Status: Eliminated
Artist: Marius Bear
Song: Boys Do Cry
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @mariusbear93
Instagram: @marius.bear
#SUI again: beautiful message, hits close to home for me and he really does sound wonderful but not necessarily something I want to win the ESC it's not a top performance but not bad either #ESC #ESC2022 #Eurovision
Switzerland made me fall in love with them. Such a beautiful and important song. The singer made me feel very reassured and safe that everything will be okay. You go Switzerland, you go Love Love #Eurovision
Okay Euro peeps our time has come who are we rooting for? I like Beligum, Armenia, Ukraine, Sweden, UK Switzerland and Spain but I love Italy's song the most wish they could win again. #Eurovision
Well Ukraine (obviously!) Norway (Grandmas, bananas and wolves - what's not to like?) Switzerland, Germany and Azerbaijan (great talented boys with nice songs) Moldova (utter madness and catchy and kids will love it) #Eurovision
I am liking Switzerland.. the guy has a good voice, and it's a pleasant little song. Yeh.. I approve! #SUI #Eurovision
Boys Do Cry is so beautiful and Marius's vocals are perfect!!! Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision Grand Final 05. Switzerland #Switzerland @mariusbear93 Boys Do Cry About the country Participations 63 Victories 2 Last year 3rd Best ranking Winner 1956, 1988 EBU/@CorinneDinDin
Heppy #Eurovision Grand Final, y'all! I'm hoping Switzerland or Estonia wins.
Switzerland Boys do cry. Great message. Lovely song. Sounds like 1940s Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision #SUI Cracking voice, decent tune, clever but simple staging. Think this is my favourite so far. Reminds me of something but cant put my finger on it @bbceurovision
Well, that was great fun. My top 5 (in no particular order): Switzerland , Moldova, UK, Sweden, Australia #Eurovision
SO PROUD!!! Amazing performance @mariusbear93 Love Switzerland #ESC2022 #ESC #Eurovision
Top 5: 1. Nederland The Netherlands Love 2. Spanje 3. Zwitserland 4. Australie 4. Verenigd Koninkrijk #eurovision Maar zoooooo zijn er nog best veel goeie acts!
I voted for Switzerland. Hoping UK will do very well Love . Many good songs this year. #EUROVISION
First 8: Czech good, Portugal to win, Romania great, Switzerland boring, Norway cynical and boring, Armenia- love you but boring. #ESC2022
UK top of the leaderboard?? We normally get 3 points!#Eurovision Great show - loved Ukraine, Norway ( give the wolf a banana!!), Switzerland, Armenia and Belgium.
I think Switzerland is just too good to win. #Eurovision #SUI
Swiss dude's voice is great and so is the staging. But I wish it was more upbeat. #Eurovision
Loved Switzerland, won't win, but loved it x #Eurovision
Switzerland - very good vocals, quite dark, completely beautiful. Well done! #Eurovision
Switzerland haven't had the recognition they deserve this year!! Such a beautiful song!!! Love Love Love #eurovision
Wow, zero points for Switzerland from@the fan vote. That's rough. #Eurovision
Christmas song right here, not good enough for a Eurovision though. Another year Switzerland won't be winning! 32 years wait will be 33 years! #SUI #Eurovision
Nice song but not a winner. #SUI #Eurovision
Switzerland, Germany and UK were the best three songs IMO Ukraine for the win obvs #EUROVISION
#sui @bbceurovision #Eurovision lovely voice - maybe not a winner @JGDavison94 what do you think? #Switzerland
So far my favourites are Switzerland and Spain #Eurovision but Ibwant #sweden to win!
I know this is Silence of the Lambs, but I want his skin. That's what good collagen levels look like, my friends. #SBSEurovision #SUI #Eurovision
Switzerland so far you were the best - Marius you're a cutie #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #Switzerland
Mom really loves the Swiss entry. Not surprised, it's a nice ballad just in her taste. #SUI #Eurovision
If there was a prize for being boring, Switzerland would win. But I'm sure it will be a great song when it's finished. #Eurovision
Uplifting, cheery content not. #Eurovision #SUI
Switzerland is the only song so far I straight up don't care for. Good voice but the song bores me. Last year they had a great song. #Eurovision
Switzerlands voice is so powerful wow #Eurovision
#Eurovision Well, I missed the first three performances because I forgot this was today lol And yeah, Finland and Switzerland don't have my fav songs but they're great performers.
Mrs D says the nice young man from Switzerland needs a big hug. #Switzerland #Eurovision
I'm proud of you, Ochman! Poland Switzerland and Norway! Love Love #Eurovision
love switzerlands song and its message also the singer is kinda cute #Eurovision
I spent all season liking Switzerland but find myself extremely surprised to see it in the final. Good job, little Bear. #eurovision
okay no one cares but here's my top 5 1. Ukraine then in no particular order : Australia Spain France Switzerland #Eurovision
Personally I think Gjon's Tears should have won the last contest for Switzerland. This isn't of the same standard, but it's nice. #Eurovision
Aww I liked Switzerland Lovely song #Eurovision
I don't care what everyone says, I love Marius #SUI #Eurovision
Lovely song and performance from Switzerland. Liked it. #Eurovision #ESC2022 #Eurovision2022 #bbceurovision #SUI
5. Switzerland. Different to last year of course, but I'm getting similar vibes. Did well last year? Could they go better than 3rd this year? At least it's in English. Last won in 1958 I remember it well! #SUI #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
Lovely but not memorable #sui #Eurovision
I need to give #Sui a hug #Eurovision Bless his heart
Switzerland your song is cool but slow songs never win #Eurovision
My favourite at the 1/3 mark is Czech Republic. I also like Armenia and Switzerland. Nice to see Maro and The Rasmus representing their countries. But lots more to come and it could all change #Eurovision2022
#Eurovision Switzerland is my fav so far Love
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