Status: Eliminated
Artist: Citi Zeni
Song: Eat Your Salad
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Twitter: @citi_zeni
Instagram: @citi_zeni
Does anyone else think that #Eurovision is becoming too good. There is a lot of quality radio friendly songs which is good but I enjoy the likes of Norway, Austria, Moldova & Latvia more. They're so much fun. They're fun but not trolls
Eurovision so far - Albania: yes love, your bum does look big in that, Latvia: far too happy for their own good, Lithuania: interesting first 10 seconds then you know it's going to be boring dross, Switzerland: can't sing, slow song, perfect storm really. #Eurovision
latvia is eating up everyone in #EUROVISION this year. the song is catchy, the performance is fun and their stage presence is awesome.
I see it's that time of the year to say good evening, bonsoir and guten abend to all the #Eurovision fans on my timeline Suddenly seeing tweet after tweet in praise of Albania or disappointed in Latvia Enjoy! No idea about this but Ukraine are surely winning aren't they?
Ukraine Norway Albania Latvia The Netherlands Moldova Croatia Denmark Austria Lithuania Portugal Greece Armenia Iceland Switzerland Slovenia Bulgaria My guess for Semi Final 1. Good luck to all. It was brilliant United Kingdom #EUROVISION #Eurovision20
#EUROVISION Portugal and Netherlands beautiful. Lithuania and Latvia sweet fun
#LVA INSTEAD OF MEAT I EAT VEGGIES AND PUSSY, insta smile, I love the staging it fits so good, just fun ennit, did he just say fuck? Your welcome Bois, made Latvia proud I'm sure, that split, HE DID SWEAR #Eurovision
#Eurovision2022 Yes, Albania, yes, Latvia! Eat Your Salad, I hope you get through and Albania, loved your performance, breathless as it was. Hairology was fab!
#Eurovision eat your salad loved Latvia was it a joke or real song? Either way the most fun I've had all day!!
Loving #LVA Latvia good fun #Eurovision
#svn #Eurovision like it. Latvia is still my favourite but I'm liking the jaunty guitars and the camera edits - fun song but feels flat?
Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland holding the flag of Ukraine is such a lovely way to show their support. Love it! #EUROVISION
My list of qualifiers which is a mixture of popular opinion & realistic optimism, meaning I may like it but the rest of Europe may not & hence it doesn't make the top 10. Bulgaria Croatia Greece Latvia Lithuania Moldova Netherlands Norway Slovenia Ukraine #Eurovision #ESC2022
Latvia is fun. Yeah innuendos galore but I'll take them. Better be memorable than being bland, which Latvia has been these past years (bar 2020)... #Eurovision
I don't care who wins as long as Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine & Norway qualify for the finals. They know what #EUROVISION is all about
#Eurovision for me the best Iceland,Ukraine, Lithuania and Croatia for my wife, Latvia, Iceland, Greece and Norway both of us like Portugal's entry this time around. It sounded much better and the new chorus works great now
#LVA: Nice suits. I guess it is best to describe this song as Public Service Announcement which is good despite it also being naff #Eurovision #ESC2022 #Eurovision2022
Brilliant. This sounds like an 80s environmental tune! Great suits, Latvia! #LVA #Eurovision @bbceurovision
It has Friend if a Friend Czech vibe but I like it. It's funky and fun. 7/10 #LVA #Eurovision
UK can't vote tonight, so if you're voting, please get Ukraine, Moldova and Norway through to the finals, and ideally Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Austria too thank you! #Eurovision
i hope latvia qualifies this is so much fun actually #Eurovision
Okay so, can't even make a top 10 cause I don't like many of the songs lmao these should go to the final anyways (in no particular order): Latvia, Slovenia, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Norway & Armenia #EUROVISION #Eurovision
Know that being green is hot (it's hot) Being green is cool (it's cool) Eat your salad, save the planet Being green is sexy and cool Direkt Ohrwurm schon D:
Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Lithuania, Bulgaria (?!), Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Iceland, Albania. The rest, thank you for playing. Please collect your consolation prize, a Eurovision board game from our friends at Crown & Andrews, on the way out. #SBSEurovision #Eurovision
Albania Sappho shouty Barbie. Camp. Latvia Something about salad in bright suits. Camp. Lithuania Seductive Liza, smashing frock. Camp. Switzerland Ballad by a drag king in a leather bomber. Camp. Slovenia Chic lite in velvet suits. Not camp. #Eurovision
Since we Brits can't vote tonight, here are the countries I feel deserve to qualify for the Grand Final: Latvia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Netherlands, and Moldova. #Eurovision @bbceurovision United Kingdom #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022
Ahhh! What an opening! Albania rough but brought energy Latvia was amazing! Love Monika of Lithuania Switzerland also performed As did Slovenia Ukraine felt like a real moment #Eurovision
Being green is hot (it's hot) Being green is cool (it's cool) Eat your salad, save the planet Being green is sexy as you PIANGOOOO ADOROOOO #EUROVISION
if i could vote I would vote for them EAT YOUR SALAD SAVE THE PLANET BEING GREEN IS SEXY ASSSSS YOUUUU #Eurovision
If Latvia don't win #Eurovision I can see them making a great career on the primary assembly scene. EAT YER GREENS KIDS!
So much love and respect to Ukraine for being here tonight, enjoyed that performance and I like the song. Switzerland has also stood out for me so far a great message and I like the message of Latvia's song. #Eurovision
god i've fallen in love with #lva's entry, it's just so fun EAT YOUR VEGGIES! #Eurovision #ESC2022
Latvia surely will win an award for the most stupid yet iconic song #Eurovision
Menuda energia han traido los letones Citi Zeni, bravo! Divertidos y muy buena utilizacion del escenario y de la puesta en escena. 9/10 #Eurovision
Loving Lativa as my fav so far which is strange because as a big chap I am not a fan of Salad #EUROVISION #Latvia #TheSoundOfBeauty @scott_mills @Rylan
Favorites from #Eurovision semi-final 1: Albania #ALB, Latvia #LAT, and Moldova #MDA. I'll throw Norway a banana as well. I know Ukraine is the favorite but I liked their 2021 entry much more
Right. So out of all of that I only liked three songs - Latvia, Lithuania, and Moldova. Ukraine's okay, but of course they'll go through. And Austria couldn't hold a note to save their life but I want them through just for shits and giggles. #Eurovision #SBSEurovision
The First Semi-Final starts NOW! Good luck to all the 17 competing countries Albania Latvia Lithuania Switzerland Slovenia Ukraine Bulgaria The Netherlands Moldova Portugal Croatia Denmark Austria Iceland Greece Norway Armenia #Eurovision | #TheSoundOfBeauty
this semi was actually fairly impressive but LATVIA BEST MAKE IT TO THE FINALS OR I WILL BE THROWING DOWN #Eurovision
finally latvia has a chance to win eurovision i won't eat my veggies tho #Eurovision
PLEASE VOTE LATVIA! They almost never qualify so they need your help more than other countries #eurovsion #esc2022
An interesting idea Tho def not winning material. #Latvia #EUROVISION
My Semi-Final 1 Favourites (I hope 10 of these progress) Albania Latvia Switzerland Ukraine Bulgaria Moldova Denmark Austria Iceland Greece Armenia #EUROVISION#ESC2022
Oo another upbeat number! #latvia #Eurovision @bbceurovision Greg Norman was looking good for his age eh!?
Tas bija amazing! I'm proud to be latvian @citi_zeni #eirovizija #eirovizija #esc2022
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