Status: Eliminated
Artist: Subwoolfer
Song: Give That Wolf A Banana
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @Subwoolferband
Instagram: @Subwoolfer
Love Moldova for the best round true fun upbeat song, Ukraine for the beat, originality and emotion, Norway for class and joy, UK for a hit song & vocals #Eurovision2022
Superb result for Ukraine tonight. Great performance. Slava Ukraini Utterly amazing result for United Kingdom , Sam did us proud. Norway Moldova you won my #Eurovision2022 #eurovision
My fav songs: #Eurovision 1. United Kingdom 2. Australia (I would be surprised if #Australia wins though because it's not based in EUR). The following countries have a good chance to win.Ukraine might win with the protest votes, it is not my fav song but had a good energy. Norway Italy S
Ok if Poland win I just want to dob @Carlystar1 who is repeatedly clicking vote vote vote for Poland guy with sexy voice Come on #Poland #Eurovision All the best Spain. Norway Armenia and Lithuania Ps @Carlystar1 is now just voting for loads of other artists
Wow you can hear the crowd in the arena in Turin LOUDLY singing along with this song. Subwoofler Give that Wolf a Banana is catchy but I dont think it's good enough as a song to win it all. It reminds me of Russia "Uno" bit. #NOR #ESC2022 #Eurovision
meine #esc2022 votes: Norwegen (weil funny) Armenien (weil catchy), Niederlande (weil nice auch wenn depri), Ukraine (weil perfekte mischung aus kultur und modern), Litauen (weil iconic), Moldawien (weil sehr funny), GB (weil sympathisch)
The Wolf Banana song is just so fucking GOOOOOOOOOd. hahaha Love it! Good fun, thank you Norway! #NOR #Eurovision
My summary: #Lithuania is the best song #Moldova is the most fun #Norway is the most deranged All of these are valid justifications for voting, but #Ukraine will win anyway and why not. #EUROVISION
#ESC2022 Personal faves: France ( Love ), Spain Also really liked (hoping for them to be high): Ukraine, Serbia, Romania Several nice songs I also enjoyed: Portugal, Norway, Italy, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Norway, Moldova, Belgium are my top 3; Iceland and Serbia are alright; Australia wins "best of the ballads" award, Poland wins "best vocals" #Eurovision
I liked France's goth rave, Moldova and Norway for standing out from the crowd, but have forgotten every single ballad already, though the British guy is a great singer. Would be nice to see Ukraine win though #Eurovision
anyone of my fellow #Eurofans also #AnimalCrossing players? My island rep is routing for my top three: Norway Finland Sweden wearing the perfect @Subwoolferband stan outfit! Good Luck Everyone! #Eurovision
Loved Finland's energy Norway's absurdity wonderful Netherlands ballad touching But for folk-rap fun all Ukraine #Eurovision
Well Ukraine (obviously!) Norway (Grandmas, bananas and wolves - what's not to like?) Switzerland, Germany and Azerbaijan (great talented boys with nice songs) Moldova (utter madness and catchy and kids will love it) #Eurovision
Loving Eurovision. My fav Norway and Netherlands. Australia, iceland and Portugal pretty damn great too ngl. Lotta great songs this year. Can't figure out who would win. #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Esc2022 Mon top ( Hors France Love ) Republique Tcheque Norvege Azerbaijan Australie Pologne Pays-Bas ... Good Luck Vive la France #06 et la Bretagne @alvan_music @ahezmusic
Even if Norway doesn't win, they get the award for the most #Eurovision performance. Love HEIA NORGE!
#Eurovision norway should win before Ukraine they were more catchy lol
Norway 4.75 I have no idea what I just watched. I have no idea what I just listened to However the song was catchy, the dancing was amazing, the outfits were ridicoulous. I loved it! #Eurovision
not gonna lie i won't be surprised at all if norway actually wins, it's so weird fun and catchy #Eurovision
Tonight's #EUROVISION has been fantastic !!! Our lad @SamRyderMusic was brilliant . Unable to vote for our own act, so #Subwoolfer had our vote instead.... Please don't be too political Europe .
Finland Moldova (OMG YES, THE JOY THIS GIVES ME, probably below UKR or ITA but MY LIST) UK (WOW WE WERE ACTUALLY GOOD THIS TIME DON'T HAVE TO LIE - still biased tho) Ukraine Serbia (Song could have more, but damn that performance) Italy Greece Norway ... #Eurovision2022
Couldn't help my foot tapping to Finland's 70s glam rock entry, Norway's Give the Wolf Who Ate Grandma a Banana was also a contender & I thought the UK was the best for ages but I suppose Ukraine will win. #Eurovision
i love norway so much! this performance was so funny aaand they sounded soooo good! #Eurovision
Norway deserved waaaay better and with this i am done watching #Eurovision good night everyone cuz we've known all along who was going to win this
I'm not a fan of Norway's song but you can't deny that it's so much fun. Visually stunning too! #ESC2022
NORWAY neeeds to win! Truly incredible. #nor #Eurovision
Norway have got to win that is absolutely sensational. GIVE THAT WOLF A BANANA Norway #Norway #Eurovision
My faves are Norway ,Germany, Moldova and UK and would love Sam to win for the uk!!! #Eurovision
So i would say my top 5 picks are norway, france, portugal, spain and ofc ukraine. But i also would be happy with the uk winning #Eurovision
Ok so Ukraine are going to win (my 4th place), but if Moldova, Poland, Norway and the UK can all get in the top ten I'll be very happy. #Eurovision
My vote goes to Finland but I've loved The Rasmus for years so it's a no brainer! I quite liked Ukraine and Spain too! Norway was catchy, but I ain't feeding no bananas to any Wolves #Eurovision
SUBWOOLFERS FTW!!!!! good luck you guys!!! #Eurovision #Subwoolfer @Subwoolferband
I know it's not about the best song but that Sweden tune is massive!! Rooting for Serbia, Moldova and Norway, obviously. Been a Rasmus fan for 20 years so hope Finland does well. UK surprisingly innocent this year! #EUROVISION
NORWAAAY! The way you make me smile ASDFGHJKL Love #Eurovision Big fan.
Who's watching #Eurovision 2022 Grand Final? This is my Top 10 Prediction: Portugal Norway Italy Spain Greece Sweden UK Poland Serbia This is my Winner Prediction: Ukraine @Eurovision
Sentimentalists: We should really let Ukraine win Eurovision. Love Norway: *writes an absolute banger about giving bananas to wolves* #nor #Eurovision #EurovisionPowerZone2022
#Eurovision clearly has good taste - watching with the kids who are impressed that Norway named a wolf after their Grampy, the legend Keith Tideswell
Yes! give that wolf a #Eurovision surely the winner if we're being fair and not giving pity votes? #Nor for the win!
It's #Eurovision final night but - due to some excessive #KinnPorscheEP6 feels earlier - I'm only catching up with the show now. My top fun and fabulous (as Eurovision always should be!!) song picks are #Norway, #Ukraine and (surprisingly) #Moldova.
My faves are Romania, France, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Moldova, UK, Poland and Estonia. So someone else will win, probably Norway Also, Mika Love Love Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision Norway winning would be so iconic. Like I WOULD be proud. SLAY
My #Eurovision top 5: 1. France 2. Germany 3. Ukraine 4. Moldova 5. Finland With some love for the UK entry for actually being decent this year Husband's fave is Norway
Norway, France, Moldova, and Ukraine are my favourites. Normally my favourites don't win but this time one of them might be in with a chance... #Eurovision
I'm scared to say anything she'll start again good evening @bbceurovision ! #Eurovision Good luck to @SamRyderMusic ENJOY IT mate. My vote tonight goes to #Norway
Don't judge me for this tweet Norway, Spain, Armenia, Moldova and Sweden were all great on #EUROVISION Also, Mika's performance was phenomenal!
I unironically really want Norway and Moldova to do well. Their numbers are just soooo much fun and such a breath of fresh air from all the stress God I'm glad Eurovision is back #Eurovision
UK top of the leaderboard?? We normally get 3 points!#Eurovision Great show - loved Ukraine, Norway ( give the wolf a banana!!), Switzerland, Armenia and Belgium.
If that doesn't win it I'll be so surprised. Norway's is brilliant XD #Eurovision
So our picks (me and the lovely @JP2RIC ) are Norway (bananas), France (hybrid genre), Lithuania (disco Liza), Moldova (Rednex), Sweden (epic pop) and UK (Jesus) #Eurovision
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