Status: Eliminated
Artist: Subwoolfer
Song: Give That Wolf A Banana
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @Subwoolferband
Instagram: @Subwoolfer
Wow you can hear the crowd in the arena in Turin LOUDLY singing along with this song. Subwoofler Give that Wolf a Banana is catchy but I dont think it's good enough as a song to win it all. It reminds me of Russia "Uno" bit. #NOR #ESC2022 #Eurovision
The Wolf Banana song is just so fucking GOOOOOOOOOd. hahaha Love it! Good fun, thank you Norway! #NOR #Eurovision
Even if Norway doesn't win, they get the award for the most #Eurovision performance. Love HEIA NORGE!
Norway 4.75 I have no idea what I just watched. I have no idea what I just listened to However the song was catchy, the dancing was amazing, the outfits were ridicoulous. I loved it! #Eurovision
not gonna lie i won't be surprised at all if norway actually wins, it's so weird fun and catchy #Eurovision
i love norway so much! this performance was so funny aaand they sounded soooo good! #Eurovision
#Eurovision Norway winning would be so iconic. Like I WOULD be proud. SLAY
Norway deserved waaaay better and with this i am done watching #Eurovision good night everyone cuz we've known all along who was going to win this
NORWAY neeeds to win! Truly incredible. #nor #Eurovision
Norway have got to win that is absolutely sensational. GIVE THAT WOLF A BANANA Norway #Norway #Eurovision
SUBWOOLFERS FTW!!!!! good luck you guys!!! #Eurovision #Subwoolfer @Subwoolferband
NORWAAAY! The way you make me smile ASDFGHJKL Love #Eurovision Big fan.
#Eurovision clearly has good taste - watching with the kids who are impressed that Norway named a wolf after their Grampy, the legend Keith Tideswell
Yes! give that wolf a #Eurovision surely the winner if we're being fair and not giving pity votes? #Nor for the win!
The only real winner of #Eurovision is the wolves, because if Norway don't win, all the grandma's will be eaten because nowhere will be able to afford to buy all the bananas to keep the wolves away from your grandma....
I love that #Norway is raising awareness for such an important topic, that is still not talked about enough. Like, i finally know, that i have to give that wolf a banana before it eats my grandma. Thank you. #ESC2022 #Eurovision
Norway deserved better, my faves literally, gave me so much happiness #Eurovision
Norway deserves to win everything, not just #Eurovision. That was a masterpiece.
If that doesn't win it I'll be so surprised. Norway's is brilliant XD #Eurovision
I'm not a fan of Norway's song but you can't deny that it's so much fun. Visually stunning too! #ESC2022
"And before that wolf eats my grandma give that wolf a banana." YUM YUM YUM! This thing is damn catchy. And funny! #Eurovision
Catchy song from #nor the wierd and wonderful #Eurovision
I know it won't win but I love Norway #Eurovision
#Eurovision2022 #Eurovision Norway to win, it was actually good
Norway for the win, that song was catchy #Eurovision
Pete has spoken! #nor for the win! #Eurovision Love
Ok so I love norway's song lol #Eurovision
Love my wolves from Norway they did GREAT #Eurovision
Yes Norway love it, the #Eurovision content I'm here for
#Eurovision norway banana republic, good luck!
Right, I love #Norway in the #Eurovision Catchy!
Norway is HILARIOUS, I just love the vibe. #Eurovision
"Before that wolf eats my grandma, give that wolf a banana" #Eurovision seems like good solid advice, Norway.
Norway better win this or I'm gonna flip a table #Eurovision #Nor #givethatwolfabanana
V excited for this one, the song title is mental and have good mates who are Norwegian #Eurovision let's see!
#Eurovision Norway - 1/10. Dear god who thought this was a good idea! The whole thing is incredibly annoying to me and is the novelty act this year
God help us all. Norway are going to win #Eurovision
Norway for the win #Eurovision2022 Rooting for this weirdness
#Norway definitely winning the prize for the most whacky. #Eurovision2022.
I'm glad Pup Play is finally being represented at #Eurovision Suit guys and twink bottoms everywhere love it. #NOR Norway
Listen Norway to win or it's a fix thank u xx #Eurovision
Norway is the strongest winning song for me so far! #Eurovision #EurovisionSongContest
The best track on #Eurovision so far #Norway great lyrics.
Is it the year for a novelty winner? #NOR #Eurovision
So many great choices! I'm leaning toward #Norway , but I have many favorites tonight. @Eurovision #ESC2022 #ESCita #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
well fucking done Norway omfg yes #Eurovision
We have a winner! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Norway! #EUROVISION #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #NOR
I believe Norway will get the biggest audience vote, but won't win. It's 2019 all over again. #Eurovision
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