Status: Eliminated
Artist: Malik Harris
Song: Rockstars
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Okay, I had no idea who he is until now he's cute and the song is really good. I like it. We won't win anything with it but I really like it. #GER #Eurovision
Speechless!!! Great performance from @_MalikHarris_ Love Love Love Vote for Germany Love #ESC2022 #Eurovision
Even though I picked Rockstar's lyrics as most relatable back earlier in the season, I did not expect Malik to hit me right in the heart tonight. This is why I love #Eurovision. Tonight has been incredible. And we still have so much to come.
#GER winning it for me so far! Yes h: cute, but the lyrics and the flow work well! Damn catchy!! #Eurovision #esc2022
Woow huge respects for Germany, this is something different. I like it very much with the emotional and thoughtful performance #Eurovision
Germany actually one of the most underrated songs this year, it's really charming and Malik is great #Eurovision
Not the best performance, but, again, I appreciate a good song . #GER #Eurovision
She's lucky to have come after Germany. Enjoying this song more today than the semis and I think it's because it's a nice change of pace. #Eurovision
wow im so proud Malik did amazing #Eurovision #GER
Nice song, Germany! If someone in the other group said it looked like a song we usually hear in the cafe, not entirely wrong. But I really enjoy this, idk this suddenly grew or this sounds really nice live! #eurovision
#Germany for the win for me so far. Love this!! Love #Eurovision
Well done, #GER. Maybe we could try sending good songs. Just a thought. #Eurovision
I know there are so many great songs, but pleeease vote for #13 because Malik is so likeable and deserves it. #Eurovision
Huge credit to Germany keeping Lena special by never even trying to have another winner #Eurovision #GER
I suspect #GER is going to get forgotten in the voting, but i think this is hugely underrated. Great work, Malik. You never fail to perform this like you mean every word of it. #Eurovision
Germany Feels like songs from the 2010's where a ballad was mixed with a rap! Good song! Catchy! #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
Germany's entry looks like a teenage boy who wants to make a band (he dreams of being a rockstar), but no one wants to join - so he has to play all the instruments himself. Keep on dreaming. It is a good thing to dream, even if they never come true. #Eurovision2022
Glad Germany got some points. I really liked their song and thought it should have done better than last #Eurovision
Ok #GER how many instruments do you wanna play for us while singing!! Now your just showing off, not only is this an amazing song but dude you are so talented!!! #Eurovision
Germany I love you my sweetie you did great #Eurovision
Malik I love you!!! You're great!!! #Eurovision
This is cool. Not sure if it's a winner but really like it. #GER #Eurovision
Great performance Love Germany #Eurovision
#Eurovision2022 okay, Germany is the type of music I would buy - it's not Eurovision but I love it and based on my personal tastes it's my favourite so far Love
He seems very likeable and always impressed when people play instruments live on stage, I want to love it, but I just don't love the song. #Eurovision #GER
'I want Germany to win because I like the way he's dressed' says mother #Eurovision
This is a great song. Good performance. #ger #Eurovision
As the sole Germany stan this year I just wanna say- he did GREAT!! #Eurovision
we've decided it's Lewis capaldi someone you loved with a dash of Eminem love the way you lie #Eurovision #germany
Got excited- thought Germany was a tiny guy wi a ukulele but its a normal size guy wi a guitar. He was quite good, but. #Eurovision
To be fair, #Germany, I quite like it. It's catchy af #Eurovision
Ja Leute das wird nen easy Win fur Deutschland (okay sorry man soll nicht so gemein sein) #esc2022
yesss my tl is liking germany i love to see it #Eurovision
Did I mention I'm perfectly happy with Germany getting nil pois? #Eurovision
Im so proud of him i love this performance sm #Eurovision #Germany
Thank you @peacockTV for allowing me to experience @Eurovision live this year! This German expat us very happy today. #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022 #Germany
Germany 0 points. Why? It's my favorite song Love Give them some points #ESC2022
Thank GOODNESS Germany got some votes! #Eurovision
Well done #Germany we love Love you not to worry #Eurovision2022
#Eurovision #Germany a great performance, a huge improvement from last year's entry
Loving the #Germany song #GER #Eurovision Love
Malik Harris is very cute Love #GER Germany #Eurovision
one of my favorite song i love the sound Germany #Eurovision
Wasn't a fan on first listen, but he sung that well and the staging really helps. #GER #Eurovision #ESC2022
The #GER entry is growing on me. Reminds me of 21 Pilots. Good song to drive too #Eurovision
Yeah I quite like #germany it's catchy #Eurovision
Oh I feel bad for Germany! I actually loved that performance! #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #SBSEurovision
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