Vernon Kay

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 20
Twitter: @vernonkay
Instagram: @vernonkay
I think @vernonkay was absolutely smashing in @imacelebrity would loved to have seen him win, but, a worthy last three left in there for the final! What a cracking guy & brilliant to watch Love #imaceleb #ImACelebrity @ITV
A fantastic person and a great campmate. Been a privilege to see Vernon Kay on my TV screen once more and he did not fail to impress. He takes the 3rd step onto the #ImaCeleb podium for Series 20. Best of luck @vernonkay for the future!
Vernon has won a big place in my heart and I'm sure his career will be incredible after this. I'm so unbelievably proud of him, he's truly amazing Love #ImACelebrity
Vernon is everything you look for in a fella. Tall, handsome, funny, kind, witty, charming, articulate and generous. Can we have more Vernon's in the world? #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb #ImACelebFinal
Come on @vernonkay honestly so deserves to win especially after that hideous trial but either way so glad people have seen what a lovely funny guy he is so he is a winner no matter what #ImACelebrity
I'll be okay if any of these guys win tbh, theyve all done amazing! Vernon is my MVP though been a constant winner and great to everyone #ImACelebrity
Vernon to win because his funny, big part of my childhood, so nice seeing him back on the TV and his aged like fine wine #ImACelebrity
Well done vernon you did excellent in there. Even though you didnt win you should be proud what you achieved. #ImACeleb
Well done vernon you did excellent in there. Even though you didnt win you should be proud what you achieved. #ImACeleb
I do love all the finalists but @vernonkay I want you to WIN!! So glad you've made the final #ImACelebrity #Kingofthecastle
#ImACelebrity #ImaCeleb I love it....but blimey they milk the sentimentality don't they? Also I like Vernon but I'm not sure he's one of the three most amazing from the class of 2020. Must be the demographic of the voting public that's made that happen.
Vernon has been so entertaining and fun and been so comforting towards everyone in camp and has just been a joy to watch #ImACeleb
Well done, Vernon! Been incredible. Such a hard one to call. Hope his kids are so proud of him! #ImACeleb
What a fantastic campmate @vernonkay was and a truly brilliant guy too. Congratulations on 3rd buddy . #ImACelebrity
Good call @vernonkay! You can't beat a cup of Yorkshire Tea. And I've just realised I've got the teapot emoji now. Yay! Well done on third place. I honestly have no idea who's won this one... #ImACelebrity
Nothing funnier than watching Vernon talk about his cashmere blanket, and having used to work at the place that made it, knowing the bloody ecstatic excitement the Directors will be experiencing hoping someone buys one just cause of the exposure on #ImACelebrity
I tend not to watch #Imacelebrity much, but have enjoyed this year - they had a great bunch of folk in there. Well done to @vernonkay on 3rd and making it to the last night! I had him down as my favourite, but he did a great job in camp
Well done @vernonkay third place, you've been brilliant to watch, we need you back on our tv Love #ImACelebrity
I love you @vernonkay - you are a gentleman, a legend, and a true entertainer. Good job, Sir #ImACelebrity
I've liked big Vernon since he was on T4 and I think it's been brilliant to see him on the tellybox again well done Vernon and @YorkshireTea he made that cuppa sound so delish defo a future advert for you #ImaCeleb #ImACelebrity #ImACelebFinal
Vernon Kay has been brilliant this series. Extremely funny and very down to earth - the final this year is very hard to call any of them could have been winners! #ImACeleb #imacelebrity
I know he's got no chance, but I'd bloody love it if Vernon won tonight... what a wholesome and funny chap #ImACelebrity
VERNON TO WIN! I just love him so much! He's amazing Love #ImACelebrity #imaceleb#ImACelebFinal
Now get @vernonkay back on prime time tv we need more of that lovable,cheeky dude gracing our screens with his beautiful smile #ImACelebrity
#ImACelebrity @vernonkay bloody brilliant you did amazing your kids will be so proud
Wow what a trial well done @vernonkay that was absolutely brilliant @antanddec #ImACelebrity
Aww I love Vernon! 3rd place is pretty good! No idea who the winner is going to be now, love them both #ImACelebrity
hey if you like vernon kay please follow me so we can be friends and cry about how he didn't win and how good looking he is x #ImaCeleb #ImACelebrity #ImACelebFinal
Time for the #ImACelebrity final!! Fingers crossed for Vernon to win, but they're all good really. I don't hate any of them. #ImACeleb x
Veron Kay is the tenth celeb to leave this year's castle. Well done Veron you have done spectacular. Veron The Legend Kay. #ImACelebFinal #ImACelebrity
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