San Marino

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Achille Lauro
Song: Stripper
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Twitter: @AchilleIDOL
Instagram: @achilleidol
My besties did their best to positively did well on Tuesday. This optimistic Lil Eurofriend is ready to write #KinderEurovision with positive sunshine, rainbows and #Eurovision flavored lollipops.- San Marino Lil Eurofriend
ALL I NEED IS LOVE!!! This is a WHOLE other kind of sexy! San Marino absolutely smashing it. #SMR #Eurovision
Sorry San Marino. Love the outfits, Glam Rock song and firework guitar BUT my phone settings won't let me vote tonight. I really hope you get through to the final. If you do I promise to have my settings sorted by Saturday. Good luck!! #Eurovision
What a wonderful perfomance Love Good job @AchilleIDOL Vote 07 for San Marino #achillelauro #Eurovision #ESC2022
Honestly this is the best entry by San Marino ever. I don't think this will win but like is it ever amazing to watch. #eurovision #eurovision2022 #SMR
Dang..quite a few good ones didn't qualify this time :( but a bunch of nice ones did so it'll be a fun final anyways.. #esc2022 will miss israel and san marino especially
I'm not really a fan of rock or punk rock, but this song and this guy - wow! Edgy, eye-catching, provocative... and this kiss WOW he got me Love Love #SMR #Eurovision #ESC2022 #escorf #srfesc
OMG Love that bull (her name is Roberta btw), this could be a black horse, good luck San Marino #Eurovision
07 San Marino #SMR Here another beautiful natural human, who totally stayed true to himself Don't invite an act like this ever to my Bachelor party. At least he got some love 1/10 #Eurovision
My Eurovision 2022 Semi-Final 2 Top 10 Australia Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Finland Ireland Poland Romania San Marino Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
#Eurovision Achille Lauro, I love you. You are the best. Vote for San Marino, Europe. Please. #7StripperArmy
My top ten, in no particular order: San Marino Estonia Romania Poland Serbia Sweden Israel Cyprus Georgia Australia Good luck! #Eurovision
From not winning San Remo to participating for San Marino there is a reason he didn't win and we all hear why. #Eurovision #ESC2022 #songfestival
My Eurovision 2022 top 10 for the second semi: Azerbaijan Malta San Marino San Marino Australia Australia Ireland Ireland Estonia (my fave) Estonia Poland Poland Belgium Belgium Sweden (love this song too) Sweden Czech Rep Czech Republic #EUROVISION #Eurovision2022
I've voted for Georgia and San Marino Please vote for Ireland @Brooke_Scullion was awesome!!!! #EUROVISION #ESC2022
Let Achille win Love #eurovision
The best Achille Lauro, performance i have seen from him. He can win #Eurovision
San Marino's aesthetic is not doing it for me and no amount of sexy writhing on mechanical bulls is helping but pretty sure I'm not their target audience. #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #SMR
Oh man this is awesome from San Marino. Sparkles and gay snogging and a bucking bronco. #Eurovision
Okay San Marino are perfect in every way. The costumes, the staging, the bucking bronco. I love them so much #Eurovision
these are the countries i think will qualify for the grand finale: Serbia Australia North Macedonia Azerbaijan Finland San Marino Romania Poland Belgium Sweden the second semifinal was WAY better. #ESC2022 #Eurovision2022
2nd Semifinal #Eurovision My favs in order: Ireland Czech Republic Israel Romania Finland San Marino Less catchy, but fine songs Estonia Sweden Malta Georgia
He's fab. Please qualify! #Eurovision San Marino
#SMR sounds and looks like something my best friend would love to be part of #Eurovision
San Marino was f*****g fabulous! Love #Eurovision
I'm pleasantly surprised with San Marino tonight, amazing performance ##Eurovision #EUROVISION #Eurovision2022
Omg San Marino was sooo gooddd! Achille is simply THAT man Love Vote 06 Love #EUROVISION
#SMR This seems like the "Hmm.. Maneskin won last year so.." band. Fun, though!#Eurovision
My votes went to my loves Achille Lauro and Cornelia Jakobs Love Love #Eurovision
If that doesn't qualify INCREDIBLE. I've died and gone to Achille heaven #Eurovision
Everyone vote san marino please cause I will study in rimini and you'd help me lots, thanks #Eurovision
#Eurovision San Marino was intriguing and fun! I really liked it!
Good lord that guitarist is absolutely gorgeous. #SMR #Eurovision
Starting my second viewing of the #Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final today, after watching the full show this afternoon! Go Ireland Malta Good luck all Finland Israel Serbia Azerbaijan Georgia Malta San Marino Australia Cyprus Ireland North Macedonia Estonia Romania Poland Montenegro Belgium Sweden Czech Re
Time for Achille I admit the song is not his best, but he's a great performer and I hope he qualifies #Eurovision
my favorites for today: finland israel serbia san marino australia my amount of favorites doubled from semi1 lmaoooo #Eurovision
Eurovision22 The bastard love child of Rocky Horror and Slade. Boys kissing. Topless men. Boys in cages. Now he's riding a bull. Really. This is great. I think this is now my favourite more than the yellow wolves. #Eurovision #SMR
Achille Lauro great show Love #Eurovision
I want #SMR outfit for Pride Love #Eurovision
Malta confused eurovision with american idol and San Marino thought it was a contest to see who could copy last years winner the best #Eurovision hello i'm here
I'm a fan of San Marino. Good song and very gay #EUROVISION
My favourites so far San Marino (fabulous), Malta and Georgia. Love Brooke but not mad about Irish song but based on what I have seen so far we have a fighting chance of getting through. Come on Brooke Ireland #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #BrookeScullion
Had to split my votes tonight, but the majority went to San Marino & Georgia Good luck to all contestants #EUROVISION
Laurin aani ei kylla nyt ihan auennut, tai lahtenyt, mutta hyva veto kuitenkin. Michael Ben David on Love , Georgian kukkaparta ja biisi oli catchy ja San Marino oli#Eurovision
Impressed by #SMR! It was a great show hahaha #Eurovision
#EUROVISION San Marino. Ummm. I- It wasn't good to summarize it. Good beat but the lyrics and moaning??? Isn't this a family friendly competition Anyways 4/10 (bonus for the lgbtq rep)
So Italy still get to show rock at Eurovision! That was wild, San Marino. Again, makes Finland look like failing to reach potential. Could be a shake up in my top 10 pre ESC. Australia over theatrical & quality voice. Song not to the same standard. #Eurovision #ESC2022
#ESC2022 I can't vote tonight, my country was in the first semi- finale, so y'all better get Achille, Sheldon and Cornelia to the grand final
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