Status: Eliminated
Artist: Vladana
Song: Breathe
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
I'm crying! Wow! So beautiful! Thank you Montenegro #Eurovision
Honestly Montenegro are very lucky that the Barbara Dex award doesn't exist anymore cause this would've won #EUROVISION
Vladana and Montenegro can be very, very proud. The performance was heartfelt and beautiful. #Eurovision
#Eurovision Montenegro - 3/10. It's very soft and almost like a lullaby. I know that's been popular before but to me it just isn't that exciting for a ballad
#Montenegro #MNE - What a beautiful dress & a strong voice she has! The circle behind her is very effective too! #Eurovision @Eurovision @bbceurovision
Another nice song from #MNE (nice is me damning with faint praise?)... #Eurovision
Montenegro: another song that may have sounded better if sung in another language: the English lyrics don't do it any favours. Can't fault her emotional effort but not sure that will be enough. #Eurovision
This performance could be so good. Like her vocal is on point and everything but I think a bigger dress and bigger movements would elevate this big time. #MNE #Eurovision
Bravo Vladana!!!! Love #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision
BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love #Eurovision
Bravo Vladana! Love Love Love #MNE #Eurovision
Passionate and beautiful performance from Vladana from Montenegro. Felt the intensity #Eurovision
MONTENEGRO: Jum, no me ha convencido, no soy muy fan de las PE que se basan en quedarse de pie. Ademas se le han ido un par de notas y ha sido demasiada intensa para mi gusto. En semis esta bien. #Eurovision #EurovisionRTVE #EuroSemi2
I'll be honest, I feel like this one is a mixed bag for me. Great vocals, love the costume, but something isn't quite clicking. #Eurovision #MNE
Montenegro, beautiful song! Great job, neighbours! #EUROVISION #ESC2022
E pa bravo Vladana, na izvodenju i emociji, ne da nisi obrukala no osvijetlala obraz! Love Love #Montenegro #EUROVISION
MONTENEGRO: Whatever Vladana's wearing on her back is impressive and allows for some nice little lighting effects, but equally I think the fact that she can't seem to move in it mutes the impact of the song. #Eurovision #ESC2022
I'd still love Montenegro to make it, this is one of their best ever entries it's just a shame this semi is so strong #Eurovision
I want Montenegro's dress!! Stunning Queen of the Night! #mne #Eurovision2022 #Eurovison
Lo de las casas de apuestas en #EUROVISION nunca lo he entendido bien. Como una buena cancion y puesta en escena como #Montenegro la ponen ultima. No esta como para el TOP 5, pero ni de cona para ser ultima. Esto es un poco timo no? #EurovisionRTVE
Amazing voice but that's kind of it for me Montenegro #Eurovision
Vladana will qualify Montenegro Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love please #Eurovision2022
#Eurovision Best Outfit Award geht dann an #Montenegro dieses Jahr. Sie ist einfach ein Diamanten Pfau
For anyone who doesn't know, #Montenegro's song is a tribute to Vladana's mother who passed away because of COVID. A beautiful song and I am so proud of Vladana #EUROVISION
your mother would be so proud of you, Vladana. this was so beautiful #EUROVISION
Happy to have Montenegro back at Eurovision. They have some of the best balkan ballads #eurovision
Montenegro was so good her voice is so powerful i want her in the final #Eurovision2022
I would like to learn more about the incredible satellite dish frocks of Montenegro also. Who will fund the necessary research into #EUROVISION clothing?
#MNE better get good 5G signal with that dress #EUROVISION
Montenegro OUTFIT = Light up Titties on a ball gown. PRODUCTION = I mean, I like the colour blue. VOCALS = Not quite There could be miracles, if you believe and a tiny bit shouty. #Eurovision2022
PLEASE DON'T IGNORE #denisepipitone, DO YOU RECOGNIZE YOURSELF? HELP US SHARING THESE PHOTOS OF A KIDNAPPED CHILD! She should be 20/21 years old now and she could be ANYWHERE. RETWEET to help us find her! (what happened? #Eurovision #ESC2022 #mne
i think this'll be borderline for qualifying but fucking christ this is good #MNE #EUROVISION
I'd love to see Montenegro qualify one day #EUROVISION #MNE
Yep, dressing as a satellite dish is always a winner with the fans #Eurovision #MNE
the montenegro song is beautiful sounds like it came from disney #EUROVISION
Slow start but now I love her wow! #MNE #EUROVISION
Oh bless Vladana.. I'm probably one of the only people that likes Montenegro's song. But I have too many favourites in this semi.. its too tough! #Eurovision
Vladana has a great voice but this song has never made an impact on me. Don't see it qualifying to the Final. #EUROVISION
This song always makes me cry and Vladanas vocals are top tier #Eurovision
Vladana je dobra izvinite, bravooo #EUROVISION
Montenegro 12 Points! #EurovisionRTVE #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision Que voz!!!!!!! Woow
Such a beautiful song #Eurovision #MNE
Stunning #Eurovision #ESC2022 #MNE
The fun of the #mne costume doesn't match the song #eurovision
Montenegro has amazing vocals Montenegro #Eurovision
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