Toff's Jungle Journey
Jamie's Jungle Journey
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Toff is your brand new QUEEN of the Jungle!
Percent Score
FABULOUS! 61.97%949,882
LOVE HER! 29.31%449,248
WOOHOO! 4.15%63,585
SQUEAL! 4.57%70,049
Total Voters: 11,496
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Toff is your brand new QUEEN of the Jungle!
Percent Score
FABULOUS! 57.23%1,088,729
LOVE HER! 33.35%634,400
WOOHOO! 4.77%90,755
SQUEAL! 4.65%88,395
Total Voters: 12,538
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We're crowning your King or Queen of the Jungle after the break!
Percent Score
CAN'T WAIT 73.69%1,405,627
LOVE! 5.65%107,719
GIGGLES! 2.88%55,015
SO EXCITED! 17.78%339,043
Total Voters: 13,816
Iain Lee's Jungle Journey
Which was your Jamie Jungle highlight?
Percent Score
Walking the plank 18.11%2,490
Feast or Famine race 10.11%1,391
All his Trials! 43.31%5,956
His bromance with Dennis and Amir 28.47%3,915
Total Voters: 13,752
The last supper
What was your favourite Toff Trial?
Percent Score
The snakes are high 25.10%3,311
Eating Trial with Becky 25.29%3,336
Kiosk Keith's Outback Refreshments 14.21%1,874
Celebrity Cyclone 21.14%2,789
Toxic Trauma 8.57%1,130
John T-revolting 5.70%752
Total Voters: 13,192
How many times did our Campmates get Kiosk Keith's questions right this series?
Percent Score
8    44.44%5,485
7 39.90%4,925
6 13.55%1,672
5 2.11%260
Total Voters: 12,342
Which was your top Toff feast face?
Percent Score
A 17.49%3,011
B 14.05%2,419
C 55.69%9,585
D 12.76%2,197
Total Voters: 17,212
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These guys have definitely earned a feast!
Percent Score
CHUCKLE! 12.52%333,338
CONGRATS! 75.51%2,010,406
MWAH! 6.84%182,116
WOW! 5.12%136,432
Total Voters: 26,007
Iain has been a legendary Campmate! What was your highlight?
Percent Score
The Space Your Fears Trial 26.29%12,470
When he was PM 7.07%3,352
Celebrity Cyclone 19.69%9,339
Strawberrygate! 46.95%22,272
Total Voters: 47,433
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Iain has finished in third place!
Percent Score
LOVED HIM! 32.15%344,368
WELL DONE! 54.27%581,284
AMAZING! 4.69%50,180
FUNNY GUY! 8.89%95,196
Total Voters: 19,938
Audition Game
Which of Iain's dishes was WORST!
Percent Score
SCORPION 6.64%55,001
CAMEL BRAIN 10.52%87,131
PIG VAGINA 79.63%659,208
Total Voters: 14,171
Bushtucker Trial: Jamie faces the Panic Pit
Bushtucker Trial: Iain gets a DISGUSTING mouthful
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Did Jamie mention, he doesn't like snakes...?!
Percent Score
ARGH! 59.68%3,397,751
LOVE HIM! 14.39%819,511
CAN"T LOOK 6.06%345,128
TEE HEE 19.86%1,130,784
Total Voters: 21,265
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Iain is getting stuck into his Bushtucker Bonanza...!
Percent Score
OMG! 50.94%3,062,086
AMAZING! 7.82%469,872
HAHA! 19.63%1,179,743
YUK! 21.61%1,299,026
Total Voters: 27,974
Bushtucker Trial: Toff is 'Stayin' Alive'
Which of our Final 3 was first to be Prime Minister?
Percent Score
TOFF 17.51%3,433
JAMIE 8.53%1,672
IAIN    73.96%14,501
Total Voters: 19,606
Which would you go for...?
Percent Score
Cheese platter 49.74%7,921
Scorpions 50.26%8,003
Total Voters: 15,924
Which would you eat?
Percent Score
Turkey testicles 47.87%6,943
Bacon cheese Burger 52.13%7,562
Total Voters: 14,505
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Toff is taking on John T-revolting...!
Percent Score
LOVE 37.29%2,789,992
AWESOME! 6.00%448,990
POOR TOFF! 50.69%3,792,911
LOL! 6.03%450,960
Total Voters: 29,239
Audition Game
What have you loved most about our Final 3 this series?
Percent Score
DINGO DOLLARS 48.26%838,850
TRIALS 30.40%528,493
BONDING 6.56%114,038
LAUGHS 14.78%256,982
Total Voters: 20,283
How many stars have our final 3 won between them?
Percent Score
85 28.89%6,063
94    39.64%8,319
99 15.13%3,175
106 16.35%3,431
Total Voters: 20,988
Audition Game
It's the I'm A Celebrity Final! Get ready to Jungle...
Percent Score
YESSSS! 68.69%931,263
LOVE! 15.42%209,005
WOWZERS! 8.19%111,024
AMAZING! 7.71%104,512
Total Voters: 19,091