Status: Eliminated
Artist: WRS
Song: Llamame
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @wrsandrei
Instagram: @wrsandrei
#ESC2022 Personal faves: France ( Love ), Spain Also really liked (hoping for them to be high): Ukraine, Serbia, Romania Several nice songs I also enjoyed: Portugal, Norway, Italy, Armenia, Azerbaijan
My favourite performances are always the middle favourites, because they're there, perform their best, and have the bestest fun... Case in point are Romania, Serbia, Estonia, Armenia. #esc2022 #eurovision #sbseurovision
My Eurovision 2022 Grand Final Top 7 Poland Spain UK United Kingdom Romania Belgium Italy Germany Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
#EUROVISION #EUROVISION2022 My top 5 lol UK Spain Romania Italy Ukraine Good luck everyone Spain United Kingdom Italy
So Happy to see Romania again in the grand final with this amazing song. #Eurovision
Wow I love how the crowd loves this one! #Eurovision #rou
So far, our judgements are: #czechrepublic Yes, great start, love it #romania He loves himself and they need to learn to do laundry without shrinking their clothes #portugal Great telephone music #Eurovision
Romania were AMAZING, I loved it, 10/10. Saucy salsa shirt man. Great. #Eurovision
After a day of spring/summer cleaning now to settle down for #Eurovision May the best song win Already loving song no 2 #Romania
I don't particularly like llamame but gives me goosebumps listening to the crowd singing along!!! This is what makes #Eurovision so great Love
if spain wins it'll be the most undeserved win ever literally not special nothing new we have this every year. i don't even hate her, she's cool, but how does this deserve a win next to ukraine, portugal, romania, serbia. songs with A LITTLE BIT of quality. #Eurovision
Romania, Finland or Moldova to win Love Special mentions: Belgium and Greece #Eurovision
So far I have loved all the best parties: France, Czech Republic, Romania and more heartful Portugal. Exciting times!#Eurovision
My top 5 songs so far #Eurovision that I will be voting for: 1. Moldova 2. Romania 3. Ukraine 4. Spain 5. Lithuania I hope my friends from those respective countries vote for UK Love @bbceurovision
My faves are Romania, France, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Moldova, UK, Poland and Estonia. So someone else will win, probably Norway Also, Mika Love Love Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision : AMAZING PERFORMANCES THIS YEAR,IMMA BE A BIT BIAST IN MY TOP 5 BECAUSE I AM ROMANIAN BUT MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU: 1. Romania :D 2.Estonia Love 3.Moldova 4.Australia ^_^ 5.United Kingdom
My favourite to win is #Romania followed by #UnitedKingdom Who's your fave? #Eurovision
#Eurovision This is my top 5: 1. Spain 2. UK - finally we get a good one 3. Sweden 4. Poland 5. Azerbaijan Bonus pick - Romania What's yours?
My top 5 1 Lithuania 2 Iceland 3 Spain 4 Romania 5 Greece What's your fav's @ivoryflame @iancunliffe @godwinafaith @gshawisme @Gnaes #Eurovision .. Moldavia to win though
First 8: Czech good, Portugal to win, Romania great, Switzerland boring, Norway cynical and boring, Armenia- love you but boring. #ESC2022
Romania #Eurovision ..I like this. Bit fun and sexy (did I just say that?).
Wrs elevating the energy in the arena. WOW. Well done !!! I knew he can do it #Eurovision
Ukraine's song was a banger, and the win was well-deserved, but I still feel sad for Norway and Moldova. And Romania and their amazing pants. #eurovision
ooohhh i loved romania's dancers and energy. i don't think they'll win but i did like them #Eurovision
Romania -- fun energy -- don't think he started with great energy, but he turned it UP by the end #Eurovision #EUROVISION2022 #GrandFinal
#EUROVISION #esc2022 United Kingdom UK last got 2nd in 1998 Spain last did this good in 1995 Ukraine now win 3 times Poland last did thisgood in 2016 Greece got 7th place in 2011 France last did this bad in 2015 Romania last qualify in 2017 Germany get last again
maybe is bold of me saying this but romania deserves top ten everyone is singing and vibing with him i love this #eurovision
8/10 not my taste... However the crowd loves it. It could win.. #Eurovision #ROU
Moje rozdanie pkt na #EUROVISION : 12p Hiszpania Spain 10p Ukraina Ukraine 8p Moldawia Moldova 7p Szwecja Sweden 6p UK United Kingdom 5p Rumunia Romania 4p Serbia 3p Estonia 2p Islandia Iceland 1p Australia Nie wpisywalem Polski Poland , bo na swoich glosowac nie mozna, ale wiadomo ze O
He is pretty fabulous, good stuff #ROU #Eurovision
It's just so catchy lmao #ROU #Eurovision
I know the rest of Europe loves an overwrought ballad but all my votes are going to the kind of old-school Euro summer banger you can imagine dancing badly to at your 1988 French exchange trip final night disco. Thank you, Romania! #Eurovision
My Top 10 with no special order bc I can't choose: Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Norway, Moldova, Italy, Australia, France, Spain , Finland AND HONORABLE MENTION TO LATVIA BECAUSE THEY DESERVED BETTER #Eurovision
#Eurovision #ESC2022 #ESC #MDA Most fun song this year and I love the message! Romania Moldova
#ROU was still fun tonight Love #Eurovision
Well up for the #Romania song. Sexy, catchy, and with hot backing dancers. Totally hitting all the buttons. #Eurovision
My top 5 faves: Lithuania Love Spain, UK, Estonian and Romania #Eurovision
Anyway, congratulations to Sam for pulling an absolute miracle for the U.K., and to Spain for showing Europe how to perform, and to Romania for representing the gay matadors. #eurovision
My favorites tonight: Czech Republic Romania France Norway Spain Belgium Greece Moldova Australia United Kingdom Serbia Voting for: France Norway Love Spain Australia Love United Kingdom #Eurovision
Very pleased to see Romania still trending in the UK. Good taste, people #Eurovision
Yay Moldova! One of my favorites ever! Proud to speak Romanian and actually understand the lyrics of a foreign language song. #Eurovision
I actually love Romania. Catchy. #Eurovision #Rom
Feck what happened to the dancers tops offstage?! Good catchy tune though. I like this #Romania #Eurovision
I think Ukraine will win. I liked Romania and Italy as they were LGBT-themed. Hope UK does well too. United Kingdom #EUROVISION
moj top 3, hotja jeto ne top, oni ravnoznachny dlja menja: ukraina Ukraine , litva Lithuania i rumynija Romania no ponravilis-, konechno, ochen- mnogie. est- eschjo god, chtoby rasslushivat- i otkryvat- jeti pesni Love #Eurovision
We're all watching the #Eurovision over here. Small son wants Romania ('because :chefs kiss:), Ukraine ('you know why Mummy'), Poland, Finland 'or the UK' to win. Right. That's that, then.
#ROU Romania : HOLA MI BEBEBE. What an earworm. Good to see Romania back in Grand final too #Eurovision
#EUROVISION My top votes are; Romania Portugal Norway Italy Ukraine Belgium Sweden UK The winner will come from this group.
#Eurovision Romania great summer tune !love it !
we love to see this kind of interest for romania at #Eurovision . WRS just revived the contest in our country I cant believe my eyes
A mi padre le ha gustado la cancion de Rumania sushsjsjs #Eurovision
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