Status: Eliminated
Artist: Krystian Ochman
Song: River
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Ok if Poland win I just want to dob @Carlystar1 who is repeatedly clicking vote vote vote for Poland guy with sexy voice Come on #Poland #Eurovision All the best Spain. Norway Armenia and Lithuania Ps @Carlystar1 is now just voting for loads of other artists
Ok. Top 5 Italy Czech Republic Poland Sweden UK Not sure of order. Outsiders (to me) are Greece & France. #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision Soon the fun part......the comedy of the voting. Gotta love it. Mika is brilliant btw.
#ESC2022 I love Poland! Amazing song and greet performance! Bravo Poland Love from Greece!
#esc2022 #Eurovision Even if Poland won't officialy win this year, Krystian will still be a winner in our hearts Love
Norway, Moldova, Belgium are my top 3; Iceland and Serbia are alright; Australia wins "best of the ballads" award, Poland wins "best vocals" #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Esc2022 Mon top ( Hors France Love ) Republique Tcheque Norvege Azerbaijan Australie Pologne Pays-Bas ... Good Luck Vive la France #06 et la Bretagne @alvan_music @ahezmusic
Okay I actually loved Poland's entry, probably my favourite song from this year though it's not winning material #Eurovision
My Eurovision 2022 Grand Final Top 7 Poland Spain UK United Kingdom Romania Belgium Italy Germany Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
Me and all my friends and relatives from Ukraine voted for Poland. Thank you guys! For your GREAT HELP! #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #Ukraine #Poland
Ok so Ukraine are going to win (my 4th place), but if Moldova, Poland, Norway and the UK can all get in the top ten I'll be very happy. #Eurovision
Man. I do not envy those who actually get to vote for their faves in #EUROVISION because I have so many faves! I think my top 2 though are Poland and Greece Greece. Soooo many talented artists! Love @JohnnyGWeir @peacockTV #ESC2022
The Polish judge at #Eurovision was so lovely Thank you so much, Poland, you keep being the best friend one can ask for!
Really enjoying the Poland performance! His voice is so beautiful. I love the sparkly collar instead of a tie #Eurovision
So Poland made the finals, after all (as you can tell, I take little interest in this annual spectacle). That was in the top 3 for me. Great song and great vocal range. Loved it. #Eurovision #Polska
My faves are Romania, France, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Moldova, UK, Poland and Estonia. So someone else will win, probably Norway Also, Mika Love Love Love #Eurovision
Ukraine , Finland , Poland , Moldova good luck Love #Eurovision #EUROVISION
Best vocal ever!!! Ochman #23 vote please to win for the first time in history #Eurovision #ESC2022
Let's pray for Poland's first win at #Eurovision tonight Love
My 3rd favourite #POL really nice melody, good vocals #Eurovision
Who's watching #Eurovision 2022 Grand Final? This is my Top 10 Prediction: Portugal Norway Italy Spain Greece Sweden UK Poland Serbia This is my Winner Prediction: Ukraine @Eurovision
#Eurovision This is my top 5: 1. Spain 2. UK - finally we get a good one 3. Sweden 4. Poland 5. Azerbaijan Bonus pick - Romania What's yours?
Poland a earnest and rather haunting Ballard delivered with some sincerity by the solo male vocalist. Can see this song finding the top ten #Eurovision #pol
So I'm thinking #Spain or #Poland will win this year. #Moldova was fun too! The rest #Eurovision
How will the UK vote? Sweden was good. Finland and Moldova will get a lot. The Polish population will ensure a few votes go their way. The wild card though is Spain. We're a simple island, so no doubt their singer flashing her rear end for 3 minutes will win votes. #Eurovision
Our sofa jury independently marked each act and we came up with the same top five UK Poland Australia Greece Ukraine One of them will win. (Though Portugal was my fave) #Eurovision2022
I won't watch Eurovision Song Contest next year. Ukrainian song was something special but not enough to win the whole competition. Congrats Ochman! #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
#EUROVISION #esc2022 United Kingdom UK last got 2nd in 1998 Spain last did this good in 1995 Ukraine now win 3 times Poland last did thisgood in 2016 Greece got 7th place in 2011 France last did this bad in 2015 Romania last qualify in 2017 Germany get last again
Moldova France Ukraine The Netherlands Portugal Australia Poland Definitely my favourites of tonight but still love so many other songs too. Strong final for the most part. #Eurovision
poland is so beautiful i love this so much #POL #EUROVISION
Send a jury bait ballad to #Eurovision, that's what you get, I guess...? Sheldon was excellent though. He should be proud, and he was much better than Azerbaijan and Poland.
My Top 10 without United Kingdom (Obvs I want Sam to win): 12 Sweden 10 Italy 8 Ukraine 7 Spain 6 Australia 5 Greece 4 Poland 3 Azerbaijan 2 The Netherlands 1 Estonia #Eurovision
My top 5 in no particular order: France, Netherlands, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland. Obviously, I want Belgium to win though. #Eurovision
I am supporting U.K Poland Sweden Tonight Good Luck All Participants United Kingdom Poland Sweden #Eurovision #UK
That was beautiful Krystian! No matter the results we are so proud this year! #Eurovision
Poland for the win! Love #Eurovision
Genuinely love this too from Poland, his vocals are fantastic #Eurovision
Thank you #Eurovision to what countries I will be supporting when I head to Europe #Ukraine #Poland #Latvia #Moldova and the ones which I will not. The countries that need the most support! I already kind of live in the U.K anyways. hahah Germany Is a NOPE.
I will say my personal fave would go to Poland though this year but Ukraine would be second & due to both This Year AND the whole thing being more Eurovisiony, of COURSE, I desire #Ukraine to win! And I'd go #Poland number 2 & then whatever you like I guess!!! #Eurovision
#Eurovision final! Good luck to everyone and my country, too Poland
MI TOP 10 #Eurovision 1. Australia 2. Espana 3. Finlandia 4. Armenia 5. Rumania 6. Suecia 7. Alemania 8. Polonia 9. Reino Unido 10. Azerbaijan Lo siento chanel teamo pero australia makes me cry
So sweet! Ukraine gave UK 12 points to Britain as did err Germany! The UK is leading the league table right now... When did Britai last win? The 1970s?...#Eurovision is going well for us! Poland gave Ukraine 12 points.
Hermoso man Hermosa voz Genial presentacion Love Love Love #Eurovision #POL
Poland takes us to song 14. Ochman is the most recent winner of The Voice and is singing River. The talented singer has brought Poland to their first #Eurovision final since 2017:
We are just too good for the whole Eurovision song. Krystian is too talented and people feel sorry for the dupe so that Poland can win. There is no other explanation #Eurovision
#Eurovision #POL usually this genre is not that good, but he has such a great voice, it's very good
Poland are sending a song about being so overwhelmed with emotions that you just want to go sit in a river for a while. His voice is incredible but he just seems like such a boring dry guy, I just get no sincerity here, it's so hard to like #eurovision
We're all watching the #Eurovision over here. Small son wants Romania ('because :chefs kiss:), Ukraine ('you know why Mummy'), Poland, Finland 'or the UK' to win. Right. That's that, then.
Ukraine Germany Lithuania Azerbaijan Belgium Greece Iceland Moldova Sweden Australia United Kingdom Poland Serbia Estonia #UKR for the Win. #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #Peace
Another stunning voice. This time it's Poland's Ochman. Loving this. #POL #Eurovision
Good luck to everyone tonight keeping my fingers crossed for Poland United Kingdom Italy #Eurovision
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