Status: Eliminated
Artist: Circus Mircus
Song: Lock Me In
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Georgia's entry: Love Love Love! Catchy song, funky beat, fab staging & the glasses OMG so steampunk cool. I'll give them a vote later on tonight. #Eurovision
Georgia was crazy. I liked it! Made better use of stage than Finland. Could be a surprise qualifier. Malta's Delta Goodrem! Emma Muscat was so cute & fun. I always liked the song & she really put a smile on my face. #Eurovision #ESC2022
Quite a strong #Eurovision semifinal. There are hardly any song I find unworthy of going through. My favorites Georgia and Serbia have little chance to do so though. The Czech Reoublic very good too.
My top ten, in no particular order: San Marino Estonia Romania Poland Serbia Sweden Israel Cyprus Georgia Australia Good luck! #Eurovision
LOVE Circus Mircus omg the whole bouquet in the beard is incredible #Eurovision
I've voted for Georgia and San Marino Please vote for Ireland @Brooke_Scullion was awesome!!!! #EUROVISION #ESC2022
#EUROVISION i love georgia and their endlessly random entries, never cease to be fun
Good, but far from a winner sadly. Loved the mini paper band in the box tho, feels like the song is lacking a climax or big moment #Eurovision #Georgia #GEO
True #Eurovision fans know - the most enjoyably worst songs are in the #semifinals. But wow the #PerformanceArt of #Serbia into the eye & ear candy of #Georgia is actually brilliant
2nd Semifinal #Eurovision My favs in order: Ireland Czech Republic Israel Romania Finland San Marino Less catchy, but fine songs Estonia Sweden Malta Georgia
I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Georgia! CIRCUS MIRCUS! Amazing! #Eurovision #Eurovision 2022 #ESC2022
SONG 05: GEORGIA Georgia Georgia, I don't know what's going on over there, but whatever it is I love you for it. Vote for this if you loved "Midnight Gold" or just love things that are weird and delightful. Please, just vote for it. #Eurovision | #ESC2022 | #Georgia
Georgia was smashing. Best so far tonight for sure #Geo #Eurovision2022
Haven't seen them all, so going by the clips, here's five: Georgia sounds great San Marino for the bucking bronco Australia for the great headgear Ireland, obvs Sweden is pretty good Cyprus' entry should have been a Stath Lets Flats song. #EUROVISION
Yes @Rylan summed #Georgia up perfectly it's like Willy Wonka grew up and went to Ibiza. However I weridly liked it! #Eurovision
Starting my second viewing of the #Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final today, after watching the full show this afternoon! Go Ireland Malta Good luck all Finland Israel Serbia Azerbaijan Georgia Malta San Marino Australia Cyprus Ireland North Macedonia Estonia Romania Poland Montenegro Belgium Sweden Czech Re
Faves, Finland followed by Georgia so far, amazing!! #Eurovision
#Eurovision #GEO catchy tune and I love the little puppet theatre Love
And the best dressed award goes to: Georgia #Eurovision
I love the bonkers aesthetic - it reminds me of Flaming Lips. The only problem is that there really isn't much aside from a fun chorus. #GEO #Eurovision
Finland,Georgia and Poland are my faves. They better qualify #Eurovision
Circus Mircus to be awarded the best artist name #esc2022 #GEO
Good luck to #georgia #sweden and #northmacedonia #Eurovision2022 #EUROVISION
My favourites so far San Marino (fabulous), Malta and Georgia. Love Brooke but not mad about Irish song but based on what I have seen so far we have a fighting chance of getting through. Come on Brooke Ireland #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #BrookeScullion
Had to split my votes tonight, but the majority went to San Marino & Georgia Good luck to all contestants #EUROVISION
Laurin aani ei kylla nyt ihan auennut, tai lahtenyt, mutta hyva veto kuitenkin. Michael Ben David on Love , Georgian kukkaparta ja biisi oli catchy ja San Marino oli#Eurovision
Something different. Funny outfits, easy lyrics... the song reminds me of something... hmm... #GEO #Eurovision #ESC2022 #escorf #srfesc
Circus mircus after Azerbaijan was the best decision they could've made, and I'm really enjoying their performance #Eurovision
My top 5 in no particular order: Georgia, Serbia, San Marino, Sweden, and Czech Republic. Honorary mentions to Australia and Montenegro because vocals were on point. Belgium was quite good too. #EUROVISION
Bueno, mi top de la 2 semi de #ESC2022: 1. Suecia 2. Serbia 3. Australia 4. Rumania 5. Chipre 6. Irlanda 7. Republica Checa 8. Finlandia 9. Georgia 10. Malta 11. Azerbaiyan 12. Israel 13. Montenegro 14. Polonia 15. Estonia 16. Belgica 17. San Marino 18. Macedonia
I LOVE Georgia and I don't care. Transports me back to my Indie Night clubbing days in Newport. #Eurovision @beanies_masato Georgia
Makes me happy seeing people like Georgia's song. I'm proud #Eurovision #ESC2022
Georgia, Finland, San Marino, Serbia and Romania I'm rooting for you!!! Shoutout to Ireland, hoping Brooke qualifies too #EUROVISION
Omg the flower beard is so amazing #Georgia #EUROVISION
Good afternoon Europe and #Eurovision here are the ten favourites from the Langley jury: Israel Azerbaijan Georgia San Marino Cyprus Ireland Estonia Romania Poland Czechia
#EUROVISION Georgia should stick to ballads if they want to be liked it was fun but also extremely bad, so 3/10
Finland. They had a big hit y'know. This isn't it. Israel. Camp. Serbia showing us hand washing drama there. Azerbaijan. Can't be doing with overly sincere ballads. Georgia. Steampunk still alive and well I see. Malta. I went there recently. It's nice. #Eurovision
That being said, Israel, Australia, Azerbaijan, Romania and Ireland had better get through #EUROVISION Would love to see San Marino, Sweden and Georgia too
#GEO 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' sequel certainly looks more interesting than the first movie. #Eurovision #ESC2022 #SemiFinal2 #BestiesEurovision
my eyes hurt after the circus mircus performance what on earth was that?? at least it was fun ig - much more engaging than whatever azerbaijan was but oh boy #ESC2022
Israel Georgia Belgium Australia Poland Malta : no me gustan nada Azerbaijan Montenegro Romania : Bien pero no creo q pasen North Macedonia Estonia : mucho mejor de lo que me esperaba San Marino Finland : muy buenas Ireland Czech Republic Cyprus Serbia : Buenisimas a la final Sweden : CONFETI
What a second semifinal at #Eurovision #ESC2022 I have *no idea* who is going to make it through (especially after that first SF ). My favourites? Australia, San Marino, Sweden, Estonia, Poland and prog pop Georgia. Shoutouts to all though. A very good suite of songs
moj top: 1. San Marino - rebjonok mjensona, boja Dzhordzha i Damiano 2. Finland - moja ljubov- s 2006 3. Serbia - sjurrr 4. Sweden 5. Australia 6. Israel - tretij den- napevaju jetu pesnju; gej-ikona 7. Georgia - sjurrr 8. Ireland 9. Poland - nomer i pesnja takoooe, no golos Love 10. Estonia -
5 votes each for Serbia and San Marino. 5 votes plus an extra one for the best song in the contest from Czechia. And an extra vote for Georgia because they're cool #eurovision
From randomness of Georgia to sensible Malta ! Love this song, Love Malta #Eurovision
#Eurovision is such a great mass. Georgia are instant favs
georgia's band is iconic i want that flower beard #Eurovision
Georgia - I love you, you are my kind of weird @SBSEurovision #ESC2022
Georgia gives me @GISH vibes and that's fantastic! #Eurovision
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