Status: Eliminated
Artist: Cornelia Jakobs
Song: Hold Me Closer
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Ok. Top 5 Italy Czech Republic Poland Sweden UK Not sure of order. Outsiders (to me) are Greece & France. #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision Soon the fun part......the comedy of the voting. Gotta love it. Mika is brilliant btw.
anyone of my fellow #Eurofans also #AnimalCrossing players? My island rep is routing for my top three: Norway Finland Sweden wearing the perfect @Subwoolferband stan outfit! Good Luck Everyone! #Eurovision
Congrats to Ukraine on winning Eurovision Love Personal favourite was Sweden but there was some great songs on show! #Eurovision2022
slava ukraina ! Ukraine Pebezh genaoueg Bro-C'hall ! France Well done UK ! United Kingdom Muy Bien Espana ! Spain Proficiat Nederland ! The Netherlands Bravo la Belgique francophone ! Belgium Well done Australia ! United Kingdom Til hamingju Island ! Iceland Grattis till Sverige ! Swede
Armenia, Spain, Moldova (for the upbeat song), Iceland and Sweden are my favourites. And I am pretty sure none of them will win #EUROVISION . I've not picked the winner for at least 5 - 6 years.
Totally in love. My favourite this year: the amazing Cornelia Jakobs for Sweden. WOW. #Eurovision
Sweden's *feels* like a winner. It's not the best, but it does have a good sense of quality to it #Eurovision
I don't really watch #Eurovision for who wins - but with Sweden and Sam doing well it's great that excellent songwriting is being rewarded @SamRyderMusic @Wadge @wolfgang
Cornelia or Konstrakta should win, I don't even care anymore. I'm so happy that these two ladies performed on the same stage Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision #EST 12 Points for a great county/pop track that reminds me when Sweden's @manszelmerlow won with Heroes. Amazing closer choice for tonight.
Can't Italian Diodato and Fai rumore win from 2020? Would be awesome. Or this years Cornelia. Please and thank you #Eurovision
Okay Euro peeps our time has come who are we rooting for? I like Beligum, Armenia, Ukraine, Sweden, UK Switzerland and Spain but I love Italy's song the most wish they could win again. #Eurovision
If Sweden win, they'll tie Ireland's record for most wins. But if the british win, british people might be happy #Eurovision
#Eurovision time . Can't wait to see The Rasmus play live - love their mystic . Good luck to #SamRyder tonight . I'm also liking the Sweden song Hold Me Closer and Azerbaijan song Fade to black
Song that should win for me: Spain and Sweden because the songs are SUPER AMAZING and bc I fell in love with the singers. #Eurovision #ESC2022
even if cornelia doesn't win, she won our heart Love Love #EUROVISION
A great song and a wonderful singer: Sweden #swe The most beautiful song of #Eurovision #ESC2022 #ESCita
Okay but imagine: sweden winning in 2023, hosting in 2024. 50 years after abba won. Abba makes a surprise performance. The world is at peace #eurovision
Ukraine will win...Sweden have the best song and for the first time in years, the UK actually have a great song! #EUROVISION
I don't really care about #esc2022 unless sweden wins ofcourse then it's fun
Sweden and Armenia are still my winners of the night. I would've loved for Sweden to win because they always do the best Eurovision shows #Eurovision2022
Song 20 - Hold me Closer That was the best Song of the Night Period Sweden I wish you every success, brilliant HOLD ME CLOSER #Eurovision #SWE
Very enjoyable #Eurovision indeed. Good acts at the top of the results. Not an unexpected outcome but delighted for #UK #Sweden #Spain too. Congratulations #Ukraine! My Twitter can calm down again for another year! slava ukraini! Ukraine
I LOVE the top the singer from Sweden is wearingso many fabulous nostalgic 90s vibes! I do wish I could still wear that! Perhaps not the most profeshlook for my lecture! #Eurovision
Could not help it. Sweden was absolutely brilliant! Loved her! 20 voted via the official App! #Eurovision
And that's the scores from the 4 gays here tonight. We didn't include the UK (otherwise that would have won for us) but congratulations to Sweden who are our winner! #Eurovision
I know it's not about the best song but that Sweden tune is massive!! Rooting for Serbia, Moldova and Norway, obviously. Been a Rasmus fan for 20 years so hope Finland does well. UK surprisingly innocent this year! #EUROVISION
If #sweden win they'll join #ireland with the most wins (7) #eurovision
#esc2022 . The winner takes it all, the loser's standing small, but if Ukraine wins it, it's not a musical decision. Sweden won it for music. BTW, what's the score?
We all support #Ukraine against war but this win doesn't belong to them and you all know. #Eurovision. Stefania was a good song but UK, Spain, Sweden or Australia has better ones. Someone has to say it.
Well, that was great fun. My top 5 (in no particular order): Switzerland , Moldova, UK, Sweden, Australia #Eurovision
Sweden is cool but if they win again I will be so mad no offense. Their song is nice but not a winner song for me #Eurovision #Sweden
#EUROVISION I loved Sweden's entry when I first heard it & Hold Me Closer could make Sweden join Ireland as members of the Magnificent Seven Winners Club.
To celebrate the #Eurovision song contest tonight, we're having a European feast in House! Time to tuck in and settle down to support your country in the sweepstake. Dr Smith will be channeling his love of IKEA furniture into his support for Sweden . Who are you supporting?
Wow Sweden... nailed it Love #Eurovision2022
Oh wow... United Kingdom is currently leading the #EUROVISION song contest. Sweden catching up, Spain not far behind, then Ukraine... Who will actually get it? Sharing Latvian announcer's spectacular headdress!!
Let's go Sweden! What a fucking incredible artist. #Eurovision There's a reason the Swedish are known for winning.
#Sweden is again a favourite at #EurovisionSongContest and yes, we've been listening to #holdmecloser for weeks and weeks. Great voice and song. Just love it, hold tight, Cornelia
This is actually my first time voting on #Eurovision hehe, I'm hoping Sweden or one of the countries I voted for wins!
Sweden is such a fab song #Eurovision My winner there.
#Eurovision This is my top 5: 1. Spain 2. UK - finally we get a good one 3. Sweden 4. Poland 5. Azerbaijan Bonus pick - Romania What's yours?
Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this year...Sweden, I love her voice, and the song touch every little part of my body, Bonnie Tyler vibes. #swe #Eurovision #ESC2022
Don't judge me for this tweet Norway, Spain, Armenia, Moldova and Sweden were all great on #EUROVISION Also, Mika's performance was phenomenal!
Sweden #SWE Sweden know how to do pop. This is great. An extra point for her excellent top. #Eurovision
Almost every country will give 12 points to Ukraine and thus they'll win. If we count the winner without Ukraine,Sweden is the winner. #Eurovision
Faves: Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Serbia #Eurovision One of them better win
I had high hopes for a fun dance number with the top she's wearing... can't believe we're back in ballad-land but at least it built up to be dancy #SWE #Eurovision
#Ukraine has won the 66th #Eurovision song contest, which was held in #Turin, Italy. Riding a tidal wave of support from the telephone-voting European public, Stefania by Kalush Orchestra finished first after strong showings by the UK, Spain and Sweden in the early voting.
-Romania - Portugal - Sweden - Azerbaijan - Estonia My top5 #eurovision songs this year. Good luck #theRasmus #Finland
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