Status: Eliminated
Artist: Vladana
Song: Breathe
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Honestly Montenegro are very lucky that the Barbara Dex award doesn't exist anymore cause this would've won #EUROVISION
Vladana and Montenegro can be very, very proud. The performance was heartfelt and beautiful. #Eurovision
Ochman slayed. Not a huge fan of the song, but he was on fire. Definitely will qualify. Montenegro on the other hand, is a wildcard. I like it a lot, and I'm hoping it sneaks in, because I think the contest needs a good ethno-ballad like this.#Eurovision
#Montenegro #MNE - What a beautiful dress & a strong voice she has! The circle behind her is very effective too! #Eurovision @Eurovision @bbceurovision
Another nice song from #MNE (nice is me damning with faint praise?)... #Eurovision
I'm crying! Wow! So beautiful! Thank you Montenegro #Eurovision
Bravo Vladana!!!! Love #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision
BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Montenegro Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love #Eurovision
Bravo Vladana! Love Love Love #MNE #Eurovision
Passionate and beautiful performance from Vladana from Montenegro. Felt the intensity #Eurovision
Lo de las casas de apuestas en #EUROVISION nunca lo he entendido bien. Como una buena cancion y puesta en escena como #Montenegro la ponen ultima. No esta como para el TOP 5, pero ni de cona para ser ultima. Esto es un poco timo no? #EurovisionRTVE
Montenegro, beautiful song! Great job, neighbours! #EUROVISION #ESC2022
Slow start but now I love her wow! #MNE #EUROVISION
E pa bravo Vladana, na izvodenju i emociji, ne da nisi obrukala no osvijetlala obraz! Love Love #Montenegro #EUROVISION
MONTENEGRO: Whatever Vladana's wearing on her back is impressive and allows for some nice little lighting effects, but equally I think the fact that she can't seem to move in it mutes the impact of the song. #Eurovision #ESC2022
This performance could be so good. Like her vocal is on point and everything but I think a bigger dress and bigger movements would elevate this big time. #MNE #Eurovision
I'd still love Montenegro to make it, this is one of their best ever entries it's just a shame this semi is so strong #Eurovision
I want Montenegro's dress!! Stunning Queen of the Night! #mne #Eurovision2022 #Eurovison
Starting my second viewing of the #Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final today, after watching the full show this afternoon! Go Ireland Malta Good luck all Finland Israel Serbia Azerbaijan Georgia Malta San Marino Australia Cyprus Ireland North Macedonia Estonia Romania Poland Montenegro Belgium Sweden Czech Re
#Eurovision Montenegro - 3/10. It's very soft and almost like a lullaby. I know that's been popular before but to me it just isn't that exciting for a ballad
I'll be honest, I feel like this one is a mixed bag for me. Great vocals, love the costume, but something isn't quite clicking. #Eurovision #MNE
Amazing voice but that's kind of it for me Montenegro #Eurovision
Vladana will qualify Montenegro Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love please #Eurovision2022
#Eurovision Best Outfit Award geht dann an #Montenegro dieses Jahr. Sie ist einfach ein Diamanten Pfau
For anyone who doesn't know, #Montenegro's song is a tribute to Vladana's mother who passed away because of COVID. A beautiful song and I am so proud of Vladana #EUROVISION
your mother would be so proud of you, Vladana. this was so beautiful #EUROVISION
Happy to have Montenegro back at Eurovision. They have some of the best balkan ballads #eurovision
Montenegro: another song that may have sounded better if sung in another language: the English lyrics don't do it any favours. Can't fault her emotional effort but not sure that will be enough. #Eurovision
Montenegro was so good her voice is so powerful i want her in the final #Eurovision2022
My votes in descending order tonight Serbia, Australia, Sweden, San Marino, Czech Republic, Romania Vladana's beauty and that big circle behind her, the tech team that made Achille Lauro seem like a full on rock star stripper. And Estonia. #EUROVISION
Top 10: Finlande Love Serbie Australie Chypre Macedoine du Nord Roumanie Pologne Montenegro Suede Republique Tcheque #EUROVISION
im gonna keep supporting vladana no matter what the result is ! i love her so so much #Eurovision
My top 5 in no particular order: Georgia, Serbia, San Marino, Sweden, and Czech Republic. Honorary mentions to Australia and Montenegro because vocals were on point. Belgium was quite good too. #EUROVISION
#MNE better get good 5G signal with that dress #EUROVISION
Bueno, mi top de la 2 semi de #ESC2022: 1. Suecia 2. Serbia 3. Australia 4. Rumania 5. Chipre 6. Irlanda 7. Republica Checa 8. Finlandia 9. Georgia 10. Malta 11. Azerbaiyan 12. Israel 13. Montenegro 14. Polonia 15. Estonia 16. Belgica 17. San Marino 18. Macedonia
Good evening Europe ! My top 10 for @Eurovision Second Semi-Final (in running order): Finland Israel Malta Australia Cyprus North Macedonia Estonia Poland Montenegro Sweden #ESC2022
Poland was nice, Montenegro was better #EUROVISION
i think this'll be borderline for qualifying but fucking christ this is good #MNE #EUROVISION
MONTENEGRO: Jum, no me ha convencido, no soy muy fan de las PE que se basan en quedarse de pie. Ademas se le han ido un par de notas y ha sido demasiada intensa para mi gusto. En semis esta bien. #Eurovision #EurovisionRTVE #EuroSemi2
I'd love to see Montenegro qualify one day #EUROVISION #MNE
Oh bless Vladana.. I'm probably one of the only people that likes Montenegro's song. But I have too many favourites in this semi.. its too tough! #Eurovision
Israel Georgia Belgium Australia Poland Malta : no me gustan nada Azerbaijan Montenegro Romania : Bien pero no creo q pasen North Macedonia Estonia : mucho mejor de lo que me esperaba San Marino Finland : muy buenas Ireland Czech Republic Cyprus Serbia : Buenisimas a la final Sweden : CONFETI
Vladana has a great voice but this song has never made an impact on me. Don't see it qualifying to the Final. #EUROVISION
I would like to learn more about the incredible satellite dish frocks of Montenegro also. Who will fund the necessary research into #EUROVISION clothing?
Montenegro anche te non so dove stai sul globo ma bel trucco stessa mua di euphoria sicuro top #montenegro #euphoria #EUROVISION #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022
Stunning #Eurovision #ESC2022 #MNE
Oh wow, c'etait beau, Montenegro #Eurovision
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