United Kingdom

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Sam Ryder
Song: Space Man
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Congratulations @SamRyderMusic United Kingdom proper quality to see us on the right side at the dizzy heights of 2nd!! Incredible- lovely to see my vocal coach and beautiful friend @anniwilliamsing by his side too you're amazing Flowers #Eurovision2022
Well done Sam you did an amazing job. @SamRyderMusic you done us all so proud!! Second place is an incredible achievement #Eurovision
So excited!!! Come on @SamRyderMusic United Kingdom My 30th year of @Eurovision @bbceurovision and it just gets better and better! Good luck @SamRyderMusic we know you'll do us proud no matter what happens! #Eurovision #teamSPACEMAN Love
Wow....just managed to catch the #fantastic Sam Ryder #uksong #EUROVISION What an incredible performance and literally the BEST song to come out of the UK for donkeys! #teamSPACEMAN Could this number 22 be a good sign? #number22 to perform at 2200
Am I the only one that is happy that the UK didn't win #Eurovision2022? Cause if they won, it is all that would be talked about for months and the British would be parading about like they are the best and we wouldn't hear the end of it lol Great song and singer. Shite countryLOL
Okay so our British men are not afraid of wearing sparkly jumpsuits on stage! Well done @SamRyderMusic! Great performance and strong vocal. Fab. #Eurovision
We equalled the wonderful @TheImaani's achievement tonight. That is great company to keep. Congrats @SamRyderMusic you've done brilliantly #Eurovision2022
Wow! Never knew #Eurovision2022 could be so exciting! @Wadge you have sprinkled that special magic gorgeous lady. Amazing @SamRyderMusic #spaceman
Whatever happens with the public vote, @SamRyderMusic has won the Jury Vote. An awesome achievement. Amazing #UK #ESC2022 #Eurovision
Even if we don't win I'm stunned already. Amazing. Well done Sam. #Eurovision
That is our strongest chance of winning we could possibly get. Well done @SamRyderMusic. COME ON UK United Kingdom #Eurovision #UK #EUROVISION
EUROVISION IS COMING HOME MY DUCKLINGS YESSSS SAM YOU ABSOLUTE FUCKING SUPERSTAR, oh that guitar riff at the end was magical, gosh that was bloody brilliant, the years of painful british entries was worth it for that brilliance #ESC2022 #UK
Sam you did us so proud you made my sister cry Love thanks for cheering me up when ill good luck United Kingdom @bbceurovision #Eurovision
That being said, I'm beyond proud of Sam Ryder and the UK. I'm really optimistic about our future at Eurovision. We've finally proven that when we put the effort in we can achieve good results, and they don't hate us #Eurovision
AMAZING. ICONIC. SPECTACULAR. @SamRyderMusic you totally smashed it!!!! #Eurovision
#Eurovision2022 Sam Ryder has done us proud with Space Man, brilliant performance and superb song, yay..!
#Eurovision @SamRyderMusic is a bucket filler, he gives so much kindness and love to all and frankly deserves to win for being such a great soul! #bucketfiller #SamRyder #Eurovision Song Contest #teamSPACEMAN
We definitely deserved 1st place, but coming 2nd is still absolutely mind-blowing. @SamRyderMusic, thank you for putting us back on the left-hand side of the leaderboard where we belong. You're incredible and we are SO proud of you. United Kingdom #UK #Eurovision
WE WON THE JURY VOTE, MIRACLES HAPPEN. Thank you, Sam Ryder, you did us proud. Much much respect. #Eurovision
Well done @SamRyderMusic outstanding tonight!! Brilliant!! #Eurovision
Sam Ryder was bloody brilliant tonight. We all know Europe won't vote for him, but as far as I'm concerned he nailed it and won!! Well done @SamRyderMusic !! Be proud!!! #EUROVISION
Thank you @SamRyderMusic for an absolutely amazing performance and representation! Beyond proud, you were absolutely incredible. United Kingdom #Eurovision2022 #eurovision
Well done @SamRyderMusic. Heroes welcome on you're return. From Nil to 2nd and winning jury. Lots of love #EUROVISION
#Eurovision Sam Ryder smashed it, good song, vocally superb, great performance.
I still don't think it's brilliant but it's the best entry we've had in years. Good luck Sam. #uk #Eurovision
Our boy smashed it Love it's a win in my eyes! Well done @SamRyderMusic #Eurovision
Sam Ryder is something special. Probably won't win ( the norm) but he has a future! I want that blingy outfit too! Good luck Sam! #Eurovision United Kingdom
Sam Ryder is so adorable and has a wholesome energy about him. He also has great control of his voice. Gorgeous performance. United Kingdom #Eurovision
Sam Ryder absolutely smashed it! Absolutely fantastic! Incredible performance, what a voice. So proud of you @SamRyderMusic United Kingdom #UK #UnitedKingdom #Eurovision
Can we also creeren for @SamRyderMusic? It's incredible what that man did tonight. He showed Europe that things are possible with making good music. He is so talented, and so happy that he did this! #Eurovision
We didn't win but there's no shame in finishing second. Well done Sam, well done U.K. shows how well we can do with a good song. #Eurovision2022
Actually brilliant by Sam Ryder! UK has a great chance of winning this year #Eurovision
My (not so) beloved country #UK a fantastic song, a popular song, sadly we can't win ever#Eurovision United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom
So proud of @SamRyderMusic, a smashing performance, his voice is just phenomenal. He has given us a chance, but anything can happen #Eurovision
Well, despite not winning @SamRyderMusic did AMAZING!!! Second place!!! Well done!!! #eurovision
Well done #SamRyder. Phenomenal performance. What a genuinely lovely person he seems. #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision
Omg @SamRyderMusic that was epic. Smashed it!!! Comes across as the nicest guy too; absolutely loved following your #Eurovision journey, whatever the outcome tonight.
Haaaahaaa we came second. Hilarious. But bless Sam Ryder, he's a happy little puppy who gave a brilliant performance. #eurovision
Okay @SamRyderMusic was amazing! Liked him pre-Eurovision and have 'Whirlwind' on my faves playlist. That performance was probably our best for a long while #Eurovision #SamRyder
Well Sam Ryder was fabulous, what a pedigree song; bit of Elton John, bit of Queen, bit of a nod to the Beatles. Classy! Well done Sam #Eurovision @SamRyderMusic United Kingdom
Wow @SamRyderMusic was so good. Such a great performance but I'm never confident of points because of the politics. Maybe if Hugh Grant was from Love Actually PM we might at a a chance #Eurovision
Before the grand final of #Eurovision, three awards as given out in the name of Marcel Bezencon, creator of the contest. The UK has won the Press Award, which is voted on by the accredited members of the media, for SPACE MAN. The first time a Bezencon Award has gone to a UK act.
Well done @SamRyderMusic You did yourself and the UK proud. A really fantastic achievement. #UK #Eurovision
We won the jury vote regardless of the public vote well done Sam.. well done Sam #Eurovision
Thank you @SamRyderMusic for making this a Eurovision I will never forget. The world needs more people as beautiful/kind hearted as you Love #Eurovision
I'm sure we'll get overtaken in the public vote, but just winning the juries would be an enormous achievement. Well done Sam! #Eurovision
United Kingdom Jury winner and overall 2nd place.... Well done @SamRyderMusic you were amazing #Eurovision2022
Good Evening Turin this is Winnersh/Oxford calling.our top 10 (or 11 as we aren't supposed to vote for our home country!) great evening and fab performance by our Sam! United Kingdom @robski2 #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
Well done Sam @SamRyderMusic you've done the UK proud, amazing voice, amazing song! Thank you! #Eurovision
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