Status: Eliminated
Artist: Mahmood ft. Blanco
Song: Brividi
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @Mahmood_Music
Instagram: @mahmood
Who couldn't get excited for #Eurovision !! Foreign languages in a catwalk of ideas and visions, culture and of course @LauraPausini ! Mi vengono solo I brividi !! Italy Let the high-level show, with excellent direction, beautiful simple choreography, and magnificent lights begin!
#Eurovision Don't underestimate the significance of Mahmoud and BLANCO's song 'Brividi' as the Italian entry. Affirmation of same sex love? Italy? Blimey! E quasi ora! Bravo!
Sis got me crying. This is legitimately the best interval act they could've gotten. It's nostalgic and it's beautiful and it's Italian. I love it and her. #Eurovision
Italy can have hosts who are also incredible artists with breathtaking performances GRANDI RAGAZZI QUANTE EMOZIONI GRAZIE Italy Love @LauraPausini #Mika #Eurovision #EUROVISION2022 #Turin2022
Omg, Gigliola yessss Love Love fabulous love love love - classic winner #ITA #Eurovision
#Eurovision Italian Winner Advice: 1. Have fun 2. Don't get close to the table bravo!
Italian TV #Eurovision coverage showing lots of fabulous Italian towns, preferable to BBC coverage I'm sure. And we're celebrating @LFC win too
Mahmood!!! Should have won with Soldi. Italy - and the crowd is singing along. Nice suit! And the glitter guy looks quite 70ies. I love you guys. Nice duet. Will they kiss? #ESC2022 #ESC #Eurovision
VOTE 09 VOTE 09 and in the meantime, listen to this song by a young Italian boy @StrangisLuigi. Young but already loved! It's a beautiful song it deserves. Thanks! TIENIMI STANOTTE ( KEEP ME TONIGHT ) #caroligi #ESC2022#EscIta2022
the sound of italian beauty the sound of rock and roll the sound of a beautiful victory #Eurovision #ESCita #ESC2022 #maneskin
Ok ci siamo... Hi! If you like it, listen to this song by a young Italian boy @StrangisLuigi. Young but already loved! It's a beautiful song it deserves. Thanks! TIENIMI STANOTTE ( KEEP ME TONIGHT ) #luigistrangis #Eurovision2022
this is emotional and i love it- italy you never fail to impress - a uk viewer #Eurovision
I want to remember that Mahmood and Blanco has won the best lyrics award so #ESC2022
This very emotional May manipulative of Italy. Is the song good? It's Ok. But do I want to vote for the intense beautiful gays? Yes. Yes I do. #Eurovision
#ITA awwww I don't speak Italian but hoping this is a beautiful love story #Eurovision
Maneskin Love Love Love Love one of the best rock n roll bands I've heard since Black Sabbath . no fucks given by this tweet #EUROVISION @thisismaneskin Italy
Italy Mahmood & Blanco are representing the host nation of Italy. Mahmood is returning to #Eurovision for a second time, they are among the favourites to win the contest having won a number of preview shows:
Just to dampen expectations: Italy, the winner of last year's #Eurovision, were 61 points behind after the jury votes were announced and went on to win by 51 points. Big swings can, and probably will, happen.
Here it goes now the grand final literally don't know who'll win but I'll be a great night anyway Italy #Eurovision
fun fact: sexy people vote #09 do you wanna be sexy? the choice is up to you Italy #Eurovision #ESCita
Just cracks me how Mika is an international star, but since the first year as judge at italian Xfactor he become like my beloved neighbour. Oh yes, Mika sweet Mika, here there is your cup of espresso, how was your day? . #Eurovision
Am I the only one who thinks that #Eurovision Grand final should've been opened with last years winner #Maneskin ? Come on Italy
Can Laura please perform for Italy next year? That is a fantastic voice Love #EUROVISION
Italy have found a great way to make their wonderful historic architecture look cheap #Eurovision #innovation
VOTE FOR THESE TWO WONDERFUL GUYS AND COME BACK TO SEE US IN ITALY Love Italy VOTE 09 VOTE 09 VOTE 09 VOTE 09 #Eurovision #ESC2022 #Eurovision2022 #Brividi
To my surprise, I loved a lot of entries. I still want ITA Italy to win #Eurovision
Don't know whether I'm still delirious about @LFC winning the #FACupFinal , or the Italian Red wine I'm drinking in honour of the #Eurovision , but all the songs have been great so far
UK second after Nil points last year. Woo we should be proud. All the people who performed should be proud. #Eurovision #esc2022 Italy Love Love Love
Brividi is such a beautiful song and Mahmood and BLANCO are sooo good #Eurovision
BRIVIDI is just amazing, I love it so much #Eurovision
hello foreign friends. I am Italian and I have a request for you: could you kindly vote for Italy? we return the favor I swear, we are a nation who remember VOTE 09 #Eurovision
i would be happy if italy wins two years in a row #Eurovision
Omg this is beautiful, good job Italy #Eurovision
The perfect song, the perfect lyrics, the perfect performance! They deserve win this Italy #Eurovision
Love, above the great song, the chemistry of Brividi #Italy #Eurovision #SBSEurovision
BRAVO! Italia. Great opening #ESC2022
i'm drunk and my fave is italy im just gay and love mahmood okay nice #eurovision
I love this flag parade well done Italy #Eurovision
Love #Eurovision postcards, fantastic cinematography encapsulating culture of the host city. This year they feature a drone visiting locations throughout Italy as some COVID restrictions/shootingitineraries meant participants had to be superimposed like last year#EurovisionGeek
Gigliola is still gorgeous, what a winner Italy #Eurovision
Very good show Italia! And well done @LauraPausini @mikasounds @alecattelan #Eurovision2022
idk who she is but I love Italian so it's a pleasure ma'am #Eurovision
Italy better win every fucking 12 points from the televoting #Eurovision
FRIENDS VOTE 09 Italy Italy THX LOVE U ALL SO MUCH Love Love Love #Eurovision #ESC2022 #ESC22
Ooo geniallll non ho l'eta Love Love Love Fantastica Italy #Eurovision
Italy determined not to win #Eurovision this year
Dear god, let's not let Italy win again, can't do this next year #Eurovision
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