Status: Winner
Artist: Kalush Orchestra
Song: Stefania
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Can we offer to host #Ukraine next year ??? Well done to them for winning . They were so good tonight and the fans connected with them on an artistic and a personal level. Happy to come second to them. #eurovision Love Love Love
I know Ukraine are the favourites to win, and their song is good enough to be a quality winner. I do love it. #ukraine #Eurovision
Sad that I'm not watching @Eurovision like previous years, getting merry with no TV after Day 1 of our house move Fantastic to see Ukraine win and an incredible result for the UK to finish in second place. Wow! #Eurovision
Another fun #Eurovision with you wonderfully funny people. So proud to be European. Glory to Ukraine!
What a lovely lovely night this was. The people of Europe showing support for Ukraine. Love UK coming second a very nice surprise! Lots of fun performances and eye catching costumes. And Mika! It's nice to have Eurovision properly back after the pandemic. #Eurovision
Very unfortunate that not the best performance wins, but the sympathy vote determines the winner. I wish Ukraine the best, but in my opinion they did not deserve this victory. #ESC2022 #EUROVISION
The #Eurovision song contest is good fun though most of the time the winning song has little to do with musical merit. Tonight #Ukraine is a 99% certainty. But as the odds on offer are 2/5 (70%) you'd have to have a huge bet for it to be worth it and the liquidity doesn't exist.
Got to love how they are acting like Ukraine are worthy winners and this would be the outcome even if Russia weren't cunts #Eurovision2022
Hopefully everyone can continue showing such love and solidarity while the crisis in the Ukraine rages on. Well done to the UK but Ukraine are a deserved winner Ukraine #Ukraine #Eurovision
#Spain12points is the best performance of #eurovision 2022 ! Very happy that #Ukraine won! The country deserve this recognition ! It was a beautiful ceremony this year. So, so beautiful. People's heart are full!!
#Eurovision Ukraine. OK. I have nothing sarcastic to say. It's obviously going to win. But not out of sympathy; it's a fantastic song. Beautifully costumed and staged, with a great beat. I want to hear it all over again.
Ukraine song is a banger and they deserve to win anyway. The perfect amount of chaos, excellent instrument miming, big pink hat. Love it. #Eurovision
i feel bad for kalush orchestra, their win was totally deserving, but it's being labelled as political and sympathy win and it's so sad the song is great and the people voted for them, so it's not their fault or ebu's fault that they won #eurovision
Ukraines song wasn't good enough to be top 10 but win the sympathy vote, congratulations #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision
I wish this kind of thing won Eurovision but it never does. So much as I like it, it shouldn't win tonight simply thanks to politics. #EUROVISION #ukr
Ever since Conchita won #Eurovision in 2014 I always felt like Eurovision turned into a social justice platform and mirrored the view of politics. Ukraine winning is the epitome of what is still going on today and in the win in 2016. Nothing has changed!!
Ukrainian song is the perfect mix of traditional and modern. Would deserve a win on its own merits without the sympathy vote. #ukraine #Eurovision
how are people talking about Ukraine only winning because of the war when Eurovision was literally started to promote peace and cooperation in Europe after WW2? Jesus, they fucking deserved to win and you all know that #Eurovision
#Ukraine wins #EUROVISION Love AMAZING!! #Peace
The will of the people of Europe Ukraine won the victory. Europe will also help to win the most important victory. Ukraine slava ukraini! #Eurovision2022 #WeStandWithUkraine
#Eurovision I think we just saw UK's first Brexit win. 12 points from Ukraine. Good show. And so happy to see the struggling nation receiving support and love.
Second is incredible, and Ukraine worthy winners, current situation aside, quite a good song #Eurovision
So close but was so obviously going to be Ukraine from before it even started. Not the best song, but the best rarely wins it. 2nd is amazing for what has long made us into a joke #EUROVISION
Welll done to Ukraine on winning #Eurovision2022 I'll address the elephant in the room by saying yes ofcourse it was a sympathy vote, as they are under attack which I truly sympathise with all Ukrainians, however no Russian invasion, and UK wins that hands down #Ukraine #UK
Thing is Ukraine were such low odds for win because of the fan sympathy vote! This hasn't happened so we really have a chance omg!!!! #Eurovision
YES, the right people won! WELL DONE! Yessss, well done Ukraine. #Eurovision
They wins, but I think this kind of too-much-political votes insults them and their song. Because it's indeed a great song, but now people will only say that they win by politics. Happy for Ukraine but sad for this. #Eurovision #Ukraine
Proud of Ukraine, winning a song contest isnt enough, shows the power of unity, amazing job #Eurovision
#ukraine that was AMAZING! thank you #KalushOrchestra for bringing such a wonderful show today to cheer every ukrainian up! #eurovision
#AzovstalExtraction #Eurovision Vote for Ukraine and remember about Mariupol defenders making it possible for us all to enjoy the peaceful life and Eurovision as always. Please, urge your governments to help in the extraction procedure - it might save their lives!
That was Fabulous. Congratulations to Ukraine. Well done UK. Thank you #Eurovision2022 @bbceurovision @grahnort ...
That was WILD - amazing #Ukraine won, and so amazed we did so well - god I love #eurovision
Its good to have fun but lets all HELP UKRAINE! Please save those people from #AzovstaI #KalushOrchestra #Eurovision
I know we all knew beforehand who's going to win, but all in all it's an important message to everyone. So happy for the Ukraine ! Ukraine Love #Eurovision2022 #esc2022 #Ukraine
Naturally I'm wanting Ukraine to win as a big show of support for them but actually that was a good Eurovision song #Eurovision #UKR
439 points out of a perfect score of 468 points is such a wonderful statement of European solidarity. Congratulations #SlavaUkraina Ukraine #Eurovision
UKRAINE! The favorite to win tonight, everyone has bet their money on #UKR Kalush Orchestra - Stefania My first time hearing it, sounds like my favorite song from last year, Shum with that flute. Is this a winner though? Not sure. #ESC2022 #Eurovision
I do wish we'd won #EUROVISION but I'm glad that Ukraine got it in the end! They was always going to be the winner!
#Eurovision2022 winner is #Ukraine far from being even among 3 best songs this is a clear solidarity vote of people from so many countries standing with the Ukrain is the next contest in Kiev
I'm glad Ukraine won #Eurovision2022 but of course so proud that UK got 2nd place Love Love
Congratulation to the winner #ukraine love & peace #Eurovision
#Eurovision Wow.... I can't believe it. I'm shook. We won the jury vote, and finished second!? But realistically, this was the best result we could have hoped for. Like, no one wants to be the ones that beat Ukraine to the top spot
#Eurovision Winners! Incredible show of support for Ukraine and Ukrainians. Ukraine
Alex just made the good point that we could host for the Ukraine next year. What a lovely gesture and a great honour that would be. #EUROVISION
We all know this is gonna win with all that's been going on this year, but regardless of that, this is probably the best one yet! Love the costumes and the flute, and my mans spittin straigbt bars on top of that. 8/10 #Eurovision #UKR Ukraine
Sympathy for Ukraine but no way was their song anywhere near that good. Won on the sympathetic vote. #Eurovision2022
What a great finale! So glad to see us come so close but a deserved winner in Ukraine #eurovision
It is so funny how some people think #Eurovision2022 is purely a song and music contest. NO! It is a party that is arranged for unity among european countries. With music. OFC Ukraine would win right now. It is only natural. Eurovision was MADE after WW2, and now we need unity.
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