Status: Eliminated
Artist: Sigga, Beta And Elin
Song: Med Haekkandi Sol
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Instagram: @sigga.ey
Armenia, Spain, Moldova (for the upbeat song), Iceland and Sweden are my favourites. And I am pretty sure none of them will win #EUROVISION . I've not picked the winner for at least 5 - 6 years.
Norway, Moldova, Belgium are my top 3; Iceland and Serbia are alright; Australia wins "best of the ballads" award, Poland wins "best vocals" #Eurovision
Loving Eurovision. My fav Norway and Netherlands. Australia, iceland and Portugal pretty damn great too ngl. Lotta great songs this year. Can't figure out who would win. #Eurovision
Done a Eurovision running order winner stats graph: Since 2000 you want to be in the 2nd half of the running order to win. Median winner is 71% through the show (this year: Iceland) but peaks are seen at 45% (this year: Netherlands) and 85% (this year: Australia ) #Eurovision
YES THESE WOMEN LOOK AMAZING. Iceland wins the sartorial competition #ISL #Eurovision
Everyone knows I am always very partial to anything Icelandic and I'm delighted to hear #systur in their beautiful language but not in my top 10. #Eurovision #12stig
My top 5 1 Lithuania 2 Iceland 3 Spain 4 Romania 5 Greece What's your fav's @ivoryflame @iancunliffe @godwinafaith @gshawisme @Gnaes #Eurovision .. Moldavia to win though
I'm liking Iceland's vibe. Dolly Parton meets Taylor Swift (the early years) meets Fleetwod Mac meets ABBA. But it won't win #Iceland #Eurovision
Fantastic Four Quarteto Fantastico #Eurovision #ISL
Faves: Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Serbia #Eurovision One of them better win
I once again can't choose favourites but I really loved Avar Kriss lookalike Sweden and the Iceland sisters. Australia and Germany were great too. And, well, Maneskin slayed. #Eurovision
In honour of #Eurovision Dana is singing #AllkindsofEverything on @BBCTwo. Last time I heard this song was a couple of weeks ago @IcelandWriters sung by Hera Bjoerk. Good luck tonight #Iceland!
Iceland. Not just great for a prawn ring. Loving this. Bet their Mum is very proud #Eurovision
I'm so happy to see Iceland in the grand final! VOTE FOR THE SISTERS #Eurovision
Iceland. Sooo cute. Lovely weed music. A fave. #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
Moje rozdanie pkt na #EUROVISION : 12p Hiszpania Spain 10p Ukraina Ukraine 8p Moldawia Moldova 7p Szwecja Sweden 6p UK United Kingdom 5p Rumunia Romania 4p Serbia 3p Estonia 2p Islandia Iceland 1p Australia Nie wpisywalem Polski Poland , bo na swoich glosowac nie mozna, ale wiadomo ze O
Sweden to win #Eurovision #ESC2022 loved Greece and Armenia too and Italy and Iceland and Australia hope uk United Kingdom do well
After years of fun acts, Iceland decided to send Wilson Phillips this year. Systur played Glastonbury as Sisy Ey in 2016. #Eurovision #SBSEurovision #joyeurovision #isl
Great songs from Iceland and Sweden #eurovision. Now time to see how we've ensured the UK cannot possibly win this year.
#GRE was a well performed ballad but didn't hugely standout from the others. #ISL was something and nothing. #MDA was fun but not a winner. #Eurovision2022
Thank you so much #Iceland for your support of #Ukraine on #Eurovision ! Ukraine Love Iceland
Iceland, one word, PERFECTION! Love #EUROVISION
Lovely. But not a winner #Eurovision #ICE
Top night of fun telly with #EUROVISION We kept score: partner left, me right. Zzz's mean partner fell asleep According to my wine fuelled scoring I have Iceland, France, Azerbaijan as my top 3. My taste never relates to the general voting however
I've got lots of lovely friends in Iceland, all of them knitters, and all if them female, so I love the Iceland entry for them, and it's not bad! #Eurovision
Icelandic Dixie Chicks? I mean I guess it was too optimistic thinking they'd send someone awesome three years in a row. #EUROVISION #ESC2022
For those interested, I'd like Ukraine, Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, Sweden and UK to win #Eurovision
I know they won't win but Iceland might be my fav #Eurovision
Norway and Moldova: thank you for making me laugh and forget for a while. Iceland: thank you for such a beautiful song. #EUROVISION
Nice happy song from Iceland #Eurovision
Seriously tempted to go #douzepoints to #isl This is a fun song, well sung, simple and effective and stands out from recent entries. #Eurovision
Iceland is giving me major HAIM vibes and I am grateful, what a cracking song. #eurovision #eurovisioniceland
slava ukraina ! Ukraine Pebezh genaoueg Bro-C'hall ! France Well done UK ! United Kingdom Muy Bien Espana ! Spain Proficiat Nederland ! The Netherlands Bravo la Belgique francophone ! Belgium Well done Australia ! United Kingdom Til hamingju Island ! Iceland Grattis till Sverige ! Swede
Ukraine Germany Lithuania Azerbaijan Belgium Greece Iceland Moldova Sweden Australia United Kingdom Poland Serbia Estonia #UKR for the Win. #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #Peace
Obviously 2022 is the year of the ballad. Too few upbeat, rock, pop for me. But loved Norway for the novelty & #Iceland #Moldova for being different #Eurovision
Loved so many performances this year! My favorites for sure included: Iceland, Portugal, Czech, Ukraine and Romania! #Eurovision
Please let either Sweden / United Kingdom / Estonia / Iceland / Ukraine / The Netherlands win! #Eurovision
Ooooh I liked Systur from Iceland! We love a folk sister group. #EUROVISION #ESC2022
Never expected to enjoy Icelandic country music. Best chill song so far #Eurovision
Las tres hermanas islandesas son una empresa familiar #ISL. Folk islandes vintage con mucho encanto #Eurovision. Le falta fuerza pero le sobra calidad. Entra suave en tu cerebro, y alli se queda Love Love
Iceland: strong channelling of the Indigo Girls, in fact, dare I say it, this is too good to be a #Eurovision song
I hope. This ends soon. Oh it has. It won't win but #Iceland gets my vote...#Eurovision
Iceland with the trans pride flags Love #Eurovision
I was pleasantly surprised to see Iceland in the final. Think this is a contender to finish last but good for them for getting here! #Eurovision
Iceland's music scene is incredibly rich and vibrant, yet they've chosen to serve up *this*? #Eurovision
Iceland's performance was very euphoric, I actually ascended to heaven. #Eurovision
Love the #LGBTQ support that #ISL bring, but the song's not a thing for me #Eurovision
My fav country song Love Love Love #Eurovision #Isl
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