Status: Eliminated
Artist: Amanda Tenfjord
Song: Die Together
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
again, very much showcasing why greece is my favourite, amanda absolutely smashing it with the best staging, and a proper emotional and lovely bop with an impressive run into the finish, gosh I bloody hope this is near the top #ESC2022 #GRE
Ok. Top 5 Italy Czech Republic Poland Sweden UK Not sure of order. Outsiders (to me) are Greece & France. #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision Soon the fun part......the comedy of the voting. Gotta love it. Mika is brilliant btw.
#Greece Another ballad, but a nicer song, better quality, better performed, chorus needs to be more 'join-in' / 'sing-along' to do better at Eurovision. Nice, like it, won't win. #Eurovision #GRE
Good luck France! Best song for me tonight! Love from Greece! #Eurovision #ESC2022 #Eurovisionfrance #Eurovisionfra
#ESC2022 I love Poland! Amazing song and greet performance! Bravo Poland Love from Greece!
Greece Song quite effective. Powerful. A bit catchy. Big dramatic key change. Top stuff. 8/10 Costume Kate Bush/Princess Leia 6/10 Performance good use of the stage and those shadow things again 6/10 #Eurovision
Finland Moldova (OMG YES, THE JOY THIS GIVES ME, probably below UKR or ITA but MY LIST) UK (WOW WE WERE ACTUALLY GOOD THIS TIME DON'T HAVE TO LIE - still biased tho) Ukraine Serbia (Song could have more, but damn that performance) Italy Greece Norway ... #Eurovision2022
Good Luck UK #GrahamNorton you are the best! #Eurovision2022 Best wishes from Greece
Blimey. The #gre entry is maudlin? Beautiful girl and appreciate the sentiment, but we need uplifting, bouncy songs this isn't doing it for me, I'm afraid #ESC2022 #Eurovision #Greece
Good Evening Europe!!! Have Fun & Good Luck Amanda!!! Good Luck Greece!!! #Eurovision #GRE
Good Luck UK! #GrahamNorton you are the best! #Eurovision Best wishes from Greece
I WANT #GRE Greece to win #Eurovision or give Amanda a Top 5. It's one of the best songs this year.
Man. I do not envy those who actually get to vote for their faves in #EUROVISION because I have so many faves! I think my top 2 though are Poland and Greece Greece. Soooo many talented artists! Love @JohnnyGWeir @peacockTV #ESC2022
I love how cute Amanda reacts when she gets 12 points. @amandatenfjord you are an amazing artist! Love Love Love Love #Eurovision
Who's watching #Eurovision 2022 Grand Final? This is my Top 10 Prediction: Portugal Norway Italy Spain Greece Sweden UK Poland Serbia This is my Winner Prediction: Ukraine @Eurovision
Humble, beautiful, STUNNING vocals #greece #Eurovision #esc2022 #eurovisiongr
This was beautiful.. sad and depressing but very European and I felt quite loved when I listened to it. Love ~ Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord - Die Together - LIVE - Greece - Grand Final #Eurovision
Romania, Finland or Moldova to win Love Special mentions: Belgium and Greece #Eurovision
good luck greece Greece Love #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #eurovisiongr
Good luck girl!! Give your best #eurovisiongr #Eurovision #Greece #GoAmanda
ok greece won't win but can we have spain as the winner Please #Eurovision
Song 17 - Die Together That was a haunting wonderful ballad with a magical voice I really liked this #Eurovision #GRE
Greece was AMAZING in the arena for the jury final last night. It's stunning #GRE #Eurovision
#ESC2022 #eurovisiongr Good luck Amanda!!You've already made us proud!!!
#greece great song, my top five. Love it #EUROVISION
My top 5 1 Lithuania 2 Iceland 3 Spain 4 Romania 5 Greece What's your fav's @ivoryflame @iancunliffe @godwinafaith @gshawisme @Gnaes #Eurovision .. Moldavia to win though
Fantastic #GRE - channeling the amazing Lauri Anderson on #Eurovision
Wow, beautiful Greece #GRE #Eurovision
So many great songs but my top 3 1. Greece 2. UK 3. Australia #Eurovision I LOVE MIKA
#eurovisiongr #Eurovision #EurovisionSongContest #Foustanela Bravo Amanda Love Vote Greece , !
Good luck Greece Greece enjoy the stage @amandatenfjord go girl #Eurovision #eurovisiongr @YKapoutzidis
These ballads are exhausting aren't they? Fair play to Greece, she's got a great voice and it's a great song. But the running order has made this chasm of ballads in the back half and it's not going to do her any favours in the vote... #Eurovision
I'm literally speechless.... #Greece My girl just slayed. This song is giving me chills everytime that I hear it. Amanda is amazing. I really hope she'll be the winner, cause she def deserves it. OMG We literally died !!!! #eurovisiongr #Eurovision #esc2022
#Eurovision #gre is a lovely meaningful song. Probably too good to get many votes
Faves: Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Serbia #Eurovision One of them better win
#Greece strong performance good vocals could be one to watch quite pleasant #EUROVISION #EurovisionSongContest
Greece's song - haunting and beautiful. Definitely one of the best so far. #Eurovision
Our sofa jury independently marked each act and we came up with the same top five UK Poland Australia Greece Ukraine One of them will win. (Though Portugal was my fave) #Eurovision2022
Greece - lovely lady, beautiful dress! Greece Greece #Eurovision
#greece awesome chills and goosebumps #Eurovision
Sweden to win #Eurovision #ESC2022 loved Greece and Armenia too and Italy and Iceland and Australia hope uk United Kingdom do well
My Top 10 without United Kingdom (Obvs I want Sam to win): 12 Sweden 10 Italy 8 Ukraine 7 Spain 6 Australia 5 Greece 4 Poland 3 Azerbaijan 2 The Netherlands 1 Estonia #Eurovision
Greece wins best dressed. #Eurovision
LFG Amanda! Huge fan of Greece this year! Love it! #GRE #Eurovision
#GRE was a well performed ballad but didn't hugely standout from the others. #ISL was something and nothing. #MDA was fun but not a winner. #Eurovision2022
Ah yes, my "female heroine going on an epic dark adventure" playlist song, where is your sword??? #GRE #Eurovision
Amanda and the sisters are giving beautiful performances tonight.And I LOVE their costumes the most. Love Love Love Love #eurovision
Beautiful Love #gre #EUROVISION
Onto Greece, now only 10 minutes behind!! Determined to catch up. This is okay? Like fine? Alright-ish? Time to top up the pink fizz?? #Eurovision
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