Day 20: Twitter Likes After 1 Day

The moment @mrsgifletcher found out you'd voted for her to be the 2020 #ImACeleb winner!
Likes: 7,657
Your #ImACeleb 2020 winner and the brand new Queen of the Castle is @mrsgifletcher!
Likes: 31,536
He's been on an INCREDIBLE journey - @jordannorth1 finishes in second place! And what a happy place it is too #ImACeleb
Likes: 12,280
What a ride it's been! Thanks to you lot for joining us for three weeks of chaos, critters and comedy in the #ImACeleb Castle Love
Likes: 3,221
He's done his girls proud - @vernonkay has been a master entertainer and finishes in third place! YOU BEAUTY! #ImACeleb
Likes: 11,157
The #ImACeleb 2020 Trials are COMPLETE Hopefully our Celebs haven't lost their appetites - there's a feast on the way!
Likes: 728
Aww we're getting all emotional! What's been your highlight of the series? #ImACeleb
Likes: 3,547
Proof that no-one can make small talk like a Brit under pressure #ImACeleb
Likes: 3,316
We can confirm that a snake on your face is NOT a happy place #ImACeleb
Likes: 2,199
When #Megashag met Happy Place #ImACeleb
Likes: 973
cc. @TomFletcher #ImACeleb
Likes: 4,686
That's quite enough from you, @antanddec #ImACeleb
Likes: 1,316
Ah go on, you're up now #ImACeleb
Likes: 945
All this for a cup of tea! #ImACeleb
Likes: 2,497
50 Shades of Kay #ImACeleb
Likes: 8,684
Are @antanddec small, or just very far away? #ImACeleb
Likes: 1,893
All together now! If you're voting from your landline call the long number, if you're voting from your UK mobile call the #ImACeleb
Likes: 615
It's nearly time for our Welsh adventure to come to an end and what an adventure it's been for these three! #ImACeleb
Likes: 1,932
After a whirlwind three weeks in Camp, your 2020 King or Queen of the Castle will be crowned TONIGHT! But not before one last set of Trials... Join us at 9pm on @ITV, @weareSTV and @ITVHub for the #ImACeleb Final!
Likes: 2,722
It's the final round of the Castle Championships and it's all to be played for as @antanddec are neck-and-neck... Can you clear up these Castle conundrums? #ImACeleb
Likes: 599
Does a personalised #ImACeleb backpack sound like your bag? Well, this has your name written all over it.* *names other than Claire also available.
Likes: 253
.@Mo_Farah and @Aj11Ace are fed, washed and ready to give @VickNHope the scoop on their Castle adventure Love Head over to the ITV Hub to watch the latest episode of The Daily Drop: #ImACeleb
Likes: 632
Celebrity Cyclone, we salute you #ImACeleb
Likes: 4,995
This aged well. #ImACeleb
Likes: 2,753
.@realshanerichie's prediction of making friends for life in the Castle certainly came true All for one... AND ONE FOR ALL! #ImACeleb
Likes: 569
It's safe to say @realshanerichie got a proper taste of Castle life after 20 days in Camp and THAT drinking Trial! #ImACeleb
Likes: 1,282
Congrats to @jordannorth1, @vernonkay and @MrsGiFletcher, the #ImACeleb Class of 2020 FINAL THREE! One of them will be crowned your King or Queen of the Castle tonight!
Likes: 5,755

How Did We Assign The Stats?
IAC Days
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How To Read The Stats
The social media stats are an indiciation of where contestants rank - they're not a prediction!
Here are some things to consider...

Demographics: What kind is audience is watching I'm A Celebrity? How do they compare to the age-range and values of the average Twitter user? A contestant that is well-received on Instagram may not be quite so popular on Facebook.

Running Order: The stats don't account for the running order of the contestants, recency bias has proven to be a significant factor in reality TV outcomes, those performing later often do better.

Sample Size: The more engagement a post has, the clearer the picture. For some shows, 50 Likes can be the difference between apparent safety, or elimination. When numbers are close together, it becomes harder to determine the outcome.

Contestant Type: Is the contestant famous because of social media? Do they come from a country with highly patriotic citizens? Joke contestants tend to get high engagement on social media as people share amusing content. However, this may not translate to votes.

Engagement Type: Not all engagement is equal. Consider that clicking 'Like' on Facebook is fairly non-committal, whereas clicking 'Share' will add the content to the user's timeline.

There are many other factors to consider! Our advice is to look at all the stats across all platforms and try to determine the general ranking of each contestant. Good luck!