Status: Eliminated
Artist: The Rasmus
Song: Jezebel
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
The Rasmus are back, and Finland is ready to ROCK YOU. Jezebel is a genuinely great pop rock song, and in any other year I'd have this in with a chance of winning. Lauri is also GREAT on stage, even without his amazing disappearing coat. Excellent stuff. #FIN #Eurovision
I love you- The Rasmus! Good Luck Finland! I hope you will be winner! #Eurovision #Finland The Rasmus #ESC2022 Eurovision
The Rasmus Finland Loved them since my childhood. I listen to them still. Haven't heard the other songs yet but would be awesome if they won for Finland #Eurovision Family time, best time
Loved Finland!! I so want them to win Rasmus took me back to my youth!! Really liked UK entry too!! Graham Norton you are my hero!!! #Eurovision #SamRyder #TheRasmus #GrahamNorton
anyone of my fellow #Eurofans also #AnimalCrossing players? My island rep is routing for my top three: Norway Finland Sweden wearing the perfect @Subwoolferband stan outfit! Good Luck Everyone! #Eurovision
I saw them live 10 years ago, that was one of my first concerts and i still have good memories about it, they're really amazing Love VOTE FINLAND 04 Finland #TheRasmus #Eurovision #EUROVISION #ESC2022 #Eurovision2022
Loved Finland's energy Norway's absurdity wonderful Netherlands ballad touching But for folk-rap fun all Ukraine #Eurovision
#Eurovision time . Can't wait to see The Rasmus play live - love their mystic . Good luck to #SamRyder tonight . I'm also liking the Sweden song Hold Me Closer and Azerbaijan song Fade to black
Wow Finland is beautiful Love #Eurovision
Parade of flags So excited for Finland #TheRasmus #Eurovision Also love Armenia and Australia Excited to hear the big 5 It's gonna be a good night!
The Rasmus on the stage with smiles and joy was something to be proud of. Good job! Finland #Eurovision #ESC2022 #Euroviisut
Finland Moldova (OMG YES, THE JOY THIS GIVES ME, probably below UKR or ITA but MY LIST) UK (WOW WE WERE ACTUALLY GOOD THIS TIME DON'T HAVE TO LIE - still biased tho) Ukraine Serbia (Song could have more, but damn that performance) Italy Greece Norway ... #Eurovision2022
Amazing #Eurovision2022, I'm voting Finland after that incredible performance from Rasmus. #VoteFinland!!
#Eurovision Grand Final 04. Finland #Finland The Rasmus Jezebel About the country Participations 55 Victories 1 Last year 6th Best ranking Winner 2006 EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett
Couldn't help my foot tapping to Finland's 70s glam rock entry, Norway's Give the Wolf Who Ate Grandma a Banana was also a contender & I thought the UK was the best for ages but I suppose Ukraine will win. #Eurovision
My vote goes to Finland but I've loved The Rasmus for years so it's a no brainer! I quite liked Ukraine and Spain too! Norway was catchy, but I ain't feeding no bananas to any Wolves #Eurovision
I know it's not about the best song but that Sweden tune is massive!! Rooting for Serbia, Moldova and Norway, obviously. Been a Rasmus fan for 20 years so hope Finland does well. UK surprisingly innocent this year! #EUROVISION
I already was a fan od The Rasmus but this isn't one of their best song. But I love them #Eurovision
omgg it's our turn . GOOD LUCK our finland Finland Love #ESC2022 #euroviisut #Eurovision #FIN
Romania, Finland or Moldova to win Love Special mentions: Belgium and Greece #Eurovision
okay my mum just said she liked the rasmus and when my MUM says she likes a rock song? mate you done GOOD #Eurovision
On an upturn with Finland. Was hoping they would get 99 yellow balloons in the lyrics somewhere. Though, was it raining when you turned up? 6/10 (that's 5/10 with a @purplefi bonus point for funny hair and yellow boots) #Eurovision
Wooow, elle etait top la Finlande ce soir a l'#Eurovision sur France 2 ! Love Love #Eurovision2022
Ukraine , Finland , Poland , Moldova good luck Love #Eurovision #EUROVISION
Thank you #therasmus and #mika for winning my chap over to accept we are watching #Eurovision he's now writing down the countries he likes #Finland
My #Eurovision top 5: 1. France 2. Germany 3. Ukraine 4. Moldova 5. Finland With some love for the UK entry for actually being decent this year Husband's fave is Norway
Finland next! The Rasmus was my favourite band when I was literally 7 or 8. I had my emo phase very early. I don't think they have a chance at winning though #Eurovision
Europe! Vote number 4! #Fin! #Eurovision Pleeeeeaseeeeee! Best thing you can do tonight! Love
My favourites: 1. Sweden 2. Australia 3. Finland Good luck to all! #Eurovision #EurovisionSongContest #Eurovision2022
Rasmus doing a very good impression of IT. You'll remember them from in the shadows this could do a lot better than people think, best song I've heard so far #Eurovision #FIN
Whoop whoop Finland the last rockers standing #Eurovision @grahnort Love nice to see Mr Bobby from Nativity gainfully employed
#fra This is very different from France (in a good way) pity half the backdrop is hidden by the Non-Kinetic Black Hole behind them. Think it's easily the best staging so far up with Finland. Fun and different. #ESC2022
How will the UK vote? Sweden was good. Finland and Moldova will get a lot. The Polish population will ensure a few votes go their way. The wild card though is Spain. We're a simple island, so no doubt their singer flashing her rear end for 3 minutes will win votes. #Eurovision
Finland, Spain, Norway and Moldova were my faves. UK were good too and I liked Armenia #Eurovision
Regardless of the type of song, I gotta love anyone who's just there having fun. And The Rasmus with their literal decades of experience on the stage know how to put on a show. Love it. #fin #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #ESC2022
I'm a big fan of Finlands song, and it's rather apt for them to be singing about jizz whilst wearing a yellow trench coat that looks like it can be easily wiped down. Very pleasant chest too. 16/30 #ESC2022 #Eurovision
The award for the blatant rip-off of last year's winner goes to Finland #EUROVISION #fin
Czech Rebublic, Finland, France, Spain, Lithuania, Serbia and many more other countries had amazing songs this year Love #esc2022
The Rasmus had a great song in 2003 'In the Shadows'. I was a huge fan at the time. #Eurovision
#Moldova very lively and happy definitely got the audience on their side. I'm still with #Finland but competition is strong and then there's #Ukraine also in there in more ways than one #Eurovision
Wow, #Fin is great! #ESC2022 #Eurovision
Finland my favourite so far, really liked Israel and Moldova is going to be great when they're on! #Eurovision
My Top 10 with no special order bc I can't choose: Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Norway, Moldova, Italy, Australia, France, Spain , Finland AND HONORABLE MENTION TO LATVIA BECAUSE THEY DESERVED BETTER #Eurovision
I've hopped in a time machine, teen Liam would have loved it, it was fun from Finland #Eurovision
#FIN is just an amazing vibe. Not believing how old they are, I love. #Eurovision
Is Laura Pausini the fifth member of The Rasmus? Or is she giving us a hint that The Rasmus could win the grand finale? Finland #Eurovision #FIN
The songs okay, but the best thing about Finland's performance is that bod Love #Eurovision
The Embassy of Finland is so beautiful! So glad I met the ambassador Finland #EUOpenHouse #Eurovision
A fantastic year for #EUROVISION again! Fantastically entertaining! #norway #finland #moldova
Well #FIN is kinda fun #Eurovision but I don't love it
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