A message from your brand new Queen of the Jungle, @jacjossa! #ImACeleb
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The moment @jacjossa found out you'd voted for her to become Queen of the Jungle! #ImACeleb
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The winner of #ImACeleb 2019, and the brand new Queen of the Jungle is @jacjossa
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He might not have won the crown, but he's definitely won the hearts of the nation! The fantastic Andy has finished in second place #ImACeleb
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Thanks for all the positivity, Andy. That was nice! #ImACeleb
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Your votes mean @romankemp has finished in 3rd place! What a fantastic Campmate he's been #ImACeleb
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The last Trials of the series are DONE! Our finalists will be tucking into a well-earned feast tonight! #ImACeleb
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Absolute savagery from Ant and Dec! #ImACeleb
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Message for Chesney: Get a doner ready, Kirk's coming home! #ImACeleb
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Message from our sponsor: Do you think you'd be able to guess which famous I'm A Celebrity Campmate we're describing in 20 questions? We put this year's Celebs to the test head over to our Instagram page (@tombola_uk) to see who finished
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There's no such thing as small portions in the final eating Trial! #ImACeleb
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I'm Fed Up of This Office... Get Me Out of Here! #ImACeleb
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Those ants have got some cheek! #ImACeleb
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We don't want it to end! Shall we just keep them in there a little bit longer? #ImACeleb
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It's the final round of @antanddec's Jungle Championships, and there's all to play for...in a battle of 'Who Said That?' #ImACeleb
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You can always count on @antanddec to put a smile on your face #ImACeleb
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A round-up of the random things we've learnt about the final three Campmates since they stepped into the Jungle #ImACeleb
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Andy casually strolling through the Celebrity Cyclone was absolutely ICONIC. #ImACeleb
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The world definitely needs more ice cream cheers #ImACeleb
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Andy, @jacjossa and @romankemp are your 2019 finalists! The countdown to crowning the next King or Queen of the Jungle has begun... #ImACeleb
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@kategarraway predicted that she'd be a wimp in the Jungle, but in reality she turned out to be one seriously brave Campmate #ImACeleb
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Lenny the lizard takes about 35 seconds to go from cute to horrifying. #ImACeleb
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Celebrity Cyclone, WE LOVE YOU. #ImACeleb
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From taking on terrifying Trials to cuddling the Campmates when they needed some love - @kategarraway has left the Jungle after an amazing 22 days in Camp! #ImACeleb
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