Status: Eliminated
Artist: Cornelia Jakobs
Song: Hold Me Closer
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Sweden's *feels* like a winner. It's not the best, but it does have a good sense of quality to it #Eurovision
Sweden never disappoints. Always different tunes, different vibes, but always successful. Loving this. Soulful voice. Can't remember who it reminds me of. But it's great. #swe #eurovision actually remembered it's Gaga from a star is born!
Totally in love. My favourite this year: the amazing Cornelia Jakobs for Sweden. WOW. #Eurovision
even if cornelia doesn't win, she won our heart Love Love #EUROVISION
A great song and a wonderful singer: Sweden #swe The most beautiful song of #Eurovision #ESC2022 #ESCita
I fucking love Cornelia Jakobs. Her charisma, ease & attitude on stage are the best amongst all participants. Truly a star. Her vocals are on POINT #Eurovision #SWE
Okay but imagine: sweden winning in 2023, hosting in 2024. 50 years after abba won. Abba makes a surprise performance. The world is at peace #eurovision
Song 20 - Hold me Closer That was the best Song of the Night Period Sweden I wish you every success, brilliant HOLD ME CLOSER #Eurovision #SWE
And that's the scores from the 4 gays here tonight. We didn't include the UK (otherwise that would have won for us) but congratulations to Sweden who are our winner! #Eurovision
To celebrate the #Eurovision song contest tonight, we're having a European feast in House! Time to tuck in and settle down to support your country in the sweepstake. Dr Smith will be channeling his love of IKEA furniture into his support for Sweden . Who are you supporting?
I LOVE the top the singer from Sweden is wearingso many fabulous nostalgic 90s vibes! I do wish I could still wear that! Perhaps not the most profeshlook for my lecture! #Eurovision
Let's go Sweden! What a fucking incredible artist. #Eurovision There's a reason the Swedish are known for winning.
#Sweden is again a favourite at #EurovisionSongContest and yes, we've been listening to #holdmecloser for weeks and weeks. Great voice and song. Just love it, hold tight, Cornelia
This is actually my first time voting on #Eurovision hehe, I'm hoping Sweden or one of the countries I voted for wins!
Sweden is such a fab song #Eurovision My winner there.
I love Sweden's entry. So powerful and raw. Great melody too. #Eurovision #Sweden
Cornelia Jakobs #Eurovision performance was another level. A song of global hit standard. Staging that holds the audience in its hand. It deserves, like her, the world. A Swedish win would be Love
Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this year...Sweden, I love her voice, and the song touch every little part of my body, Bonnie Tyler vibes. #swe #Eurovision #ESC2022
I support the UK so fucking hard, but Sweden get my vote tonight. So, so, so, good. Omgggg. I am so in love with that song #EUROVISION
Truly no hosts' chemistry is as good as Mans and Petra. I need #SWE to win to see them again. #Eurovision
sweden for the win #Eurovision Love Sweden
So happy that #SWE didn't win! FU #Eurovision2022
Sweden have had the best song so far. Just brill. But hey, they usually are. #Eurovision #SWE
If sweden wins, i'll never watch #Eurovision again lol
Wow Sweden... nailed it Love #Eurovision2022
Sweden #SWE Sweden know how to do pop. This is great. An extra point for her excellent top. #Eurovision
Any other year, Sweden wins. Ticks all the boxes for getting points, plus nobody hates them #Eurovision
Finally a good song. Sweden to win #Eurovision
La propuesta mas bonita del festival. Intensa, con voz personal y con gran potencia. Bravo Cornelia Love #SWE #Eurovision
Sweden with *yet another* song that sounds like a potential winner #SWE #Eurovision
I had high hopes for a fun dance number with the top she's wearing... can't believe we're back in ballad-land but at least it built up to be dancy #SWE #Eurovision
Hey Cornelia... still up for a performance on the @JOY949 rooftop when you win? #SWE #Eurovision #SBSEurovision
Discovering #corneliajakobs in this years #eurovision has been the best. Her music is amazing!
friendly reminder that @LOREEN_TALHAOUI 's Euphoria turns 10 this year and it's still immaculate #escita #Eurovision #ESC2022 #swe
#Eurovision politics won again. My winner are UK AND SWEDEN
Okay this is the first time I felt it. Best version Cornelia did of the song Love #Eurovision
As ever with Sweden, that feels like it's the most polished and professional song of the night. A potential winner...? #Eurovision
Its giving Robyn feels. Sweden knows how to make a good dance pop song. They literally run the industry. We love to see it #Eurovision #swe
Congrats to Ucraine, but tbh my winner even just for her ig bio is Cornelia #EscIta2022 #Eurovision
I'm still backing Sweden to win this #Eurovision
Sweden SongQuite good. Sweden never really disappoint. Solid Eurovision fare. 7/10 Costume 4/10 Performance 5/10 #Eurovision
sweden is teally good i love the beat #Eurovision
Best performance from Sweden and second best song called Euphoria #Eurovision
Sweden easily the best of the slow songs for me. Love her voice #Eurovision
Bueno la segunda mitad de Hold Me Closer ha sido apoteosica Love #Eurovision
Absolutely banger from #Sweden here. Any other year and this would be a shoe in for #Eurovision winner.
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