Status: Eliminated
Artist: Monika Liu
Song: Sentimentai
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Instagram: @monikaliug
Favourite was Mika tbh. Loved the sweetness of Armenia, the elegance and singalongability of the Netherlands. Really proud a Celtic language was sung by FRA, and UKR was haunting. Have fallen in love with Lithuania. Unashamed that I loved UK. Moldova was fun #Eurovision
Ok if Poland win I just want to dob @Carlystar1 who is repeatedly clicking vote vote vote for Poland guy with sexy voice Come on #Poland #Eurovision All the best Spain. Norway Armenia and Lithuania Ps @Carlystar1 is now just voting for loads of other artists
Lithuania This deceptively low-key Lithuanian bop exudes a certain kind of fabulous that is unique to it this evening. It's got a classy touch. I'm very glad it's here tonight. #Eurovision
meine #esc2022 votes: Norwegen (weil funny) Armenien (weil catchy), Niederlande (weil nice auch wenn depri), Ukraine (weil perfekte mischung aus kultur und modern), Litauen (weil iconic), Moldawien (weil sehr funny), GB (weil sympathisch)
My summary: #Lithuania is the best song #Moldova is the most fun #Norway is the most deranged All of these are valid justifications for voting, but #Ukraine will win anyway and why not. #EUROVISION
#LTU my last top 5 of this year! She's cool, talented & beautiful Love #esc2022 #Eurovision
Honestly I really loved Lithuania's entry! I know they won't win but it was refreshing to see something so different and classic #Eurovision
Lithuania. Great hair. Great dress. Marvellous creeped out end of the pier in winter chugger. I'll show me arse if it wins, but I like it. #Eurovision
i'm fine with ukraine winning i like the song i was lowkey rooting for lithuania and serbia more but heyy congrats ! #Eurovision
#Eurovision 14 #LTU Ooh its FUNKY tho. I love her voice so much oh my gosh. Going on... ALL my playlists. Did I mention I love her voice? Such a sexy bop. ...voice 9/10 easily
My top 5 songs so far #Eurovision that I will be voting for: 1. Moldova 2. Romania 3. Ukraine 4. Spain 5. Lithuania I hope my friends from those respective countries vote for UK Love @bbceurovision
Loving the dress & the fab 70s hair do Love #lithuania #Eurovision
#lithuania #ltu very retro as Norton says, rewind several decades and I'd expect this to be top 3. Pleasant tune, but not a winner. #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
Hello, #Eurovision We all know that Ukraine is going to win today, but please vote Moldova, Italy, Lithuania, Serbia too. You know, the good songs.
Lithuania simple and effective. Loved her since the National selection. Great song *wriggling my fingers to the xylophone* #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
That was a classy act with superb vocals #LTU #Eurovision
LITHUANIA. Sexy Peter Beardsley for the win. #Eurovision2022
A solid three minutes of us all making fun of that lady's hair, not one of us listened to the song. Fair play Twitter #LTU #Eurovision
My top 5 1 Lithuania 2 Iceland 3 Spain 4 Romania 5 Greece What's your fav's @ivoryflame @iancunliffe @godwinafaith @gshawisme @Gnaes #Eurovision .. Moldavia to win though
There is an explicable charm about this song. Amazing Lithuania, I see this doing very well in voting #Eurovision
I am obsessed with this. If Shirley Bassey was a 20-year-old Lithuanian - and my god, the hair! The hair! Magnificent #LTU #Eurovision
Loved Monika and proud of her Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision I'm not a fan of sentimental voting but boy, that #Ukraine song is awesome..
Okay that's Fabulous LOVE the song, the hair is another story though... #LTU #Lithuania #ESC2022 #Eurovision
Faves: Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Serbia #Eurovision One of them better win
Lithuania You are amazing, thank you for your support #Eurovision
the fact monika really put her personality, charm and enjoyment and we sense it too Love #Eurovision #
So our picks (me and the lovely @JP2RIC ) are Norway (bananas), France (hybrid genre), Lithuania (disco Liza), Moldova (Rednex), Sweden (epic pop) and UK (Jesus) #Eurovision
i mean, it's good, it's fun #Eurovision #ltu
Oh wow I like Lithuania, she's really great!! #Eurovision
Oh THIS this can win hahahaha her hair is so silly and the 1970s top of the pops mirror effect!! I'm obsessed #Eurovision #ltu
Ok so top 5 for me tonight. 1. Moldova 2. Norway 3. UK United Kingdom 4. Lithuania 5. Estonia Either of these to win please #Eurovision
Czech Rebublic, Finland, France, Spain, Lithuania, Serbia and many more other countries had amazing songs this year Love #esc2022
MONIKAAAA she's got a point, she's an icon, she's a legend and she is the momentttt Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision #LTU Don't care what Graham thinks, I think Mrs Lithuania looks INCREDIBLE!!
i think monika liu is the most beautiful woman in the world and she deserves every trophy in the world i adore her #Eurovision
OK, my fave songs are Armenia Germany Portugal Portugal and Lithuania but I want Ukraine to win #Eurovision #ESC2022
My Top 10 with no special order bc I can't choose: Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Norway, Moldova, Italy, Australia, France, Spain , Finland AND HONORABLE MENTION TO LATVIA BECAUSE THEY DESERVED BETTER #Eurovision
lithuania Lithuania , this is so satisfying and she looks AMAZING #Eurovision
i'm mesmerized by Monika's eyes... and the song is amazing as we already know Love #Eurovision
i mean i wanted spain or lithuania to win but i'm still so happy for the ukraine, they deserve it! #Eurovision
My top 5 faves: Lithuania Love Spain, UK, Estonian and Romania #Eurovision
Lithuania u r my kind of glamour Love #Eurovision I love ur hair I love ur dress and ur song is something I would listen to
This girl is sooooooo charming! And song is so original! Pleasantly surprised by #Lithuania #EUROVISION
my queen make me cry Love #MonikaLiu I'm so happy Love Lithuania #Eurovision
#Eurovision my #1 is Serbia, but I have a few other in my top 5...ok I couldn't pick 5, I pick 6 - Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Australia -- I do NOT know who I think will win tho, like at ALL, this year
moj top 3, hotja jeto ne top, oni ravnoznachny dlja menja: ukraina Ukraine , litva Lithuania i rumynija Romania no ponravilis-, konechno, ochen- mnogie. est- eschjo god, chtoby rasslushivat- i otkryvat- jeti pesni Love #Eurovision
fair play to Lithuania for sending a song that could go into the in-universe radio the next time Bethesda release a Fallout game. def not a #eurovision winner though. sorry queen
Ukraine Germany Lithuania Azerbaijan Belgium Greece Iceland Moldova Sweden Australia United Kingdom Poland Serbia Estonia #UKR for the Win. #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #Peace
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