Victoria Derbyshire

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 16
Twitter: @vicderbyshire
Instagram: @vicderbyshire
Just love and admire @vicderbyshire even more than I did - sooo much fun, so much insight, so much inspiration! #ImACeleb
Pleasantly surprised by @vicderbyshire and how warm she has come across on screen. A true delight and enjoyable to watch! #ImACeleb
Victoria Derbyshire was a joyful polite campmate, I'd love to see her show back on BBC2 #ImaCeleb
I have such a soft spot for Victoria Derbyshire. She has such a curious nature and kind heart. I just love her. @vicderbyshire Love #ImACeleb #imacelebrity
Awww I liked Victoria but I feel like she just wasn't worth the votes to save over any of the others #ImACeleb
I was most excited about Victoria Derbyshire on #ImACeleb - she didn't disappoint. Absolutely bloody love her.
Owwww. I loved bev and Victoria! Ah well. Beautiful women. #ImACeleb
Gutted for @vicderbyshire but she should be so proud. Kudos to her son Ollie for doing such a good job with her social media! #ImACeleb
I'll be honest, I expected Victoria to be quite aloof and quiet. She's been my biggest surprise of the series and I'd have actually loved for her to win. #ImACeleb
Gutted @vicderbyshire has been voted out, you had my vote. Always been a fan but she has shown to be genuine and lovely. Well played Vic #ImACeleb
Goosebumps?!? Victoria clearly doesn't know good theatre #ImACeleb
Well done Victoria you have had an amazing experience in the castle. You will be missed #ImACeleb
yes victoria only one person can win, correct #imaceleb #imacelebrity
If anything, it looks like @vicderbyshire and Bev have become great friends(hopefully not just for the cameras, either)... #ImACeleb
Feel like @vicderbyshire gives the best hugs don't @ me #ImACeleb
Ahhh I was hoping @vicderbyshire would win!! #ImACeleb
Victoria is super inspiring to me and i love her #ImACeleb
Victoria Derbyshire is the fourth celeb to leave this year's castle. Well done Victoria you've done great. #ImACeleb
Victoria's skin looks great Love #ImACeleb
never really new who victoria was but honestly she's so cute and im deffo a fan #ImACeleb
Livid @vicderbyshire had one of the best lines of the series you've got magnificent breasts and used the word Cwtch! I'm devo #ImACeleb
Victoria is genuine. Lovely woman X #ImACeleb
The montage of Victoria asking questions is brilliant, she's the journalist I aspire to be #ImACeleb
Sorry to see #Bev go But ECSTATIC to see #Victoria go. Yay!!! #ImACeleb
Kind of glad Victoria is going. It might pave the way to seeing other campmates. Victoria has taken over the show too much. #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
Victoria Darbyshire is totally amazing, really did not think she would be how she is but wish she was my aunt #ImACeleb
So glad Victoria has got voted off, loves the sound of her own voice even during an exit interview #ImACeleb
Just hope it's not the Victoria show again. Love #imacelebrity
Victoria: "omg, it literally is a duck with a ducks head on" Thank goodness! Id faint if it had a fucking hippos head on it! #ImACeleb
So glad Victoria's gone, god she's annoying, they gave her way too much airtime she really acted like girl but Bev on the other hand that's just not on, she was amazing in there!!! #ImACeleb
Thanks to everyone who voted @vicderbyshire out! Might get a chance to hear other people speak now #ImACeleb #cantsaycwtch
who would vote out victoria???? the most supportive, wholesome woman who educated us about breast cancer and BEVLA???? a bloody icon #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
bless victoria always trying to get a free scoop #imaceleb
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