Cliff Parisi

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 5
Finished: Day 16
Twitter: @OfficialCliffP
Instagram: @cliffparisi
I'm pleased for Cliff though because he's clearly delighted to be leaving, so for him it was the right result. Seems like a genuine, lovely man. #ImACeleb
Aww #cliff is president of the jungle he is my fav funny and sensitive caring lovely genuine guy.#ImACeleb
I love Cliff, such a lovely honest man. If there wasn't so many attention seekers in camp, he might have got his chance to shine #ImACeleb
What a fabulous fun interview Cliff. Top show tonight #ImACeleb
I love @OfficialCliffP so much what an unproblematic legend who we should all aspire to be like #ImACeleb
Tax man ... brilliant ... well done cliff #imacelebrity
Awk no I love Cliff he's so funny #ImACeleb
was fully laughing while watching cliff's best moments, how did we let such a legend go #ImACeleb
Cliff actually had the potential to be SO funny because when he did speak he was HILARIOUS... he just got overshadowed #ImACeleb
OMG...Cliff trying to be funny and showing off to the camera, now he thinks he's popular with the viewers #ImACeleb
Don't know why I want minty aka cliff to win when all he does is sleep and walk around with his arse out but I just love him #ImACeleb
would just like to say. cliff im gonna miss your joyful presence in the camp man ily #imaceleb
Cliff's jokes were all underrated aswell he's hilarious #ImACeleb
Ant & Dec: What made you want to come on the show? Cliff: Tax man Love how straight up he is #ImACeleb
Cliff wakes up every few hours, makes a funny comment and goes back to sleep #ImAceleb Nice casting, producers.
I adore Cliff so much Love #ImACeleb
Cliff sneaking salt and pepper in and his Christmas tree care package.... National treasure Love #ImACeleb
cliff is a pure angel Love Love #ImACeleb
yes I used all my votes on cliff bc he's so cute I love him #ImACeleb
Looool love Cliff! @imacelebrity #ImACeleb
Love cliff , no messing, knife straight in #ImACeleb
good luck to cliff on staying awake for the whole interview #ImACeleb
Noooo Cliff He brings such a positive vibe and he's too funny. :/// #ImACeleb
i just cried bc i love cliff someone give this man the world #ImACeleb
can we all agree, whoever wins the election, they have to have a clause to protect cliff parisi at all costs #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb it would be hilarious if Cliff won.
I love cliff but he seems genuinely happy to go home #ImACeleb
Good exit interview for Cliff. Seems very genuine! #ImACeleb
No way Cliff was voted off, best believe I'm crying in bed. #ImACeleb
Cliff 3rd our what a brill camp mate #ImACeleb
So @OfficialCliffP is the next to leave. Again, been absolutely amazing to watch. When he bought the Christmas Tree into camp... Such a mood. Congrats #ImACeleb
Why don't we all stick Cliff to win at 200/1 and keep voting for him? #ImACeleb #FourGs
#ImACeleb Cliff is so much nicer than some. Surprised he is gone. A happy teddy bear
Cliff is brilliant. I want to see more of his antics. So long as he's awake. #ImACeleb
You don't fuck with Cliff unless you want a painted house #ImACeleb
Cliff gone what brilliant camp mate I thought he would of been im till the end #ImACeleb
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