Status: Eliminated
Artist: LPS
Song: Disko
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Instagram: @lps_band
FREE COFFEE!! Vote for Pia Maria and Austria #13. Check the picture :) #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #ESC #ESC2022 Netherlands s10 de diepte staging uuuuuu aaaaaaaa bulgaria intelligent music project maneskin slovenia lps disko young pyro winning winner qualifying qualify leak
#SVN Not the most original song ever but damn are they cute and fun to watch!!! So adorable! Love #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #esc2022
#Eurovision #SVN Slovenia Pleasant but not spectacular. #UKR Ukraine Ukraine Glad they made it and could compete but not a song I care for.
Ukraine Norway Albania Latvia The Netherlands Moldova Croatia Denmark Austria Lithuania Portugal Greece Armenia Iceland Switzerland Slovenia Bulgaria My guess for Semi Final 1. Good luck to all. It was brilliant United Kingdom #EUROVISION #Eurovision20
#SVN #EUROVISION love the big glitter ball!! Song is pretty catchy & fun
This won't qualify but thanks Slovenia, that was fun Love #ESC2022 #Eurovision #SVN
#Eurovision slovenia was SO much fun at Eurovision in concert so im absolutely stanning them rn Love
#svn #Eurovision like it. Latvia is still my favourite but I'm liking the jaunty guitars and the camera edits - fun song but feels flat?
It's enjoyable and fun. The whole performance and stage presence is the best part. #Eurovision #SVN
My list of qualifiers which is a mixture of popular opinion & realistic optimism, meaning I may like it but the rest of Europe may not & hence it doesn't make the top 10. Bulgaria Croatia Greece Latvia Lithuania Moldova Netherlands Norway Slovenia Ukraine #Eurovision #ESC2022
AWWWWWW man that slapped! i havent heard that before... when was it realeased? its so good! Slovenia #slovenia #Eurovision love it man its a banger
Slovenia for the win Love #Eurovision
Okay so, can't even make a top 10 cause I don't like many of the songs lmao these should go to the final anyways (in no particular order): Latvia, Slovenia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Norway & Armenia #EUROVISION #Eurovision
Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Lithuania, Bulgaria (?!), Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Iceland, Albania. The rest, thank you for playing. Please collect your consolation prize, a Eurovision board game from our friends at Crown & Andrews, on the way out. #SBSEurovision #Eurovision
Albania Sappho shouty Barbie. Camp. Latvia Something about salad in bright suits. Camp. Lithuania Seductive Liza, smashing frock. Camp. Switzerland Ballad by a drag king in a leather bomber. Camp. Slovenia Chic lite in velvet suits. Not camp. #Eurovision
Ahhh! What an opening! Albania rough but brought energy Latvia was amazing! Love Monika of Lithuania Switzerland also performed As did Slovenia Ukraine felt like a real moment #Eurovision
#SLO Slovenia I just love them, their song is amazing! Love #Eurovision
LPS was great !!!! Bravo !!!! #Eurovision
Slovenia's one of the countries that didn't make it into the new #EUROVISION Colouring Book (all the winning countries + the 6 best runners up). So here's a country that did. Of course you know what country it is!
I'd be really happy for these nine to qualify, but they're my favourites, not my predictions. I'm not bothered about any of the others and I would ditch NL The Netherlands , GR Greece and IS Iceland in a heartbeat. AL Albania LT Lithuania SI Slovenia UA Ukraine MD Moldova PT Portu
Slovenien einfach super groovy. Und so adorable. Love #Eurovision
Disko is a fun song, but this performance is kind of a snooze? Where is the stage presence, y'all?! #SVN #Eurovision
Slovenia - another in native tongue, boy band LPS (Last Pizza Slice - yes, really) - very cheerful and upbeat, but won't be enough to get through. #Eurovision
#Slovenia #SVN ~ I'm loving the fact the drummer is on the massive disco ball! This song is fun! #Eurovision @Eurovision @bbceurovision
Slovenia,LPS is SOOOOO cute,hope you qualify fr #Eurovision
The First Semi-Final starts NOW! Good luck to all the 17 competing countries Albania Latvia Lithuania Switzerland Slovenia Ukraine Bulgaria The Netherlands Moldova Portugal Croatia Denmark Austria Iceland Greece Norway Armenia #Eurovision | #TheSoundOfBeauty
Lithuania Slovenia Norway Denmark Austria At least these should qualify for the final! #esc22 #EUROVISION I believe you can vote for the good ones!
my favorites are Slovenia & Denmark so i hope they qualify #Eurovision
I've actually grown to love Slovenia's entry. I disliked it and now I enjoy it. Who knows, it may qualify. #SVN #Eurovision #ESC2022
Slovenia is good we love a cheeky disco tune x #Eurovision
LPS did great, love them #Eurovision
Slovenia LPS are next for Slovenia #Eurovision. They had hoped to have their disco ball descend by the ceiling but instead it's centre stage. They managed to qualify from the internet rounds to go through an win the whole selection in Slovenia:
My votes went to Latvia , Bulgaria , Norway , Slovenia . Good luck guys #novibet #ESC2022
wait i forgot this song was good ??????? okay slovenia GET IT i love the staging #Eurovision
Done watching all 17 performances tonight. I love all the songs but here is my TOP 10 qualifiers (without anyone asking) Ukraine Norway Denmark Croatia Austria Moldova Slovenia Iceland The Netherlands Armenia #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022 #Eurovision
watching my slovenian disko kids do their thing at eurovision like a proud aunt. Just do your thing, kids and have fun! #eurovision
Beautiful talented kids who deserve to go to the final. #SVN #Eurovision
absolutely fucking brilliant you funky little slovenians #eurovision
Not really a disco but a jazz bar. He's cute and the song is charming somehow - i like it! #SVN #Eurovision #ESC2022 #escorf #srfesc
He's trying, and being cute while doing so, but it's not very good. Like the suit, though #Eurovision #slovenia
LPS are so underrated, I want to hug all of them #Eurovision @scottmills @Rylan
Impressive range of suits this evening. Latvia edging it, but strong entrants from Slovenia and Portugal. #Eurovision @bbceurovision
Who's your fave till now on #Eurovision ? From what we've seen I love Ukraine and Slovenia!
okay slovenia this is fun #EUROVISION
My favs are: lithuania, slovenia, ukraine, croatia, denmark, greece, armenia and ofc austria Love #EUROVISION
Slovenia my second fave for tonight, very unlikely to go to the final according to the odds. But I loooove this! Hoping this is a shock Qualifier (even though the giant mirror ball is very unnecessary) #Eurovision
For sure the Netherlands and Norway, and ideally Lithuania, Slovenia and Austria please, thanks! #eurovision
Gotta love this old school bop! It only gets better by it being in Slovene #Eurovision #esc2022 #svn
Slovenia has such a cool language. I can understand it kinda and it's so funny #EUROVISION
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