Status: Eliminated
Artist: Zdob si Zdub & Fratii Advahov
Song: Trenuletul
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Love Moldova for the best round true fun upbeat song, Ukraine for the beat, originality and emotion, Norway for class and joy, UK for a hit song & vocals #Eurovision2022
Superb result for Ukraine tonight. Great performance. Slava Ukraini Utterly amazing result for United Kingdom , Sam did us proud. Norway Moldova you won my #Eurovision2022 #eurovision
Favourite was Mika tbh. Loved the sweetness of Armenia, the elegance and singalongability of the Netherlands. Really proud a Celtic language was sung by FRA, and UKR was haunting. Have fallen in love with Lithuania. Unashamed that I loved UK. Moldova was fun #Eurovision
Armenia, Spain, Moldova (for the upbeat song), Iceland and Sweden are my favourites. And I am pretty sure none of them will win #EUROVISION . I've not picked the winner for at least 5 - 6 years.
meine #esc2022 votes: Norwegen (weil funny) Armenien (weil catchy), Niederlande (weil nice auch wenn depri), Ukraine (weil perfekte mischung aus kultur und modern), Litauen (weil iconic), Moldawien (weil sehr funny), GB (weil sympathisch)
My summary: #Lithuania is the best song #Moldova is the most fun #Norway is the most deranged All of these are valid justifications for voting, but #Ukraine will win anyway and why not. #EUROVISION
My Top 10. I will not be mad if any of these folk win. But #Moldova put such a huge smile on my face, they have to get my Douze Points. #Eurovision (But what a delight if the UK won...)
Norway, Moldova, Belgium are my top 3; Iceland and Serbia are alright; Australia wins "best of the ballads" award, Poland wins "best vocals" #Eurovision
I liked France's goth rave, Moldova and Norway for standing out from the crowd, but have forgotten every single ballad already, though the British guy is a great singer. Would be nice to see Ukraine win though #Eurovision
Moldova made me feel happy, made me wanna dance my favourite so far. #Eurovision @bbceurovision good luck.
Well Ukraine (obviously!) Norway (Grandmas, bananas and wolves - what's not to like?) Switzerland, Germany and Azerbaijan (great talented boys with nice songs) Moldova (utter madness and catchy and kids will love it) #Eurovision
Finland Moldova (OMG YES, THE JOY THIS GIVES ME, probably below UKR or ITA but MY LIST) UK (WOW WE WERE ACTUALLY GOOD THIS TIME DON'T HAVE TO LIE - still biased tho) Ukraine Serbia (Song could have more, but damn that performance) Italy Greece Norway ... #Eurovision2022
Proud of our entry, Really hoping for big points. My favourites were Spain and Moldova... I really hope the obvious doesn't happen to win but I have a feeling it will *sigh* #Eurovision
My faves are Norway ,Germany, Moldova and UK and would love Sam to win for the uk!!! #Eurovision
Ok so Ukraine are going to win (my 4th place), but if Moldova, Poland, Norway and the UK can all get in the top ten I'll be very happy. #Eurovision
I know it's not about the best song but that Sweden tune is massive!! Rooting for Serbia, Moldova and Norway, obviously. Been a Rasmus fan for 20 years so hope Finland does well. UK surprisingly innocent this year! #EUROVISION
Well, that was great fun. My top 5 (in no particular order): Switzerland , Moldova, UK, Sweden, Australia #Eurovision
#CZE and #MDA top for me. Mainly because they weren't dross ballads. #UK and #EST also pretty good. But none of those will win #Eurovision
My favourites are UK for once, Spain and Moldova. But I think Ukraine will win the babbies Love #Eurovision
Romania, Finland or Moldova to win Love Special mentions: Belgium and Greece #Eurovision
My top 5 songs so far #Eurovision that I will be voting for: 1. Moldova 2. Romania 3. Ukraine 4. Spain 5. Lithuania I hope my friends from those respective countries vote for UK Love @bbceurovision
It's #Eurovision final night but - due to some excessive #KinnPorscheEP6 feels earlier - I'm only catching up with the show now. My top fun and fabulous (as Eurovision always should be!!) song picks are #Norway, #Ukraine and (surprisingly) #Moldova.
Clearly #Ukraine will win but would love to see #Moldova challenge. That last performance was the best so far #Eurovision
My faves are Romania, France, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Moldova, UK, Poland and Estonia. So someone else will win, probably Norway Also, Mika Love Love Love #Eurovision
Hello, #Eurovision We all know that Ukraine is going to win today, but please vote Moldova, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia too. You know, the good songs.
Ukraine , Finland , Poland , Moldova good luck Love #Eurovision #EUROVISION
My #Eurovision top 5: 1. France 2. Germany 3. Ukraine 4. Moldova 5. Finland With some love for the UK entry for actually being decent this year Husband's fave is Norway
Finally something interesting and funny Thanks #MDA for waking me up #Eurovision
Norway, France, Moldova, and Ukraine are my favourites. Normally my favourites don't win but this time one of them might be in with a chance... #Eurovision
okay, it's perfect time for Moldova #Eurovision they are so fun
mis favs pa este ano moldavia, reino unido, espana, serbia y si hubiera visto toda la actuacion de francia y noruega quizas tmbn(?) y bueno, ucrania ha estado bastante bien tmbn, asi q la incluyo tmbn #Eurovision
Wow, #Moldova was absolutely brilliant. #Eurovision
My top 5 1 Lithuania 2 Iceland 3 Spain 4 Romania 5 Greece What's your fav's @ivoryflame @iancunliffe @godwinafaith @gshawisme @Gnaes #Eurovision .. Moldavia to win though
A well deserved win for #Moldova. I knew it would win from the moment I heard it and I didn't know which country it was from #Eurovision, proving that the win was not just political but based on talent. No pity, just awe and admiration Ukraine Love
I think I should just declare Zdob si Zdub my favourite band of all time. Every time they are at #Eurovision for #MDA, it's a banger and my instant favourite. Still can sing So Lucky and will take the uni cycle any time. #classic
Spain was awesome but I think France or Moldova should win it #Eurovision
#moldova yes, the apres ski song, amazing. So good. #esc22 #Eurovision
Oh man #Moldova that was amazing fun #EUROVISION
I think Ukraine will get the sympathy vote but I liked Moldova best because I can't vote for the UK. #Eurovision
Don't judge me for this tweet Norway, Spain, Armenia, Moldova and Sweden were all great on #EUROVISION Also, Mika's performance was phenomenal!
I unironically really want Norway and Moldova to do well. Their numbers are just soooo much fun and such a breath of fresh air from all the stress God I'm glad Eurovision is back #Eurovision
Moldova. Making me want to bend over. For good music! #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision #goodjoke #funny
So it's Sweden, Moldova and Ukraine for me. The usual mixture of fun, crazy energy, sympathy and a good pop song. And UK gets my last vote for after years of misery making an effort. #Eurovision
Now looks, CALL ME BIAS ALL YOU LIKE but the UK/Sam Ryder was honestly, genuinely excellent and worthy of a very high finish tonight. Our best in years. My top 3 are Moldova, UK and France (sorry Ukraine). No top 3 for the UK will be a robbery #Eurovision2022
Ukraine's song was a banger, and the win was well-deserved, but I still feel sad for Norway and Moldova. And Romania and their amazing pants. #eurovision
So I'm thinking #Spain or #Poland will win this year. #Moldova was fun too! The rest #Eurovision
Thanks to #BalladGate my top three are Norway, Ukraine & Moldova for being different & fun #Eurovision
How will the UK vote? Sweden was good. Finland and Moldova will get a lot. The Polish population will ensure a few votes go their way. The wild card though is Spain. We're a simple island, so no doubt their singer flashing her rear end for 3 minutes will win votes. #Eurovision
So our picks (me and the lovely @JP2RIC ) are Norway (bananas), France (hybrid genre), Lithuania (disco Liza), Moldova (Rednex), Sweden (epic pop) and UK (Jesus) #Eurovision
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