Andrew Maxwell

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 15
Twitter: @andrewismaxwell
Instagram: @andrewismaxwell
Andrew my love full of Irish charm has been entertaining hope he has an amazing time with his family in the Versace hotel #ImACeleb
Now I think about it, I'm happy for Andrew leaving. This precious human being does not need to be around the negative energy certain people give off in that camp. He's gonna live his best life in that hotel away from camp #ImACeleb
Lowkey think Andrew deserved better, I feel like his funniest bits weren't shown #imaceleb
Andrew Maxwell is the second celebrity to leave the jungle. Well done Andrew you done amazing. #imacelebrity
i actually kind of want andrew to win #imaceleb
Well done @andrewismaxwell . Local lad who done good in @imacelebrity . Cracker of a contestant in there. #imacelebrity #AndrewMaxwell
I liked Andrew alright my love. This is what happens when you don't get to vote out who you want gone and instead vote to who you want to save! Those not so much edited on tv get forgotten. #imaceleb
Seen no cunt saying theyre voting for andrew, what a fix #imaceleb
I Actually Thought Andrew Was Funny, He Had His Moments BUT He Was Still A Decent Funny Man! #imacelebrity #ImACelebrity2019 #ImACeleb
Man! What's the jungle gonna be like without @andrewismaxwell enjoy your freedom! #ImACeleb
Right in front of Andrew... "Remember you're voting to save you're 'favorite' Celeb's." #ImACeleb
Andrew omg im so proud he was fabulous ill miss him #ImACeleb
can we please talk about how STUNNING andrew's wife is #imacelebrity
Andrew should of stayed till the end brilliant camp Mate #ImACeleb
I love Andrew, I think he's an underrated campmate! #ImACeleb
Don't think your winner's wish will be coming true Andrew #ImACeleb
Ant and Dec: who do you want to win? Andrew: Jim The UK: #imaceleb
was never a big fan of andrew though #ImACeleb
I have an accumulator on @andrewismaxwell to win #ImACelebrity2019 and @IAmChrisRamsey to win #Strictly - don't let me down guys. Five grand at risk here. I know you can both do it. #IACGMOOH
Andrew should count his time in the jungle as a success; as the least well known going in, he managed to get the most screen time. And as a comedian, well he managed to tell not one single joke #ImACeleb
Awwww all of Andrews best bits have made me really like him #ImACeleb
I knew the British public wouldn't let an Irish man who clashed with their sporting legends stay long in camp. The plus side for Andrew is more days relaxing in the Palazzo Versace hotel #ImACeleb
Andrew saying he wants Jim to win #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb I'd like andrew back please thank you
Camp arguments are finished now with Andrew gone.. yay fun #imacelebrity
Clearly an unpopular opinion but Andrew was my favourite. Funny, sweet, tried his hardest in every trial. Sure he messed up but he always apologised sincerely unlike some other campmates #ImACeleb
#andrewmaxwell is brilliant. He's so articulate & fluent...pity the interview is so short #imacelebrity
"What's not to love about the man?" Quite a lot actually Andrew. #imacelebrity #ImACelebrity2019
Andrews responses here make it seem a bit like some editing hasn't done some contestants any favours ... #imaceleb
Glad the nation has seen the game that Andrew is playing.... #ImACeleb
Andrew is so caring, I love him #ImACeleb
soooo glad it's Andrew who's gone tonight!!! #imaceleb
living for andrew being lovely #ImACeleb
You did well, my love! @andrewismaxwell #ImACeleb
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