Status: Eliminated
Artist: Alvan And Ahez
Song: Fulenn
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @ahezmusic
Instagram: @ahezmusic
Favourite was Mika tbh. Loved the sweetness of Armenia, the elegance and singalongability of the Netherlands. Really proud a Celtic language was sung by FRA, and UKR was haunting. Have fallen in love with Lithuania. Unashamed that I loved UK. Moldova was fun #Eurovision
Ok. Top 5 Italy Czech Republic Poland Sweden UK Not sure of order. Outsiders (to me) are Greece & France. #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision Soon the fun part......the comedy of the voting. Gotta love it. Mika is brilliant btw.
#EUROVISION Post! I'm still Team Australia - I love Sheldon. But Spain, France, Armenia and the U.K. brought some brilliant songs. I am so excited to see who wins!
THE QUEEN !! YOU'RE AMAZING !!! YOU'RE MY FAVORITE !! @LauraPausini un Medley en 5 langues dont en francais Love Love France France Bravo Laura !!! #Eurovision #LauraPausini
Good luck France! Best song for me tonight! Love from Greece! #Eurovision #ESC2022 #Eurovisionfrance #Eurovisionfra
After a near triumph last year, France are doing their best to guarantee they don't win this year #FRA #Eurovision
#ESC2022 Personal faves: France ( Love ), Spain Also really liked (hoping for them to be high): Ukraine, Serbia, Romania Several nice songs I also enjoyed: Portugal, Norway, Italy, Armenia, Azerbaijan
I liked France's goth rave, Moldova and Norway for standing out from the crowd, but have forgotten every single ballad already, though the British guy is a great singer. Would be nice to see Ukraine win though #Eurovision
#france pretty cool..great lighting! Good moves and fab tune!#Eurovision
#Eurovision #Esc2022 Mon top ( Hors France Love ) Republique Tcheque Norvege Azerbaijan Australie Pologne Pays-Bas ... Good Luck Vive la France #06 et la Bretagne @alvan_music @ahezmusic
Je suis absolument degoutee pour Alvan & Ahez !!! I thought the song was really cool !!! They didn't deserve this @alvan_music @ahezmusic @AlexRedde #Eurovision2022 #eurovision Bravo pour une magnifique performance !!! Extremely powerful !!! Love
Thank you for the wonderful performance!!! Love from North Macedonia You got my vote! Vote FRANCE! #Eurovision @alvan_music
So i would say my top 5 picks are norway, france, portugal, spain and ofc ukraine. But i also would be happy with the uk winning #Eurovision
So many of my faves didn't make it, at this point if France wins I will be happy #Eurovision
So far I have loved all the best parties: France, Czech Republic, Romania and more heartful Portugal. Exciting times!#Eurovision
Wooow, elle etait top la Finlande ce soir a l'#Eurovision sur France 2 ! Love Love #Eurovision2022
My faves are Romania, France, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Moldova, UK, Poland and Estonia. So someone else will win, probably Norway Also, Mika Love Love Love #Eurovision
My #Eurovision top 5: 1. France 2. Germany 3. Ukraine 4. Moldova 5. Finland With some love for the UK entry for actually being decent this year Husband's fave is Norway
Norway, France, Moldova, and Ukraine are my favourites. Normally my favourites don't win but this time one of them might be in with a chance... #Eurovision
mis favs pa este ano moldavia, reino unido, espana, serbia y si hubiera visto toda la actuacion de francia y noruega quizas tmbn(?) y bueno, ucrania ha estado bastante bien tmbn, asi q la incluyo tmbn #Eurovision
France sounds so fucking epic, what an amazing forest rave #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022
Spain was awesome but I think France or Moldova should win it #Eurovision
I WANT SPAIN OR UK TO WIN! Would also be happy with France, Italy, Armenia! #Eurovision2022
Fier de la France @ahezmusic @alvan_music qui ont si bien representes notre pays ce soir ! France Congratulations Ukraine #KalushOrchestra ! So deserved, the best performance of tonight Ukraine #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision
#FRA one of the least French things I've ever seen. I think I liked it... very handsome lead... love a musician who can turn their hand to any instrument... #Eurovision
Now looks, CALL ME BIAS ALL YOU LIKE but the UK/Sam Ryder was honestly, genuinely excellent and worthy of a very high finish tonight. Our best in years. My top 3 are Moldova, UK and France (sorry Ukraine). No top 3 for the UK will be a robbery #Eurovision2022
#fra This is very different from France (in a good way) pity half the backdrop is hidden by the Non-Kinetic Black Hole behind them. Think it's easily the best staging so far up with Finland. Fun and different. #ESC2022
I like France this is classic Eurovision great @JohnnyGWeir Music fantastic #Eurovision2022
So our picks (me and the lovely @JP2RIC ) are Norway (bananas), France (hybrid genre), Lithuania (disco Liza), Moldova (Rednex), Sweden (epic pop) and UK (Jesus) #Eurovision
loving France for two reasons 1) the song is fucking amazing 2) them, just them... like I am looking respectfully #Eurovision
france was very good, much better than many countries, why is it at the bottom?? It's just not fair #EUROVISION #esc2022
singing in Breton is pretty awesome. love the drum beat too #Eurovision #fra
I can't get over how beautiful that French singer is Love #Eurovision
Moldova France Ukraine The Netherlands Portugal Australia Poland Definitely my favourites of tonight but still love so many other songs too. Strong final for the most part. #Eurovision
Czech Rebublic, Finland, France, Spain, Lithuania, Serbia and many more other countries had amazing songs this year Love #esc2022
Wow, I can't decide! France was amazing and Serbia was just so wickedly clever. #Eurovision
I loved France songs and wow first time Eurovision without song in french #Eurovision
My top 5 in no particular order: France, Netherlands, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland. Obviously, I want Belgium to win though. #Eurovision
I love France's song. It gives me vibes and I won't say which kind of vibes because it's better this way #EUROVISION #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022 #ESCita
I know the rest of Europe loves an overwrought ballad but all my votes are going to the kind of old-school Euro summer banger you can imagine dancing badly to at your 1988 French exchange trip final night disco. Thank you, Romania! #Eurovision
On vote #6 #Eurovision Love France , c'etait genial
My personal top is Norway, Spain, Ukraine and Belgium, in no particular order (But a spiteful Tanxugueiras fan in me wants France to win) #EUROVISION
My Top 10 with no special order bc I can't choose: Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Norway, Moldova, Italy, Australia, France, Spain , Finland AND HONORABLE MENTION TO LATVIA BECAUSE THEY DESERVED BETTER #Eurovision
Top night of fun telly with #EUROVISION We kept score: partner left, me right. Zzz's mean partner fell asleep According to my wine fuelled scoring I have Iceland, France, Azerbaijan as my top 3. My taste never relates to the general voting however
France's song, similar to Ukraine's song at 2021 but it's so beautiful Love Love Love Love #Eurovision
Thank god France didn't get zero points, their song was AMAZING. #Eurovision
IT WAS SO GREAT, FANTASTIC! #FRA #Eurovision @alvan_music
france was good until he started dancing lmfao #Eurovision
Our top five: Norway, Serbia Moldova, UK and France. Loved them all, and surprised as to how good UK actually was! Can't wait to see the carnage of the voting. #Eurovision
Ah #France watchable if the song isn't the best #Eurovision2022 Mind it's nice when countries do it in their own language.
Talalalalala Lala Ouh Ouh Ah Ah La chanson neerlandaise est clairement un hymne aux grandes chansons a texte ! #Eurovision #NED
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