upbeat.....where was the mention that alex was also a novice?!!! shes done so well #strictly @AlexScott @Mr_NJones
A joyful, joyful Samba from @AlexScott and @Mr_NJones this week! Beautiful! What score would you give them? #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
Yes Alex brilliant I would have liked that to have lasted longer #Strictly
Alex Scott has improved week on week with confidence, good job! #BBCStrictly #Strictly #Strictly2019 #StrictlyComeDancing #StrictlyComeDancing2019
Alex looks like she is living her best life @AlexScott #strictly #joyful
Wooo! Loved that, pure joy! @AlexScott @Mr_NJones #Strictly
Alex now dancing with so much joy, energy and enthusiasm compared to how she was at the beginning. Neil has worked wonders with her! #Strictly
Made me smile and swing from start to finish. Well done Alex and Neil! #StrictlyComeDancing2019
Alex and Neil score 27 (6,7,7,7). What did you think of their routine? Follow me, reply and include #StrictlySpoiler for your chance to win a £50 Voucher #SCD #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing
#Strictly what are the judges on Craig's took his happy pills thank God loved Alex and Neil
#Strictly #Neil and #Alex I love you woohoo!! Love
That was not Alex's dance. Loved it, it was so fun, but definitely errors certainly at the start #strictly
I loved that. They avoided the Samba but the song was for that. I loved @AlexScott performance so much fun #Strictly
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