Status: Eliminated
Artist: S10
Song: De Diepte
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Instagram: @s10s10xx
Favourite was Mika tbh. Loved the sweetness of Armenia, the elegance and singalongability of the Netherlands. Really proud a Celtic language was sung by FRA, and UKR was haunting. Have fallen in love with Lithuania. Unashamed that I loved UK. Moldova was fun #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Netherlands #NED I actually really loved that song, and her voice was beautiful! Lovely melody, great vibe. I don't usually like when they stay in one place the whole time though. Ballads can be exciting too. 7/10
meine #esc2022 votes: Norwegen (weil funny) Armenien (weil catchy), Niederlande (weil nice auch wenn depri), Ukraine (weil perfekte mischung aus kultur und modern), Litauen (weil iconic), Moldawien (weil sehr funny), GB (weil sympathisch)
s10 my love you did amazing i am SO PROUD of you and the message you are bringing. younger me would've also gotten so much strength out of your song #Eurovision
A sympathy vote from the public wins #EurovisionSongContest 2022 for #Ukraine welldone #SamRyder for the UK United Kingdom #S10 you did amazing for The Netherlands
Loved Finland's energy Norway's absurdity wonderful Netherlands ballad touching But for folk-rap fun all Ukraine #Eurovision
I ain't liking she's well fun at parties......that's a joke.....I best she ain't fun at parties, pubs, shopping, on a bouncy castle....list is endless #Eurovision
Loving Eurovision. My fav Norway and Netherlands. Australia, iceland and Portugal pretty damn great too ngl. Lotta great songs this year. Can't figure out who would win. #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Esc2022 Mon top ( Hors France Love ) Republique Tcheque Norvege Azerbaijan Australie Pologne Pays-Bas ... Good Luck Vive la France #06 et la Bretagne @alvan_music @ahezmusic
S10 was AMAZING! My winner without a doubt Love The Netherlands #NED #Eurovision
S10 is sooooo beautiful ughh, hope she wins favorite of this year #Eurovision
Yes to a song in Dutch!! Always love when they sing in their native language. Not a fan of ballads but the song is very good tbh! I like the minimalistic performance too! #ESC2022
ok here's my #Eurovision top 5: Portugal is gorgeously simple, intimate, and beautiful The Netherlands requires no Dutch skills to get the feelings Italy was off on stage but I adore Mahmood and this song endlessly
Done a Eurovision running order winner stats graph: Since 2000 you want to be in the 2nd half of the running order to win. Median winner is 71% through the show (this year: Iceland) but peaks are seen at 45% (this year: Netherlands) and 85% (this year: Australia ) #Eurovision
Top 5: 1. Nederland The Netherlands Love 2. Spanje 3. Zwitserland 4. Australie 4. Verenigd Koninkrijk #eurovision Maar zoooooo zijn er nog best veel goeie acts!
Quite liked #ned, not gonna win, like, but nice little tune #eurovision
Again, this is just nice. She has a good voice. It's not a winner though is it? Lana Del Vague. #Eurovision #ned
Ukraine has a very good song, but the Netherlands deserved the win. #Eurovision
No Arcade n2 isn't going to win! #NED #Eurovision #ESC2022 (i like it but not as a winner)
Faves: Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Serbia #Eurovision One of them better win
Netherlands is just beautiful Love #Eurovision
Netherlands, simply stunning Love #Eurovision
Still so fucking proud of S10. Goosebumps. Genuinely wish I could vote for her and I never wanted to be able to vote for our own act before. #NED #Eurovision
#Eurovision The Netherlands - 7/10. The song itself is quite good, apart from the 'ooh aaah' which I'm really not a big fan of.
Moldova France Ukraine The Netherlands Portugal Australia Poland Definitely my favourites of tonight but still love so many other songs too. Strong final for the most part. #Eurovision
"Where'd ya get ya shampoo, babe? Not Pantene, I'm guessing!" #Eurovision #BBCEurovision Good song, #Netherlands! Me liked-y! The Netherlands Friend: Oh, not another whaling one!
Still, imagine the Dutch The Netherlands winning an F1 WDC and a #Eurovision in the space of 6 months lol
My Top 10 without United Kingdom (Obvs I want Sam to win): 12 Sweden 10 Italy 8 Ukraine 7 Spain 6 Australia 5 Greece 4 Poland 3 Azerbaijan 2 The Netherlands 1 Estonia #Eurovision
My top 5 in no particular order: France, Netherlands, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland. Obviously, I want Belgium to win though. #Eurovision
the dutch entry is so beautiful no matter the outcome, s10 should be proud of herself #Eurovision #ESC2022
The Netherlands! I really love when artists sing in their own language and S10 (Stien) brings this really beautiful ballad in Dutch. #Eurovision
11.Great to hear a song in Dutch. Another nice song well sung but won't win. It does build as it goes on. #Eurovision
The #NED entry is good - but not a #Eurovision winner.
loved so many songs this year but The Netherlands have my heart Love #Eurovision
Kind of pleasant from the Netherlands, but not very interesting. #Eurovision
The Netherlands was amazing #Eurovision Love Love
I appreciate that the Dutch finally sent something in Dutch and it's beautiful. #Eurovision #NED
Nope, still prefer Netherlands song, but still good nonethless. Staging is lovely and simple - 5/10 #GER #Eurovision
the netherlands is such a good song and i love her voice fr! #eurovision
For those interested, I'd like Ukraine, Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, Sweden and UK to win #Eurovision
Se la giocano palesemente per me Ucraina e Azerbaijan, Ucraina per la situazione geopolitica mentre l'Azerbaijian perche e il piu bravo. Norvegia, serbia e paesi bassi in top 5. #Eurovision
#NED sounds better than the semi-final, but it's not enough to win this year (or any year TBH) #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
#Ukraine will win naturally, but #Moldova , #Netherlands and #Sweden in my top #EUROVISION
S10 I love you. You give me goosebumps! #ned #Eurovision
#Eurovision #NED really liked that song, possibly not what we want from this but it was nice
Norway. Ukraine. Moldova .Portugal. Armenia. Netherlands. These are my favourites, which means none of them will win anything. #Eurovision
slava ukraina ! Ukraine Pebezh genaoueg Bro-C'hall ! France Well done UK ! United Kingdom Muy Bien Espana ! Spain Proficiat Nederland ! The Netherlands Bravo la Belgique francophone ! Belgium Well done Australia ! United Kingdom Til hamingju Island ! Iceland Grattis till Sverige ! Swede
De Diepte is such a beautiful song. Hope it ends in top 5 #Eurovision
Muy bien S10, no gana pero tiene uno de los grandisimos temazos de la edicion Love #eurovision
Right, Who I want to win: Sweden Sweden , Netherlands The Netherlands or Germany Who I think will win (possibly with a new record): Ukraine #Eurovision
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