United Kingdom

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Sam Ryder
Song: Space Man
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Wow! Best Eurovision in years I won! lol England VS Ukraine (My Grandads homeland) but no it was so good & deserved and I loved Mika too Love #Eurovision #Mika
wow the uk might win... as an israeli i can relate to the feeling of "we'll never win euorvision" 2018 felt EUPHORIC bc of it! so I'll understand british fans if the uk wins. I will be really happy for them Love #Eurovision #ESC2022
I was too inebriated last year to watch Eurovision, but tonight I'm focused. No compassion from me, if Ukraine get the sympathy vote and win, it I'll be raging. Best of luck to @SamRyderMusic, not a massive fan of the song but he has a great voice and perfect for #Eurovision
Congratulations @SamRyderMusic United Kingdom proper quality to see us on the right side at the dizzy heights of 2nd!! Incredible- lovely to see my vocal coach and beautiful friend @anniwilliamsing by his side too you're amazing Flowers #Eurovision2022
AMAZING! 2nd place behind only Ukraine, our best result in 24 years, top of the jury vote and most points for the #UK ever Sam Ryder is a #Eurovision hero! Massive congratulations to everyone involved with the BBC's effort, it - wonderful to finally feel some positivity!
Well done #Ukraine, a great win at #Eurovision2022 and well done #Spaceman, a genuinely good song and Sam a great performer. Fsck off any #tory #brexiter cnuts, Putin can shove his Brexit where he likes.
2nd place. Such a fantastic result. Ukraine vote as expected and massive support to them but congratulations UK and Sam Ryder for all your hard work. Amazing result for our guys winning jury vote and getting good pts in the public vote. #Eurovision2022
So excited!!! Come on @SamRyderMusic United Kingdom My 30th year of @Eurovision @bbceurovision and it just gets better and better! Good luck @SamRyderMusic we know you'll do us proud no matter what happens! #Eurovision #teamSPACEMAN Love
Wow....just managed to catch the #fantastic Sam Ryder #uksong #EUROVISION What an incredible performance and literally the BEST song to come out of the UK for donkeys! #teamSPACEMAN Could this number 22 be a good sign? #number22 to perform at 2200
Yey! for Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra and their superb win... and for @SamRyderMusic for being thoroughly decent and knowing sometimes not winning is really OK Love Ukraine Love Ukraine Love Ukraine #Eurovision2022
Wow @SamRyderMusic was so good. Such a great performance but I'm never confident of points because of the politics. Maybe if Hugh Grant was from Love Actually PM we might at a a chance #Eurovision
#Eurovision Yay! Well done Ukraine for the right and moral win during these times! Well done Sam Ryder for the UK; I've had Space Man on my rotation for weeks. Never thought I'd see the UK do so well...no null points today. Fantastic.
Superb result for Ukraine tonight. Great performance. Slava Ukraini Utterly amazing result for United Kingdom , Sam did us proud. Norway Moldova you won my #Eurovision2022 #eurovision
Incredible!!! We basically won the rest of #Eurovision Love So now we should jointly host #eurovision next year whilst helping Ukraine build houses hospitals schools before concert venues #uk #ukr #Ukraine Fab result @SamRyderMusic And we beat bumshakers Spain- ha!
#SamRyder You turned the UK story around, remained graceful throughout and are talented! Thank you! #Ukraine The is with you Love @SamRyderMusic a no1 awaits! #eurovision Fantastic show! #BBCEurovision thanks for the great coverage! #GrahamNorton Your SOH
Well done #Ukraine #Eurovision2022 love and peace well done #uk @SamRyderMusic 2nd place fantastic result! Love Ukraine
Wow! Never knew #Eurovision2022 could be so exciting! @Wadge you have sprinkled that special magic gorgeous lady. Amazing @SamRyderMusic #spaceman
Well done @SamRyderMusic and co, you absolutely smashed it. 2nd place is a HUGE achievement. And well done to Ukraine Thank you Italy and #eurovision for a fun night!
Congratulations to #Ukraine but, really?? The best act won? Good luck to hosting #Eurovision #2023 #political @SamRyderMusic #3cheers and goodnight! X
Sam Ryder did an amazing job this year. To finish 2nd after the UK got 0 points last year is incredible. Spaceman was such an amazing song. Again Ukraine deserved the win 100%. Massive congratulations to Ukraine. Ukraine #Eurovision2022
Well done Sam you did an amazing job. @SamRyderMusic you done us all so proud!! Second place is an incredible achievement #Eurovision
Am I the only one that is happy that the UK didn't win #Eurovision2022? Cause if they won, it is all that would be talked about for months and the British would be parading about like they are the best and we wouldn't hear the end of it lol Great song and singer. Shite countryLOL
CONGRATS TO UKRAINE ON THE WIN, so happy at us for second well done @SamRyderMusic you've done us all so proud #Eurovision
Fantastic Eurovision contest, well done to Ukraine and United Kingdom, Sam you did us proud thank you. Love Love #eurovision Love
Sam Ryder was bloody brilliant tonight. We all know Europe won't vote for him, but as far as I'm concerned he nailed it and won!! Well done @SamRyderMusic !! Be proud!!! #EUROVISION
That is a fantastic result! @SamRyderMusic congratulations on an amazing night! Big congratulations to u##Ukraine for their win too! Haven't been this involved in the scoring for about 10 years! #Eurovision2022 @Eurovision
Happy for Ukraine. Proud Nation. Love The United Kingdom came so close! Great song! Deserved winners themselves! Best song from the UK in a very long time! #Eurovision2022
I am so happy for my Spanish and British friends. I'll be so happy if any of them wins #Eurovision and even happier for my friends Love
That was so amazing!! Huge congratulations to Ukraine, but I'm so so happy we came second!!!! We actually came SECOND!!! That's so awesome!!! Huge congratulations to Sam you did amazing and did us proud!!! #Eurovision
It will be incredible & sooooooo deserved if we win it but we all know that the European public don't like us! No matter what happens @SamRyderMusic you've done brilliantly!!!!!! #Eurovision #UK
I just want to say this. If you see this Sam, I am so bloody proud of you mate, to finish 2nd is our best ever result since 1998. Also, I want to congratulate Ukraine on their win. We can leave with our heads head high, I hope we get to host next year. Thank you. #eurovision
That is our strongest chance of winning we could possibly get. Well done @SamRyderMusic. COME ON UK United Kingdom #Eurovision #UK #EUROVISION
Well done #Ukraine massive #Eurovision win. Great job #SamRyder on what I think is UK's highest eurovision score so nice to finish on the left side of the board
So basically, if it wasn't for everything going on in Ukraine, we would have won. Brilliant from Sam Ryder, but huge respect and love to Ukraine. They deserve something to celebrate. #Eurovision
My fav songs: #Eurovision 1. United Kingdom 2. Australia (I would be surprised if #Australia wins though because it's not based in EUR). The following countries have a good chance to win.Ukraine might win with the protest votes, it is not my fav song but had a good energy. Norway Italy S
#Eurovision @SamRyderMusic You've done us so proud. You are a winner. Love (I think we all knew Ukraine was going to win the public vote)
Although Ukraine wouldn't of been my winner, Well done to them! 2nd place for the UK, Well done Sam! You smashed it #Eurovision
Sam you did us so proud you made my sister cry Love thanks for cheering me up when ill good luck United Kingdom @bbceurovision #Eurovision
Fantastic message from the voters of the free world in support to Ukraine ! Thank you! The UK United Kingdom deserved to win thou! #Eurovision #Ukraine
slava ukraina ! Ukraine Pebezh genaoueg Bro-C'hall ! France Well done UK ! United Kingdom Muy Bien Espana ! Spain Proficiat Nederland ! The Netherlands Bravo la Belgique francophone ! Belgium Well done Australia ! United Kingdom Til hamingju Island ! Iceland Grattis till Sverige ! Swede
Well done Sam, you did us proud. Just goes to show what happens when we enter with a good song and engaging performer. And of course congratulations Ukraine! #Eurovision2022
Never been prouder to have my country come 2nd in an event! Congratulations to Sam Ryder's amazing performance & Congrats to Ukraine for winning #Eurovision2022
Many congratulations Ukraine and worthy winners too. Also, a big well done to Sam Ryder and the UK who finished runners-up. Brilliant result! #Eurovision2022
#Eurovision Sam Ryder smashed it, good song, vocally superb, great performance.
I still don't think it's brilliant but it's the best entry we've had in years. Good luck Sam. #uk #Eurovision
Incredible result all round. Well done, Ukraine and well done @SamRyderMusic!!! #Eurovision
An ideal result, anyone other than Ukraine winning would have been wrong. What a lovely guy @SamRyderMusic seems to be, great song and amazing attitude. Still tho will always be the year I had to find these emojis #Eurovision2022
Can we also creeren for @SamRyderMusic? It's incredible what that man did tonight. He showed Europe that things are possible with making good music. He is so talented, and so happy that he did this! #Eurovision
We didn't win but there's no shame in finishing second. Well done Sam, well done U.K. shows how well we can do with a good song. #Eurovision2022
Actually brilliant by Sam Ryder! UK has a great chance of winning this year #Eurovision
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