Status: Eliminated
Artist: Brooke Scullion
Song: That's Rich
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
#Eurovision #ESC2022 Ireland #Ireland: Brooke - That's Rich Kudos to Brooke. She has made giant leaps since pre-season with this. Neon blue and pink have never worked, but if anyone were to break the curse - it's Brooke. This is rock solid tonight. Oozing joy and fun. Love it.
#ireland was stunning. The vocals, the staging and Brookes confidence were all so great, the improvement since eurosong is unbelievable. Y'all better vote no.10 #Eurovision
Brooke's vocal performance was amazing, song was catchy and fun but where was the production @rte? We need to give our artists proper support #Eurovision2022
Great performance of one of my favourites this year from Ireland, a great catchy song. I hadn't recalled until they said the other night that she was on #TheVoiceUK but I remember really liking her on it so glad to see her here. #Eurovision
No no no! Injustice for Irelsnd! I mean I know the staging was dated but not only is That's Rich a BANGER but Brooke's voice is phenomenal #eurovision
Whatever happens tonight qualify or not #IRL can be so proud of that! Brooke has done such an amazing job I Turin & I would really love to see them in the final #Eurovision #ESC2022 #IRL #Ireland
No no no! Injustice for Ireland! I mean I know the staging was dated but not only is That's Rich a BANGER but Brooke's voice is phenomenal #eurovision
Fantastic performance of a brilliant song! Great stuff @Brooke_Scullion !! #EUROVISION
You did us so so proud @Brooke_Scullion Ireland you won Europe's hearts even if you won't be moving to the grand final Love much love #Eurovision
Not bad Ireland, not bad for another bop. Good luck mates #Eurovision
Kudos to Brooke Scullion tonight, of any act to so far tonight she had the crowd in the palm of her hand and delivered full of energy will that be enough to win the hearts of Europe #Eurovision2022
So impressed! That has to be the most energetic, fun, Irish #Eurovision entry in years and years! Great job @Brooke_Scullion #IRL #IRE @Eurovision Ireland Italy #Eurovision2022
That. Was. F**king. Brilliant. Whatever happens tonight @Brooke_Scullion has done us all so proud!! Love #Eurovision #IRL Ireland
Okay but @Brooke_Scullion absolutely killed it! Y'all better vote for Ireland cause its the first time we stand an actual chance in years lol #EUROVISION
Brooke was so good! Nice to hear something upbeat #Eurovision
What a brilliant performance from @Brooke_Scullion one of the best in some time she really did Ireland proud there all behind you for the results of the #Eurovision2022 hopefully we will make it out this time for Saturday Ireland
Good luck @Brooke_Scullion Love #eurovision
Brook was just so GOOD! Vocally solid throughout. Great dance moves. She was loving each minute of that performance. And I CACKLED when she burst out singing "Ole ole ole!" Gowan Derry Lipa! Ireland #Eurovision
For the first time in forever, I am so proud of our #Eurovision entry! #Brook to win! Love Love Love #Ireland
What an incredible performance by @Brooke_Scullion at #EUROVISION What a pop star Love CMON IRELAND Ireland
i'm such a sucker for an upbeat pop moment with a fun choreo and a colorful staging, ireland goes straight to the final for me #Eurovision
Brooke just went from 30th to 22nd to win and from 16th to 12th on the odds to qualify #IRL #Eurovision #ESC2022 You did us proud @Brooke_Scullion
Well done @Brooke_Scullion! You did #Ireland proud! We have to qualify with that performance!! Ireland #IRL #Eurovision
That's actually a joke. Well done Brooke - you did us so proud!! #Eurovision
Oh No Ireland! I did my best voting for you! Brooke you did amazing #Eurovision
Good luck @Brooke_Scullion THATS RICH Ireland #Eurovision
Dua Lipa on #Eurovision : I was thrilled to watch Ireland's performance this year, and it turns out I was right! Brooke is so talented and kind-hearted, she totally deserves to advance to the final! Vote IRELAND #10
Love the synthpop edge and it's catchy and the crowd's loving it. Lyrics and vocals are irritating though. One of Ireland's strongest entries in ages! #IRL #Eurovision
Buzzing for Brooke! Had the pleasure of chatting to her twice during the week and there's not many more likeable people you'll meet! What a performance Ireland Ireland . #Eurovision
Watching #eurovision and Brooke is FAB Love LOVE her energy
Irlanda..Ireland, MUY bien. Por fin un poco de musica POP. Bravo Brooke con 'That's rich'. #Eurovision
Ireland Brooke doing us so proud, regardless of result. This is by far our best entry in over a decade. She's owning that stage, the staging is so on point and the arena audience loved her #IRL #Eurovision
Really want #IRL Ireland to qualify! This is very bubblegum pop! Love it! Please vote everyone! @bbceurovision #Eurovision
Well done Brooke - for a chance in the final of #Eurovision2022 Really polished act & performance since the Late Late. Song really growing on me
#IRL Catchy Irish eurowave.. nice work! lol the breakdown vocals reminds me of Lords of Acid #Eurovision
AAAAAAHHH Brooke!!! Ireland That Was AWESOME!!!!!!#derrylipa #Stunning #BROOKE #Eurovision
Another fix #Eurovision . don't worry @Brooke_Scullion it was all a fix, best song of the night didn't get through. It's a joke
Ukraine will win of course because of politics first time and not the song contest but I'm not mad about that song at all. Be typical Ireland to come 2nd this year out of nowhere but not 1st #ESC2022
#Eurovision Semi-Final 2 has just kicked off Best of luck to Ireland's @Brooke_Scullion with her song That's Rich, as song number 10 Ireland #Turin #Italy #ESC2022
Congratulations to #BrookeScullion on a great performance for #Ireland @Eurovision Fingers crossed she can qualify for the final on Saturday night she deserves it #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision
Ireland A Derry girl, Brooke, whose presentation and lyrical content is quite different to that of Dana. And though the song has a contemporary feel and some nice touches, it'll be a win to get out of the semi finals #Eurovision #irl
Brooke! That was stunning Love Love Ireland could be back in the final #Eurovision
I'm so happy and proud of Brooke she deserves to qualify Ireland #Eurovision
Very refreshing after the shell. Nothing special but nice uptempo song by #irl #Eurovision #ESC2022 #eurovisionde
Well done brooke great performance. Cmon ireland #Eurovision
#IRL well done Brooke that was a great performance! #Eurovision @bbceurovision
i NEED the european community who i love dearly to vote for ireland en MASSE you do not UNDERSTAND how much i need to see brooke in the final #eurovision
Let's go Brooke you superstar Love Ireland #EUROVISION
The overwhelming vibe is just FUN. the song is fun, Brooke is fun, it's all just really great #Eurovision #IRE
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