Status: Eliminated
Artist: MARO
Song: Saudade Saudade
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @itsameeemaro
Instagram: @maro.musica
I'm so proud of Maro Love That was a beautiful moment Goodness #Eurovision
A beautiful song from #POR .. is it a winner? Maybe. Maybe not. The harmonies are sublime though #Eurovision
I'm loving this results, im so proud of MARO (!!!!!) and RTP. Such an amazing result on the jury, I reckon the televote will not be that great, but im already so proud #Eurovision
Portugal is not my style. Cute song but wayyy too slow for my liking. Seem like amazing and talented girls though #Eurovision
Wish the best to all other constestants ( aside Portugal because I'm portuguese) They all put an amazing show and each one has bring quality #Eurovision
I love this Portuguese entry. What a beautiful voice!! Really good start to the competition this year. #POR #EUROVISION
#Eurovision Portugal Portugal This song elevates our souls Congratulations @itsameeemaro &'gang' You did us proud Love #nomatterthefinalresult #Youareawinner
#POR just aren't getting enough Twitter love - something we should all, of course, aspire to. You are my winners, MARO! #Eurovision
Song 3 Portugal #POR Pleasant. Very Rey from Star Wars. Fascinated by her ears. Like the simple staging. Could grow on me. #Eurovision
#Eurovision #ESC2022 #Portugal Song is , catchy but also really emotional. I dont really know why but its really good!! 6.8/10 . Not my style of songs but its catchy af!
This performance is so adorable! It gives me friend group of introverts who give each other loving hugs vibes #Portugal #Eurovision
I find it really funny that Laura Pausini was really popular in Portugal when growing up but here no one knows who she is #EUROVISION
Portugal lovely. Won't win, but shows that flashy lights aren't always needed #Eurovision
clap and smile awkwardly In A circle! That'll win for sure!! #POR #Eurovision
#POR just aren't getting enough Twitter love, something we should really all aspire to. MARO, you are my winners! #Eurovision
Such a beautiful song. It sounds really good Portugal #Eurovision
Nothing says confidence like standing with your back to the audience and clapping to your little women empowerment circle #POR #Eurovision
Portugal was awesome. Love #Eurovision #ESC2022
BRAVO MAROOOOOOOOO Portugal Love #Eurovision #ESC2022
Saudade is a beautiful song and Maro has a beautiful voice I love this #Eurovision
I love Portugal bravo! MARO #eurovision
The divine feminine energy in Portugal's song is amazing #Eurovision
This is so beautiful I love it. #POR #Eurovision
Portugal! Great harmony! Feel good song! #esc2022
Portugal was amazing!! My dad loved it omg #eurovision
Portugal - Stunning song, stunning singer Love #Eurovision
MARO's voice is so beautiful. Such a lovely tone #Eurovision
Thank you Maro. That was wonderful. I'm sobbing. How dare they give her that horrible position. Portugal #Eurovision
MARO sang beautifully, never out of key, sensitive lyrics, beautiful atmosphere... VOTE #03 PORTUGAL Portugal #Eurovision #esc22
portugal is so amazing, gives me goosebumps!! #Eurovision
#Portugal this is a nice sweet gentle song and these gals would absolutely smash an open mic poetry night in a lesbian bar I just know it #Eurovision
#POR again, thanks thanks thanks for such a beautiful song! Gracias! #Eurovision
oh wow. Really like this straight away! GG Portugal! Very early favourite! #Eurovision
portugals song is so good, i love it #Eurovision #POR
Portugal q buenas toallas Love #Eurovision
Portugal MARO represents Portugal with the relaxed "Saudade, saudade" at #Eurovision 2022. Ahead of the contest former winner Salvador Sobral collaborated with her on her latest single:
Wow the Portuguese entry is beautiful #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
Oh dear Portugal. This isn't camp or fun enough. #Eurovision
#Eurovision #POR 12 Points for the beautiful unfiltered harmonies and simplicity that one can appreciate at any live show.
"A deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for something or someone that one cares for and/or loves" says it in a better way, but not one well suited to a Eurovision song #Eurovision #POR
#Portugal I don't hate Portuguese Billie Eilish but it's not filling me with #Eurovision joy
Has Portugal ever known happiness since Salvador S-word won? #ESC2022
i haven't even mentioned my country dhjgd but i'm super happy portugal is ranking so well i love our song this year #Eurovision
Good luck Maro #Eurovision
Portugal is a tad boring with this song. It's nice you know, would happily listen. Got a good vibe, but not bizarre enough #Eurovision
She may have been one of the first, but don't forget her! MARO STILL NEEDS YOU TO WIN THIS WHOLE FUCKING THING #Eurovision #MARO #Portugal
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