Status: Eliminated
Artist: Emma Muscat
Song: I Am What I Am
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
#Malta! So energetic, though generic! Uplifting song! Great vocals! Just makes one happy! Catchy song! Makes you want to sing along! Happy for Malta! Malta #Malta #EUROVISION #ESC2022 #UMKD
Puedo decir que conozco una compositora de #Eurovision Love Good luck, Julie, with your fantastic Malta's song!
The song itself is good enough to qualify. Not one that I'm overly keen on but good luck to her I guess lol #mlt #malta #eurovision
Georgia was crazy. I liked it! Made better use of stage than Finland. Could be a surprise qualifier. Malta's Delta Goodrem! Emma Muscat was so cute & fun. I always liked the song & she really put a smile on my face. #Eurovision #ESC2022
Net worth of $80m Father named in the Paradise Papers Master plan Take it or leave it ... Great song, glad Sweden passed on it #eurovision #sbseurovision #mlt
Emma deserved a BETTER song!! She would do so much better with a different song. And I know it's not a modelling competition but she's so gorgeous! Love #Eurovision #MLT
Okay 80 millions and such a dress - sparkling darling Love #mlt #Eurovision but the song is more or less meh
#eurovision I liked Malta the best. I'm optimistic that our Brooke will make the top 10
I'm beyond proud Love if you liked Emma please vote for her tonight, she needs us! #Eurovision
so nice to see a JESC interval good job Emma and hopefully in a few years we can see you at Eurovision Love #eurovision
As always #MLT go for a decent song and this is a good pop song. So it probably won't win. #EUROVISION
no comment for this one its decent :3 #mlt #malta #ESC2022 her voice is so amazing and such a cute song
not a literally gorgeous woman from a first world country singing about loving herself. Cmon Malta, Id love myself too if I were you #Eurovision
Malta's Emma Muscat is clearly trying to tell us that she is what she is... What is she? Fabulous and sparkly! And sporting quite a good voice! I want her shoes! #Eurovision2022
malta - i am what i am cyprus - ela czech republic - lights off ireland - that's rich please qualify for the final and i'm happy #Eurovision
I would love Maltas song as that one final epic performance the protagonist in a Disney movie starts singing at the end when everything is going to be okay. #Eurovision2022
Dear Emma, whatever is gonna happen I just want you to know that you SMASHED it, the performance was really amazing. Time went by but we won't #Amici21 #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022
So many good songs tonight! Ochman from Poland & Sheldon from Australia can really sing so I hope they get through. Also liked Malta & Czech Republic! Good to see Il Volvo again as I loved their song #EUROVISION #Eurovision2022 #esc #ESC2022
Malta definitely another favourite of mine. Good song and she's hot!!! Love Love #Eurovision #MLT
My Eurovision 2022 top 10 for the second semi: Azerbaijan Malta San Marino San Marino Australia Australia Ireland Ireland Estonia (my fave) Estonia Poland Poland Belgium Belgium Sweden (love this song too) Sweden Czech Rep Czech Republic #EUROVISION #Eurovision2022
#Malta #mlt Always fab with poppers! Good tune #ESC2022 #Eurovision
#Eurovision best performance so far tonight well done Emma you have a chance of qualifying
My god that was so inspiring from #MLT #Eurovision LOVELY LYRICS! Exactly what we needed to hear rn
remember together one of the finest performances by Emma muscat with fantastic Italian singer Annalisa Scarrone the tune of "il mondo prima di te" Love #Eurovision #EUROVISION #ESC2022 #escita
Malta's entry is so wholesome and sweet but don't know if strong enough #Eurovision
Benim finale gider dedigim ulkeler, Can Azerbaijan Love Malta S.Cyprus Ireland N.Macedonia North Macedonia Love Estonia kesin Poland Belgium yeaaah Czech Republic nice Israel olabilir #Eurovision
WINNER? #MLT #MALTA #Eurovision LOVE IT!!!!
#MLT She doesn't sound as good as it seems like she's capable of. But the song is catchy and I like her shoes. #EUROVISION
Emma was amazing Love #Eurovision
2nd Semifinal #Eurovision My favs in order: Ireland Czech Republic Israel Romania Finland San Marino Less catchy, but fine songs Estonia Sweden Malta Georgia
Bravo Emma!!! Love Love Love Malta Malta #ESC2022 #EUROVISION #EurovisionRTVE
Omg Malta's song is so beautiful love it #Eurovision
She is so good! Great Emma!! #Eurovision #ESC2022 #escita
Gorgeous dress and beautiful girl but the song is bland, soz Malta babe x #Eurovision
Love me some Malta and the SPARKLES #Eurovision
Mi piacerebbe vincesse Malta per un anno. In fondo, questo Paese mi sta dando tanto. Good luck Emma! Ix-xorti t-tajba! Malta #MLT #Eurovision2022 #malta
WHO ELSE LOVES MALTA??? Love #Eurovision
dotter and her fiancee's influences are so obvious lmao it's just meh though i'm sorry dotter i still love you so much #MLT #Eurovision
Starting my second viewing of the #Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final today, after watching the full show this afternoon! Go Ireland Malta Good luck all Finland Israel Serbia Azerbaijan Georgia Malta San Marino Australia Cyprus Ireland North Macedonia Estonia Romania Poland Montenegro Belgium Sweden Czech Re
Good luck @itsemmamuscat #MLT #EUROVISION #ESC2022
Malta's song is so catchy i love it Love #Eurovision
#MLT #EUROVISION 100% Pure Eurovisin! Love this one so much! One of my favourites from day one!
This is a good song and she looks great #MLT #Eurovision
Malta Great vocals! Emma has a great energy too. Will she be able to qualify? #Eurovision - Alper
Nice, catchy song but why the basic silver sequin dress? #MLT #Eurovision
Fan di Emma dal 2017.. vederla ora su quel palco mi ha fatto emozionare. Merita tantissimo Love #Eurovision
She's soooo cute, and I really love this song in all honesty. It's nostalgic somehow? #Eurovision #MLT
La chica de Malta se ve una "nina nice", como dirian mis panas de Mexico Love #EUROVISION
It's very easy to sing I am what I am when you're young, tall, slim and beautiful, no? #MLT #Eurovision
w tym roku nie sluchalam piosenek innych panstw przed eurowizja i jak na razie nie podoba mi sie zadna piosenka w tym polfinale wiec serio- Krystian po zwyciestwo w tym roku #Eurovision
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