North Macedonia

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Andrea
Song: Circles
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
whatever happens i am just so proud of brooke and andrea. whether they qualifies or don't qualify i will always love that's rich and circles and i'm so happy esc to two artists i will be following for the rest of their career Love Ireland North Macedonia #eurovision
OH wow North Macedonia. Not bad. Really enjoying it and her voice. Woow Love #Eurovision
Soy fan de Macedonia, que gran cancion Love #Eurovision #EuroSemi2 #EurovisionRTVE #EUROVISION #Macedonia for the win!
#CzechRepublic was epic #EUROVISION also loved #northmacedonia and #Estonia is growing on me
#MKD is really good, a grower, liked it more and more a it went on and nice cardigan with the boots #NorthMacedonia #Eurovision
I love North Macedonia so much but it will be a miracle if this qualifies #Eurovision
what a beautiful voice andrea has Love #Eurovision
You can hear the consisty of her voice live. She has such a beautiful voice. I love Andrea Love Love #Eurovision
Benim finale gider dedigim ulkeler, Can Azerbaijan Love Malta S.Cyprus Ireland N.Macedonia North Macedonia Love Estonia kesin Poland Belgium yeaaah Czech Republic nice Israel olabilir #Eurovision
Wow, North Macedonia is good! #MKD #Eurovision
these are the countries i think will qualify for the grand finale: Serbia Australia North Macedonia Azerbaijan Finland San Marino Romania Poland Belgium Sweden the second semifinal was WAY better. #ESC2022 #Eurovision2022
Andrea did all she can with this song and the staging. I hope she is proud of this performance because she was outstanding #Eurovision
I would have loved it Andrea rapped the verses because I know she has that in her locker. It's a decent chorus and she performed it well. This may, may just about sneak into the top 10 in this semi. #NorthMacedonia #Eurovision
Andrea has done you proud #Macedonia A great performance & an artist to cherish. Look after her. #Eurovision #MKD
Love North Macedonia @andrea_music20 You were amazing - well done! #eurovision
North Macedonia wow, that was a great performance #Eurovision
Andrea was incredible!! Proud Macedonia stan rn. North Macedonia North Macedonia North Macedonia North Macedonia North Macedonia #Eurovision
North Macedonia is beautiful help #Eurovision
My Top 5: 1. Ivory Coast Ireland (That's Rich - Brooke) 2. Cyprus (Ela - Andromache) 3. North Macedonia (Circles - Andrea) 4. Malta (I Am What I Am - Emma Muscat) 5. Czech Republic (Lights off - We Are Domi) (i'm a brooke defender/simp and a chanel simp) #EUROVISION
I think her dress is very cute. The song was amazing !!! #Eurovision #NorthMacedonia
Starting my second viewing of the #Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final today, after watching the full show this afternoon! Go Ireland Malta Good luck all Finland Israel Serbia Azerbaijan Georgia Malta San Marino Australia Cyprus Ireland North Macedonia Estonia Romania Poland Montenegro Belgium Sweden Czech Re
North Macedonia's song is nice but I wish they had a better vocalist #Eurovision
Actually Andrea is doing fucking amazing?!?! Didn't expect this, very positively surprised!! North Macedonia #Eurovision
Good luck to #georgia #sweden and #northmacedonia #Eurovision2022 #EUROVISION
Given the amount of people expecting North Macedonia to NQ then I am fully ready to see it qualify which is nice #Eurovision
Bueno, mi top de la 2 semi de #ESC2022: 1. Suecia 2. Serbia 3. Australia 4. Rumania 5. Chipre 6. Irlanda 7. Republica Checa 8. Finlandia 9. Georgia 10. Malta 11. Azerbaiyan 12. Israel 13. Montenegro 14. Polonia 15. Estonia 16. Belgica 17. San Marino 18. Macedonia
Andrea is such a good singer and a fun personality... it's a damn shame about the song #Eurovision
Good evening Europe ! My top 10 for @Eurovision Second Semi-Final (in running order): Finland Israel Malta Australia Cyprus North Macedonia Estonia Poland Montenegro Sweden #ESC2022
There is a quality about North Macedonia's voice that. really love #Eurovision
Really awesome how Andrea was able to fill the stage by herself! She's so cool #Eurovision
Ahhh I really want Andrea to do well. When I saw her live at LEP she was fantastic #Eurovision
North Macedonia inicia cantando que "I just want a healthy conversation" con una base que bien podria ser del Usher de los early '00. Nadie ha filtrado esto antes? #EUROVISION
Que bien lo has hecho @andrea_music20 Love Love Love Love Love you are my number one !!! (our @patricerro thinks the same) #Eurovision
Budget dell'esibizione della Macedonia del Nord: un Kinder Bueno #Eurovision
Israel Georgia Belgium Australia Poland Malta : no me gustan nada Azerbaijan Montenegro Romania : Bien pero no creo q pasen North Macedonia Estonia : mucho mejor de lo que me esperaba San Marino Finland : muy buenas Ireland Czech Republic Cyprus Serbia : Buenisimas a la final Sweden : CONFETI
La muchacha de Macedonia Norte tiene buena voz, pero el tema no me ha encantado, igualmente muy bien interpretada #Eurovision
ah yes i love circles Love #Eurovision
Fuck! This SF is amazing. #MKD this is beautiful #circles #Eurovision
Ok #NorthMacedonia I see youuuu girl! That song is amaziiing! #Eurovision
Macedonia wow serio druga super piosenka #Eurovision
andrea queen let's go Love #Eurovision
#northmacedonia #MKD entering a good if somewhat melancholy song. Oh she can sing! Strong for the jury vote #EUROVISION
bravo andrea, mnogu priatno me iznenadi! #Eurovision
super izvede andrea inaku, pesnata e meh, ama bravo za nastapot, ne n izbruka barem #Eurovision #ESC2022 #evrovizia2022
Trying to rhyme the 'circles' refrain with 'you don't want to test my limits' Yeah they're circles, there are no corners love #mkd #Eurovision
bravo andrea! #Eurovision
Molto bella questa canzone della Macedonia del Nord!! Wow! #Eurovision #ESCita
La Macedonia del Nord, gran figa e pure brava Love #Eurovision #ESCita
Andrea has such a beautiful voice! #Eurovision
North Macedonia, you are very cool. Love the vibes. #Eurovision
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