Status: Eliminated
Artist: Konstrakta
Song: In Corpore Sano
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Instagram: @konstrakta
Any chance at all #Ukraine doesn't win #Eurovision regardless of the quality (or lack thereof) of their song? Would be funny if Serbia won instead.
Cornelia or Konstrakta should win, I don't even care anymore. I'm so happy that these two ladies performed on the same stage Love #Eurovision
#ESC2022 Personal faves: France ( Love ), Spain Also really liked (hoping for them to be high): Ukraine, Serbia, Romania Several nice songs I also enjoyed: Portugal, Norway, Italy, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Norway, Moldova, Belgium are my top 3; Iceland and Serbia are alright; Australia wins "best of the ballads" award, Poland wins "best vocals" #Eurovision
Well done regardless to Sheldon, so proud of #AUS - And all the other performers raising their glasses was beautiful. More of that behaviour please, people-in-the-public-eye. #Eurovision Also, GO SERBIA! #SRB
My favourite performances are always the middle favourites, because they're there, perform their best, and have the bestest fun... Case in point are Romania, Serbia, Estonia, Armenia. #esc2022 #eurovision #sbseurovision
Finland Moldova (OMG YES, THE JOY THIS GIVES ME, probably below UKR or ITA but MY LIST) UK (WOW WE WERE ACTUALLY GOOD THIS TIME DON'T HAVE TO LIE - still biased tho) Ukraine Serbia (Song could have more, but damn that performance) Italy Greece Norway ... #Eurovision2022
by far (imo) Serbia was the beat tonight, stunning song with thought provoking lyrics, really kooky dancing great use of lighting too,, really hope they win tbh #EUROVISION
Great to see Tyrion Lanister is on to bigger and better things after GOT! Backing singer for Serbia! Love #Eurovision
i'm fine with ukraine winning i like the song i was lowkey rooting for lithuania and serbia more but heyy congrats ! #Eurovision
The 5yr old and I have been keeping a thorough score system and these are our agreed top three. Also kudos to Serbia for the excellent novelty act! #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
I know it's not about the best song but that Sweden tune is massive!! Rooting for Serbia, Moldova and Norway, obviously. Been a Rasmus fan for 20 years so hope Finland does well. UK surprisingly innocent this year! #EUROVISION
Serbia bringing strong Nurse Rached energy - good for pandemic times. Def want to encourage the hand washing. #ESC2022
Serbia wins for best sense of humor #Eurovision
if spain wins it'll be the most undeserved win ever literally not special nothing new we have this every year. i don't even hate her, she's cool, but how does this deserve a win next to ukraine, portugal, romania, serbia. songs with A LITTLE BIT of quality. #Eurovision
i wish all my favs good luck Serbia Spain Italy Ukraine Chad #Eurovision
Hello, #Eurovision We all know that Ukraine is going to win today, but please vote Moldova, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia too. You know, the good songs.
Serbia Best outcome imo. Such a good song, and interesting messaging #Eurovision
mis favs pa este ano moldavia, reino unido, espana, serbia y si hubiera visto toda la actuacion de francia y noruega quizas tmbn(?) y bueno, ucrania ha estado bastante bien tmbn, asi q la incluyo tmbn #Eurovision
Sweden 4th and Serbia 5th!! I'm so happy! Congrats Ukraine for this victory! See you next year lovely people! #EUROVISION
Novak winning his 1000th match today and coming to social media not to comment it, but to tell ppl to vote Serbia at #Eurovision. Gotta love this guy!
Who's watching #Eurovision 2022 Grand Final? This is my Top 10 Prediction: Portugal Norway Italy Spain Greece Sweden UK Poland Serbia This is my Winner Prediction: Ukraine @Eurovision
Omg #serbia at #EUROVISION wow a beautiful art performance.
Europe! Vote for #Serbia and brilliant Konstrakta tonight #InCorporeSano 24! #Eurovision Love
#Eurovision Well done UK a great performance, I voted for Ukraine and Germany. I could imagine listening to the German entry on my phone. Sweden were good too. Hated Italy and Serbia.
Not sure I'd class the UK as rock, but it was very good and very enjoyable. Serbia was... interesting. #Eurovision
I really love Serbia, makes me feel like I am in a cult. Really catchy song and the whole venue is clapping with her. It is so addicting, so hypnotising. #ESC2022
Love seeing the hosts so thrilled for Serbia too #Eurovision
Faves: Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Serbia #Eurovision One of them better win
I have a feeling it'll be between Ukraine and Serbia and for once I'm glad Americans aren't allowed to vote bc I love them both so much being forced to choose I would simply pass away #ESC2022
#Eurovision #SRB NOTHING BUT RESPECT FOR MY ESC 2022 WINNER Serbia Serbia Serbia Serbia Serbia Serbia Serbia Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love
Ok, Serbia was the best, but Ukraine will win #Eurovision
Annyira nem ide valo de Szerbia for the win Love #Eurovision
Bravo #SRB Serbia #Eurovision Love
Let me love in a world where Serbia is the winner of #Eurovision
Czech Rebublic, Finland, France, Spain, Lithuania, Serbia and many more other countries had amazing songs this year Love #esc2022
Wow, I can't decide! France was amazing and Serbia was just so wickedly clever. #Eurovision
My top 5 in no particular order: France, Netherlands, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland. Obviously, I want Belgium to win though. #Eurovision
Me at 3pm today: you don't need to buy more underwear, you have enough pairs, it'll be a frivolous purchase. Me at 1130pm today: you have spent $5 on texting for #srb to win #Eurovision . Good on you.
Nice to see #srb Serbia celebrating #coronationstreet hotpot queen Betty Driver. #Eurovision
My Top 10 with no special order bc I can't choose: Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Norway, Moldova, Italy, Australia, France, Spain , Finland AND HONORABLE MENTION TO LATVIA BECAUSE THEY DESERVED BETTER #Eurovision
Serbia win the Zooey Deschanel Award. #Eurovision
Ukrainian victory, we came second, and I discovered that awesome Serbian lady with the fringe. Good night, everyone #eurovision
Politicki festival zabavne muzike, blam #Eurovision2022 Bravo za Konstru, moralna pobednica i to je tako Love #Konstrakta
#EUROVISION #Serbia an unusual song, interesting mix, but very catchy, culturely powerful and definitely a crowd engager. #Eurovision2022
Oudste dochter en ik klappen lekker mee met Servie. Best knap, want zo'n fan ben ik niet. #esc #Eurovision
Our top five: Norway, Serbia Moldova, UK and France. Loved them all, and surprised as to how good UK actually was! Can't wait to see the carnage of the voting. #Eurovision
Amazing serbian @konstrakta! A sharp, cultured and poetic denunciation. In corpore sano, the body is healthy, so what now? @Eurovision #Eurovision #EUROVISION #ESCita
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