Status: Winner
Artist: Kalush Orchestra
Song: Stefania
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Wow! Best Eurovision in years I won! lol England VS Ukraine (My Grandads homeland) but no it was so good & deserved and I loved Mika too Love #Eurovision #Mika
I was too inebriated last year to watch Eurovision, but tonight I'm focused. No compassion from me, if Ukraine get the sympathy vote and win, it I'll be raging. Best of luck to @SamRyderMusic, not a massive fan of the song but he has a great voice and perfect for #Eurovision
2nd place. Such a fantastic result. Ukraine vote as expected and massive support to them but congratulations UK and Sam Ryder for all your hard work. Amazing result for our guys winning jury vote and getting good pts in the public vote. #Eurovision2022
AMAZING! 2nd place behind only Ukraine, our best result in 24 years, top of the jury vote and most points for the #UK ever Sam Ryder is a #Eurovision hero! Massive congratulations to everyone involved with the BBC's effort, it - wonderful to finally feel some positivity!
Love Moldova for the best round true fun upbeat song, Ukraine for the beat, originality and emotion, Norway for class and joy, UK for a hit song & vocals #Eurovision2022
Yey! for Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra and their superb win... and for @SamRyderMusic for being thoroughly decent and knowing sometimes not winning is really OK Love Ukraine Love Ukraine Love Ukraine #Eurovision2022
I know Ukraine are the favourites to win, and their song is good enough to be a quality winner. I do love it. #ukraine #Eurovision
Sad that I'm not watching @Eurovision like previous years, getting merry with no TV after Day 1 of our house move Fantastic to see Ukraine win and an incredible result for the UK to finish in second place. Wow! #Eurovision
Superb result for Ukraine tonight. Great performance. Slava Ukraini Utterly amazing result for United Kingdom , Sam did us proud. Norway Moldova you won my #Eurovision2022 #eurovision
Incredible!!! We basically won the rest of #Eurovision Love So now we should jointly host #eurovision next year whilst helping Ukraine build houses hospitals schools before concert venues #uk #ukr #Ukraine Fab result @SamRyderMusic And we beat bumshakers Spain- ha!
#SamRyder You turned the UK story around, remained graceful throughout and are talented! Thank you! #Ukraine The is with you Love @SamRyderMusic a no1 awaits! #eurovision Fantastic show! #BBCEurovision thanks for the great coverage! #GrahamNorton Your SOH
What a lovely lovely night this was. The people of Europe showing support for Ukraine. Love UK coming second a very nice surprise! Lots of fun performances and eye catching costumes. And Mika! It's nice to have Eurovision properly back after the pandemic. #Eurovision
The #Eurovision song contest is good fun though most of the time the winning song has little to do with musical merit. Tonight #Ukraine is a 99% certainty. But as the odds on offer are 2/5 (70%) you'd have to have a huge bet for it to be worth it and the liquidity doesn't exist.
That was so amazing!! Huge congratulations to Ukraine, but I'm so so happy we came second!!!! We actually came SECOND!!! That's so awesome!!! Huge congratulations to Sam you did amazing and did us proud!!! #Eurovision
Sam Ryder did an amazing job this year. To finish 2nd after the UK got 0 points last year is incredible. Spaceman was such an amazing song. Again Ukraine deserved the win 100%. Massive congratulations to Ukraine. Ukraine #Eurovision2022
So basically, if it wasn't for everything going on in Ukraine, we would have won. Brilliant from Sam Ryder, but huge respect and love to Ukraine. They deserve something to celebrate. #Eurovision
That is a fantastic result! @SamRyderMusic congratulations on an amazing night! Big congratulations to u##Ukraine for their win too! Haven't been this involved in the scoring for about 10 years! #Eurovision2022 @Eurovision
Happy for Ukraine. Proud Nation. Love The United Kingdom came so close! Great song! Deserved winners themselves! Best song from the UK in a very long time! #Eurovision2022
I just want to say this. If you see this Sam, I am so bloody proud of you mate, to finish 2nd is our best ever result since 1998. Also, I want to congratulate Ukraine on their win. We can leave with our heads head high, I hope we get to host next year. Thank you. #eurovision
Ukraines song wasn't good enough to be top 10 but win the sympathy vote, congratulations #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision
My fav songs: #Eurovision 1. United Kingdom 2. Australia (I would be surprised if #Australia wins though because it's not based in EUR). The following countries have a good chance to win.Ukraine might win with the protest votes, it is not my fav song but had a good energy. Norway Italy S
#Spain12points is the best performance of #eurovision 2022 ! Very happy that #Ukraine won! The country deserve this recognition ! It was a beautiful ceremony this year. So, so beautiful. People's heart are full!!
#Eurovision @SamRyderMusic You've done us so proud. You are a winner. Love (I think we all knew Ukraine was going to win the public vote)
#Eurovision Ukraine. OK. I have nothing sarcastic to say. It's obviously going to win. But not out of sympathy; it's a fantastic song. Beautifully costumed and staged, with a great beat. I want to hear it all over again.
Congrats to Ukraine on winning Eurovision Love Personal favourite was Sweden but there was some great songs on show! #Eurovision2022
Very enjoyable #Eurovision indeed. Good acts at the top of the results. Not an unexpected outcome but delighted for #UK #Sweden #Spain too. Congratulations #Ukraine! My Twitter can calm down again for another year! slava ukraini! Ukraine
Ukraine song is a banger and they deserve to win anyway. The perfect amount of chaos, excellent instrument miming, big pink hat. Love it. #Eurovision
Fantastic message from the voters of the free world in support to Ukraine ! Thank you! The UK United Kingdom deserved to win thou! #Eurovision #Ukraine
Congratulations to #Ukraine but, really?? The best act won? Good luck to hosting #Eurovision #2023 #political @SamRyderMusic #3cheers and goodnight! X
Very unfortunate that not the best performance wins, but the sympathy vote determines the winner. I wish Ukraine the best, but in my opinion they did not deserve this victory. #ESC2022 #EUROVISION
Never been prouder to have my country come 2nd in an event! Congratulations to Sam Ryder's amazing performance & Congrats to Ukraine for winning #Eurovision2022
Ukraine won and honestly I'm happy for them. I like their song. Congratulations to Mahmood & Blanco for making the top 10 Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision Wow.... I can't believe it. I'm shook. We won the jury vote, and finished second!? But realistically, this was the best result we could have hoped for. Like, no one wants to be the ones that beat Ukraine to the top spot
Can we offer to host #Ukraine next year ??? Well done to them for winning . They were so good tonight and the fans connected with them on an artistic and a personal level. Happy to come second to them. #eurovision Love Love Love
Loved tonight!!! #Eurovision what an amazing time! So our boy @SamRyderMusic didn't win, and the Ukraine entry clearly the winner! But we're no longer nil points! The cycle has been broken!! Let's hope forever!!! Xxx
Any chance at all #Ukraine doesn't win #Eurovision regardless of the quality (or lack thereof) of their song? Would be funny if Serbia won instead.
not gonna watch #Eurovision tonight, coz lots of songs are lame asf. anyways let's go babies Ukraine Israel im watching u p.s i'm always being fair enough to ukraine, this time i'm rooting for u guys. good luck & u're the best this time. it's dope, u'll win
Credible effort from UK United Kingdom to come second but Ukraine win the #Eurovision and at least we weren't a laughing stock this year like most recent contests. We can certainly be proud of @SamRyderMusic for such a great performance. At least Europe showed solidarity with Ukraine.
how are people talking about Ukraine only winning because of the war when Eurovision was literally started to promote peace and cooperation in Europe after WW2? Jesus, they fucking deserved to win and you all know that #Eurovision
#Ukraine wins #EUROVISION Love AMAZING!! #Peace
Whoa! What a grand political statement from Europe's public vote: #Ukraine, the 66th #Eurovision winner! Symbolic and full of meaning. Please, indeed, as the Italian host's opening song said it: "All we are saying is give #peace a chance."
meine #esc2022 votes: Norwegen (weil funny) Armenien (weil catchy), Niederlande (weil nice auch wenn depri), Ukraine (weil perfekte mischung aus kultur und modern), Litauen (weil iconic), Moldawien (weil sehr funny), GB (weil sympathisch)
Wow.I was really hoping that #GBR would win #Eurovision however I'm happy for #Ukraine
An ideal result, anyone other than Ukraine winning would have been wrong. What a lovely guy @SamRyderMusic seems to be, great song and amazing attitude. Still tho will always be the year I had to find these emojis #Eurovision2022
#Eurovision I think we just saw UK's first Brexit win. 12 points from Ukraine. Good show. And so happy to see the struggling nation receiving support and love.
As gutting as it is that Sam just missed out on the top spot, I'm happy that Ukraine won. It sends the wonderful message that Europe stands with them Love #Eurovision2022 #IStandWithUkraine
That was WILD - amazing #Ukraine won, and so amazed we did so well - god I love #eurovision
My summary: #Lithuania is the best song #Moldova is the most fun #Norway is the most deranged All of these are valid justifications for voting, but #Ukraine will win anyway and why not. #EUROVISION
So close but was so obviously going to be Ukraine from before it even started. Not the best song, but the best rarely wins it. 2nd is amazing for what has long made us into a joke #EUROVISION
Thing is Ukraine were such low odds for win because of the fan sympathy vote! This hasn't happened so we really have a chance omg!!!! #Eurovision
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