Adele Roberts

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 13
Twitter: @AdeleRoberts
Instagram: @adeleroberts
I have to say that whilst I normally slate everyone on #ImACeleb, #adele is the first contestant that's really really incredibly nice and without the tiniest bad bone in her body. She seems a very strong, determined, yet gentle, nice person. I hope she wins #rolemodel
OK I am so disappointed. First time ever watching more than a few minutes of #ImACeleb and people vote out @AdeleRoberts first?!?! She was awesome, my favourite, such a kind strong sensible intelligent fun tough woman
To be fair, Adele was a really lovely person - just very in the background and not as good to watch as the others. She was always genuine and supportive of the others though, good for her! #imaceleb #ImACelebrity2019
Adele just gave us a live lesbian kiss on ITV and that makes my gay heart SO happy, we love you Adele #ImACeleb
Bless Adele been a good camp mate smashing all the trials FairPlay #ImACeleb
She's not going to win but i really hope #Adele doesn't go first , she tried her best in every task & she's grown on me #imaceleb
Oh anus & balls!!! Can't believe @AdeleRoberts has been voted out of the jungle on @imacelebrity She couldn't have done any more & came across as a genuinely nice, humble & bloody brave lady. Well done . . #jungle #imaceleb #imacelebrity #luggage #travel
surely it'll be adele out first? i just hope everyone's voted for their faves and haven't assumed they'll be safe because they're popular. im shitting bricks #ImACeleb
Not having that!!! What a bloody joke! Adele was fab! Queen of the trails! @AdeleRoberts #ImACeleb
Well done did great #ImACeleb
Aww gutted @AdeleRoberts has left!! She was one of my faves. So lovely and down to earth!! Remember I used to tweet her about JLS and stuff yearsss ago you done amazing Adele!! #imaceleb
Adele couldn't choose between friends family or girlfriend so she chose Jane Mcdonald? Surely your partner's pic should be able to cheer you up and should have won over a random celeb? #ImACeleb
Kind of glad Adele is gone. Wanted her to leave ever since she bought in that picture of some woman I've never heard of lol #imaceleb
I had no idea who Adele was before #ImACeleb but she's such a cute, strong woman. I'm glad she was on the show
I love @AdeleRoberts she's bloody brilliant! #ImACeleb
I do hope Adele is going to write a Grammy winning album about her jungle experiences #imaceleb
adele kissing her girlfriend on the bridge, yes get that lgbtq+ content itv we won #ImACeleb
Adele has gone she was super nice always the good ones #imaceleb
I hope Adele stays I think she's awesome #ImACeleb
#imaceleb adele out of my family and my girlfriend.... I couldn't choose one person for my luxury item... so I chose the next best thing... which was one person......
I'm such an Adele fan now, I just love her #ImACeleb
Adele purely gone cuz of popularity, was always the 'least famous'. She was great #imacelebrity
Save @AdeleRoberts she's awesome! @imacelebrity #ImACeleb #adeleroberts
Ngl I'm happy Adele is the first to go. Let's face it she wasn't the most exciting campmate #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
Got to love Adele's positive twist on tonight: first out but I feel like at least I'm first at something #ImaCeleb
I cant believe @AdeleRoberts is the first to go! You were such a good sport and great to watch :) #ImACeleb
I can't work out why I don't like Adele; on paper she's all the things you want from a campmate (relaxed but energetic, game for anything, good humoured, etc), but there's something about her that seems really insincere. #ImACeleb
Jesus Adele looks like she needs a good meal down her #ImACeleb
That vote wasn't fair, not sad about adele going but for app votes not to be counted it wasn't fair #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb adele was in my top 5 to win
Wow that can't be right adele was good #ImACeleb
Ant & Dec says vote to save. The app says vote off. So I've voted Adele OFF. Hope that's right #Imaceleb
Adele: I'm glad I lasted that long. You were voted off first love. No one went before you. #imaceleb
Aww I love Adele!! She's so sweet #imaceleb
Wonder if Jane McDonald will be at the end of the bridge to meet Adele lol #ImACeleb #imacelebrity
So annoyed. What's the point of the app if you can't use it to keep your favourite person in. Absolute joke. Adele was brilliant #ImACeleb
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