Status: Eliminated
Artist: Chanel
Song: SloMo
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Chanel is amazing love her. Her energy is incredible. Also, she's absolutely stunning #Eurovision #Spain
I am so happy for my Spanish and British friends. I'll be so happy if any of them wins #Eurovision and even happier for my friends Love
#EUROVISION Post! I'm still Team Australia - I love Sheldon. But Spain, France, Armenia and the U.K. brought some brilliant songs. I am so excited to see who wins!
My fav songs: #Eurovision 1. United Kingdom 2. Australia (I would be surprised if #Australia wins though because it's not based in EUR). The following countries have a good chance to win.Ukraine might win with the protest votes, it is not my fav song but had a good energy. Norway Italy S
Ok if Poland win I just want to dob @Carlystar1 who is repeatedly clicking vote vote vote for Poland guy with sexy voice Come on #Poland #Eurovision All the best Spain. Norway Armenia and Lithuania Ps @Carlystar1 is now just voting for loads of other artists
#Eurovision Maybe not the best song of the night but a great performance. That vocal run after all that dancing is impressive! Loved the top half of the costumes! #esp
Very enjoyable #Eurovision indeed. Good acts at the top of the results. Not an unexpected outcome but delighted for #UK #Sweden #Spain too. Congratulations #Ukraine! My Twitter can calm down again for another year! slava ukraini! Ukraine
Armenia, Spain, Moldova (for the upbeat song), Iceland and Sweden are my favourites. And I am pretty sure none of them will win #EUROVISION . I've not picked the winner for at least 5 - 6 years.
#Eurovision Spain you have my votes Chanel fabulous good luck from United Kingdom Love
Beautiful and enchanting, and I'm not just talking about ther performance, the song is awesome as well. Potential winner alert? #esp #Eurovision #ESC2022
Attention attention! Now you are watching one of the best stage performances in Eurovision history!! I don't know what will happen in the end but you and your team are legends, Chanel! Bravoooo! Vamosss Espana!!!! Spain Love #Eurovision #ESP
Wow Chanel , vote 09 for her wonderful performance Love #Eurovision
#ESC2022 Personal faves: France ( Love ), Spain Also really liked (hoping for them to be high): Ukraine, Serbia, Romania Several nice songs I also enjoyed: Portugal, Norway, Italy, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Okay Euro peeps our time has come who are we rooting for? I like Beligum, Armenia, Ukraine, Sweden, UK Switzerland and Spain but I love Italy's song the most wish they could win again. #Eurovision
Nice if #esp won it, can't say I'm a fan of the tune nothing i don't hear every summer, though good performance #Eurovision
Spain or Armenia better win lmao United Arab Emirates Colombia #Eurovision
#ESP FANTASTIC SHOW AND I would love to see her win! #Esc2022 #Titina22
My Eurovision 2022 Grand Final Top 7 Poland Spain UK United Kingdom Romania Belgium Italy Germany Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
#EUROVISION #EUROVISION2022 My top 5 lol UK Spain Romania Italy Ukraine Good luck everyone Spain United Kingdom Italy
Song that should win for me: Spain and Sweden because the songs are SUPER AMAZING and bc I fell in love with the singers. #Eurovision #ESC2022
OMG, amazing @ChanelTerrero #ESP #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 Congratulations, incredible performance.
Proud of our entry, Really hoping for big points. My favourites were Spain and Moldova... I really hope the obvious doesn't happen to win but I have a feeling it will *sigh* #Eurovision
I called it. In the end, we squeaked home just ahead of Spain for 2nd, but always felt there was a big public vote there for Ukraine. The best sort of 2nd place, one where you didn't want to deprive the ultimate winner. #EUROVISION
bueno chanel lo has hecho genial y eres una reina igual Love 33 #Eurovision
voting spain bc she is sexy, voting belgium bc i need a poc to win #Eurovision
So i would say my top 5 picks are norway, france, portugal, spain and ofc ukraine. But i also would be happy with the uk winning #Eurovision
spain should win #Eurovision solely for helping me realise there's still a solid 1% of me that's straight tonight
My vote goes to Finland but I've loved The Rasmus for years so it's a no brainer! I quite liked Ukraine and Spain too! Norway was catchy, but I ain't feeding no bananas to any Wolves #Eurovision
Who's watching #Eurovision 2022 Grand Final? This is my Top 10 Prediction: Portugal Norway Italy Spain Greece Sweden UK Poland Serbia This is my Winner Prediction: Ukraine @Eurovision
We all support #Ukraine against war but this win doesn't belong to them and you all know. #Eurovision. Stefania was a good song but UK, Spain, Sweden or Australia has better ones. Someone has to say it.
Europe! If you want to support @ChanelTerrero tonight, vote 10 Love Remember # 10 I love you, friends. #EurovisionRTVE #Eurovision #ESC2022
if spain wins it'll be the most undeserved win ever literally not special nothing new we have this every year. i don't even hate her, she's cool, but how does this deserve a win next to ukraine, portugal, romania, serbia. songs with A LITTLE BIT of quality. #Eurovision
I know this probably means spain won't win bc someone loves to come from behind and snatch the douze point but let me be very excited for #Espana #Eurovision #Spain
She's my winner idc Spain Love Very freaking proud of you mi reina #Eurovision #Chanel
My favourites are UK for once, Spain and Moldova. But I think Ukraine will win the babbies Love #Eurovision
Well, politicial but #EUROVISION has always been political. Congrats to both @SamRyderMusic and of course @ChanelTerrero. Amazing results and Spains best result since the 90s!
Also a special mention to Spain who have also had an incredible comeback from last year. Very much deserved, Chanel is a queen #Eurovision
#eurovision Hi, Europe !! ...SPAIN, is my favourite this year Spain . SPAIN, is the best song and performance this year Spain . SPAIN, 12 points Spain . SPAIN, the winner ESC 2022 Spain ...
#eurovision Hi, Europe !! SPAIN, is my favourite this year Spain . SPAIN, is the best song and performance this year Spain . SPAIN, 12 points Spain . SPAIN, the winner ESC 2022 Spain
My top 5 songs so far #Eurovision that I will be voting for: 1. Moldova 2. Romania 3. Ukraine 4. Spain 5. Lithuania I hope my friends from those respective countries vote for UK Love @bbceurovision
Top 5: 1. Nederland The Netherlands Love 2. Spanje 3. Zwitserland 4. Australie 4. Verenigd Koninkrijk #eurovision Maar zoooooo zijn er nog best veel goeie acts!
Top story: @Eurovision: 'Enjoy this absolute masterclass in #Eurovision choreography from Spain and the incredible Chanel. It's booty hypnotic! Spain #ESC2022 ' see more
#eurovision Hi, Europe !! ... SPAIN, is my favourite this year Spain . SPAIN, is the best song and performance this year Spain . SPAIN, 12 points Spain . SPAIN, the winner ESC 2022 Spain ...
i wish all my favs good luck Serbia Spain Italy Ukraine Chad #Eurovision
ok greece won't win but can we have spain as the winner Please #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Spain12points SPAIN MUST WIN #10 PLEASEEE Love United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Spain really wanna win this lol. U.K. don't care at all #Eurovision
Spain: the tropical pop choice is really strong. Such a catchy-sexy- good vibe song. I'm obsessed with the choreography! This the strongest song of Spain in the last five years. #Eurovision2022
#eurovision Hi, Europe !! SPAIN, is my favourite this year Spain . SPAIN, is the best song and performance this year Spain . SPAIN, 12 points Spain . SPAIN, the winner ESC 2022 Spain .....
Representantes espanoles que acabaron en el TOP 5 de #Eurovision: Massiel 1968 Salome '69 Julio Iglesias '70 Karina '71 Mocedades '73 Betty Missiego '79 Bravo '84 Azucar Moreno '90 Sergio Dalma '91 Anabel Conde '95 CHANEL 2022 HISTORIA @ChanelTerrero Love Love
Spanish entry is certainly supple! Dancing like 5star! Very energetic performance! #ESP #SPAIN #Eurovision #ESC2022 #Eurovision2022
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