Status: Eliminated
Artist: Malik Harris
Song: Rockstars
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Mika to win #EUROVISION ! Oh wait. No? Okay. Germany then! Or Australia. Doggo approved! He relaxed properly during love!
My Eurovision 2022 Grand Final Top 7 Poland Spain UK United Kingdom Romania Belgium Italy Germany Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
Well Ukraine (obviously!) Norway (Grandmas, bananas and wolves - what's not to like?) Switzerland, Germany and Azerbaijan (great talented boys with nice songs) Moldova (utter madness and catchy and kids will love it) #Eurovision
Speechless!!! Great performance from @_MalikHarris_ Love Love Love Vote for Germany Love #ESC2022 #Eurovision
Okay, I had no idea who he is until now he's cute and the song is really good. I like it. We won't win anything with it but I really like it. #GER #Eurovision
Even though I picked Rockstar's lyrics as most relatable back earlier in the season, I did not expect Malik to hit me right in the heart tonight. This is why I love #Eurovision. Tonight has been incredible. And we still have so much to come.
wow im so proud Malik did amazing #Eurovision #GER
#GER winning it for me so far! Yes h: cute, but the lyrics and the flow work well! Damn catchy!! #Eurovision #esc2022
My faves are Norway ,Germany, Moldova and UK and would love Sam to win for the uk!!! #Eurovision
Woow huge respects for Germany, this is something different. I like it very much with the emotional and thoughtful performance #Eurovision
He seems very likeable and always impressed when people play instruments live on stage, I want to love it, but I just don't love the song. #Eurovision #GER
My faves are Romania, France, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Moldova, UK, Poland and Estonia. So someone else will win, probably Norway Also, Mika Love Love Love #Eurovision
My #Eurovision top 5: 1. France 2. Germany 3. Ukraine 4. Moldova 5. Finland With some love for the UK entry for actually being decent this year Husband's fave is Norway
Germany actually one of the most underrated songs this year, it's really charming and Malik is great #Eurovision
Not the best performance, but, again, I appreciate a good song . #GER #Eurovision
She's lucky to have come after Germany. Enjoying this song more today than the semis and I think it's because it's a nice change of pace. #Eurovision
Aww you have first place in my heart @SamRyderMusic - you are and have done awesome. Thank you Congrats to Ukraine, #SlavaUkraine wishing you victory and many years of peace to come. Ps: Germany you were robbed! We feel your pain. #Eurovision #UKMadeItToTheLeftofTheTable
I'm so happy for Malik didn't finished in the bottom 3 for the public! A Porrugal top 10 Love Germany Portugal #Eurovision
Huge credit to Germany keeping Lena special by never even trying to have another winner #Eurovision #GER
I once again can't choose favourites but I really loved Avar Kriss lookalike Sweden and the Iceland sisters. Australia and Germany were great too. And, well, Maneskin slayed. #Eurovision
#EUROVISION #esc2022 United Kingdom UK last got 2nd in 1998 Spain last did this good in 1995 Ukraine now win 3 times Poland last did thisgood in 2016 Greece got 7th place in 2011 France last did this bad in 2015 Romania last qualify in 2017 Germany get last again
Hey @hey_jude76 ! Are you watching?? Sam got lots of applause, I think we in Germany are lonely this time making last place. Good luck!!!#Eurovision2022
idk how the esc works but germany has 0 points that's probably not good lmao #Eurovision
#Germany for the win for me so far. Love this!! Love #Eurovision
I mean, I'm Team #GER but #UKR's entry is a solid banger, so good on 'em. #EUROVISION
#Germany was really good tonight, but since we can not vote for our own country, vote for #Ukraine. Next year we all go to peacefull Ukraine to celebrate Life and #Eurovision . Thats how you do it: send 12 to 99599. 10 times. Dankeschoen.
Who else Is watching #EUROVISION I would love it if Sam Ryder brought it home but I have to say I loved Germany's song definitely gets my vote
Eye candy for the gay crowd - myself included! Love In the event Norway does not win, I hope to see this guy in Germany next year! #MalikHarris #Rockstars #Eurovision2022 @SBSEurovision #esc2022
"No one likes us I don't know why We may not be perfect But heaven knows we try." (Randy Newman, originally not about #Germany, but, well...) #Eurovision #esc2022
OK, my fave songs are Armenia Germany Portugal Portugal and Lithuania but I want Ukraine to win #Eurovision #ESC2022
I know there are so many great songs, but pleeease vote for #13 because Malik is so likeable and deserves it. #Eurovision
Switzerland, Germany and UK were the best three songs IMO Ukraine for the win obvs #EUROVISION
It's #eurovision tonight... so let's play Eurovision Hot Sauces... Germany German entry, very fond of using the English language though not quite got the hang of the romantic side Come in with your #eurovision2022 hangover tomorrow to admire German saucy humour @merrioncentre
According to the german commentary on air the average of the public vote for Ukraine was above 11 points. Congrats, you can win ! #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision #ESC2022
Thank you #Eurovision to what countries I will be supporting when I head to Europe #Ukraine #Poland #Latvia #Moldova and the ones which I will not. The countries that need the most support! I already kind of live in the U.K anyways. hahah Germany Is a NOPE.
Glad Germany got some points. I really liked their song and thought it should have done better than last #Eurovision
Ok #GER how many instruments do you wanna play for us while singing!! Now your just showing off, not only is this an amazing song but dude you are so talented!!! #Eurovision
Not just because he's from the UK but Sam Ryder is good. Up there as one of my faves with Sweden, Germany, Finland and Moldova obviously. And the best ass goes to Spain! Fair play!!! #Eurovision
Wow Germany, using a looper pedal. You could at least have done something interesting with it... #Eurovision #ger
#Eurovision #Germany a great performance, a huge improvement from last year's entry
Ok our #Top4 are Finland, Ukraine, Germany and Norway #Eurovision for the first time I like United Kingdom entry so we get some points #GrahamNorton thanks for the commentary throughout the evening you have also been fantastic
So sweet! Ukraine gave UK 12 points to Britain as did err Germany! The UK is leading the league table right now... When did Britai last win? The 1970s?...#Eurovision is going well for us! Poland gave Ukraine 12 points.
Great performance Love Germany #Eurovision
#Eurovision2022 okay, Germany is the type of music I would buy - it's not Eurovision but I love it and based on my personal tastes it's my favourite so far Love
This is a great song. Good performance. #ger #Eurovision
Ja Leute das wird nen easy Win fur Deutschland (okay sorry man soll nicht so gemein sein) #esc2022
yesss my tl is liking germany i love to see it #Eurovision
Germany's entry looks like a teenage boy who wants to make a band (he dreams of being a rockstar), but no one wants to join - so he has to play all the instruments himself. Keep on dreaming. It is a good thing to dream, even if they never come true. #Eurovision2022
Please god Germany on zero points and UK wins this #Eurovision
Did I mention I'm perfectly happy with Germany getting nil pois? #Eurovision
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