Status: Eliminated
Artist: Michael Ben David
Song: I.M
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Instagram: @michaelbdd
I.M is just not my bag. He has bags of energy and passion which I respect but I don't really know what else to add. Not my bag and I wish Israel the best of luck. #Israel #Eurovision
Oh wow @bbceurovision - thank you for putting 1998s final on iPlayer. Probably my most fav contest since 1986 and certainly my best ever party. I know what I'll be doing later Israel #Eurovision2022 #EUROVISION
Dang..quite a few good ones didn't qualify this time :( but a bunch of nice ones did so it'll be a fun final anyways.. #esc2022 will miss israel and san marino especially
israel! yeah, not a big fan of this song derivative and rather odd not anything like israel's best, like set me free, feker libi, toy and golden boy don't think it'll qualify but i can't say for sure if switzerland qualified on tuesday #eurovision
Michael Ben David, #Israel's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, will be performing his debut song, 'I.M', tonight. We are excited to see Michael rock out on stage, and we wish him the best of luck in the competition! Israel #EUROVISION
Lmao i don't fucking care about Israel lol #Eurovision
My top ten, in no particular order: San Marino Estonia Romania Poland Serbia Sweden Israel Cyprus Georgia Australia Good luck! #Eurovision
Watching #Eurovision with my dear friend @jennifervm who just landed in Lithuania and has never seen this glorious extravaganza before. And after #FIN #ISR #SRB I feel like she has a good introduction.
i mean, israel surely won't win but song is catchy ngl #Eurovision #ESC2022
How fabulous is #Israel love it Love . #Eurovision.
Benim finale gider dedigim ulkeler, Can Azerbaijan Love Malta S.Cyprus Ireland N.Macedonia North Macedonia Love Estonia kesin Poland Belgium yeaaah Czech Republic nice Israel olabilir #Eurovision
Michael Ben David is a pro. I mean, that was just impeccable. I don't NEED this in the final, but I'd be happy to see it there. #Eurovision #ESC2022
#ISR to win! LOVE #Eurovision
The Tel Aviv gay bars have voted (if you know you know) and #ISR is fabulous and is qualifying easily! #Eurovision
2nd Semifinal #Eurovision My favs in order: Ireland Czech Republic Israel Romania Finland San Marino Less catchy, but fine songs Estonia Sweden Malta Georgia
On adore #isr #Eurovision be proud c'etait bien! Ca bouge
Bueno Irlanda e Israel? wow #Eurovision
Favourites from #EUROVISION tonight are Romania, Ireland and Czechia Love Love Love and maybe Israel. And Malta. And weirdly Serbia. CD for the car is ordered!! (Yes my car is old )
El vozarron del de Israel y que poco me gusta su cancion es como que quiere mostrar lo buena voz que tiene pero no me dice nada, canta genial pero y que mas. #Eurovision
Not quite sure how Israel and Ireland didn't qualify, NGL. Ireland was flawless #EUROVISION
#Eurovision ISRAEL BEING SO DAMN ICONIC IM IN LOVE !! Be who you are !!
Starting my second viewing of the #Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final today, after watching the full show this afternoon! Go Ireland Malta Good luck all Finland Israel Serbia Azerbaijan Georgia Malta San Marino Australia Cyprus Ireland North Macedonia Estonia Romania Poland Montenegro Belgium Sweden Czech Re
Terrible song, awesome performance Love go Michael! #Eurovision
my favorites for today: finland israel serbia san marino australia my amount of favorites doubled from semi1 lmaoooo #Eurovision
Please vote for Israel Romania Ireland the fun acts #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision #ESC2022
Israel is better than i expected tbh.. kinda fun #Eurovision #ESC2022
Good luck Israel #ISR #EUROVISION
israel was good but dont vote for them we dont support israel #EUROVISION
We're watching here from Maale Hahamisha as #ISR was SHAMAZING as always!!! Congrats on the engagement, Michael, and of course the amazing performance too! @kaneurovision @Eurovision @IsraelinNewYork #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 @hazon
You guys better vote for Romania and Israel, if not I'll throw up. And I got emetophobia so pls be nice to me. #Eurovision
#israel #Eurovision #bbc3 aw he is gorgeous. Love the song. Serbia though. Nope
#ISR, Yassss, Queen! Work! This must in the #GrandFinal! Great voice, colorful performance, this is also #Eurovision at its finest! Hopefully he qualifies. #esc2022
Quick recap... #Finland Finland Great opener, lots of energy, can see it qualifying. #Israel Israel That was a surprise, a very polished performance, good vocals and choreography - who knows. #Serbia Serbia Was it just me or did it seem flat, might struggle. #Eurovision #ESC2022
Laurin aani ei kylla nyt ihan auennut, tai lahtenyt, mutta hyva veto kuitenkin. Michael Ben David on Love , Georgian kukkaparta ja biisi oli catchy ja San Marino oli#Eurovision
I love me a good dance #ISR #Eurovision
Bueno es que tremenda hostia que le ha dado mi rumano al pesado de los coj**** israeli, a su casa Love Hoy se duerme feliz. #EuroSemi2 #Eurovision
Marvel fan service, #LGBTQ . #eurovisiongr #Eurovision #ISR
LOVED this song!! #EUROVISION #isr Love
Bueno, mi top de la 2 semi de #ESC2022: 1. Suecia 2. Serbia 3. Australia 4. Rumania 5. Chipre 6. Irlanda 7. Republica Checa 8. Finlandia 9. Georgia 10. Malta 11. Azerbaiyan 12. Israel 13. Montenegro 14. Polonia 15. Estonia 16. Belgica 17. San Marino 18. Macedonia
My top 10 of today's #Eurovision semifinal. I am positively surprised by Serbia's, Israel's and Belgium's performance, disappointed by Poland's performance as the song is better than it was delivered on stage today
#Eurovision #ISR Solid double, exactly what you want when you don't want to win but not lose reputation.
Enjoying a wine and joining the hosts for more camera time! Lovely Israel #Eurovision
That being said, Israel, Australia, Azerbaijan, Romania and Ireland had better get through #EUROVISION Would love to see San Marino, Sweden and Georgia too
Israel, Ireland, Estonia, Poland, Australia and Romania are my top 6 in this second half for sure Love #EUROVISION
Vote for the Fun 3 #ROM #ISR #IRL Hola mi bebebe #Eurovision
I hope either Israel or Australia will qualify. Love from Greece Go Europee #ESC2022
Que odio hay hacia el repre de Israel no? Jajajaja es intensa la chica pero bueno, se lo esta pasando bien hombre jajajaja #EUROVISION #ESC2022
Yep, it was clear my vote went to San Marino, though Serbia, Belgium and Israel were good too #Eurovision
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