Status: Eliminated
Artist: The Rasmus
Song: Jezebel
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
The Rasmus are back, and Finland is ready to ROCK YOU. Jezebel is a genuinely great pop rock song, and in any other year I'd have this in with a chance of winning. Lauri is also GREAT on stage, even without his amazing disappearing coat. Excellent stuff. #FIN #Eurovision
The Rasmus Finland Loved them since my childhood. I listen to them still. Haven't heard the other songs yet but would be awesome if they won for Finland #Eurovision Family time, best time
I saw them live 10 years ago, that was one of my first concerts and i still have good memories about it, they're really amazing Love VOTE FINLAND 04 Finland #TheRasmus #Eurovision #EUROVISION #ESC2022 #Eurovision2022
The Rasmus on the stage with smiles and joy was something to be proud of. Good job! Finland #Eurovision #ESC2022 #Euroviisut
Amazing #Eurovision2022, I'm voting Finland after that incredible performance from Rasmus. #VoteFinland!!
I already was a fan od The Rasmus but this isn't one of their best song. But I love them #Eurovision
omgg it's our turn . GOOD LUCK our finland Finland Love #ESC2022 #euroviisut #Eurovision #FIN
#Eurovision Grand Final 04. Finland #Finland The Rasmus Jezebel About the country Participations 55 Victories 1 Last year 6th Best ranking Winner 2006 EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett
okay my mum just said she liked the rasmus and when my MUM says she likes a rock song? mate you done GOOD #Eurovision
On an upturn with Finland. Was hoping they would get 99 yellow balloons in the lyrics somewhere. Though, was it raining when you turned up? 6/10 (that's 5/10 with a @purplefi bonus point for funny hair and yellow boots) #Eurovision
Whoop whoop Finland the last rockers standing #Eurovision @grahnort Love nice to see Mr Bobby from Nativity gainfully employed
Thank you #therasmus and #mika for winning my chap over to accept we are watching #Eurovision he's now writing down the countries he likes #Finland
Wow Finland is beautiful Love #Eurovision
Finland next! The Rasmus was my favourite band when I was literally 7 or 8. I had my emo phase very early. I don't think they have a chance at winning though #Eurovision
I'm a big fan of Finlands song, and it's rather apt for them to be singing about jizz whilst wearing a yellow trench coat that looks like it can be easily wiped down. Very pleasant chest too. 16/30 #ESC2022 #Eurovision
Europe! Vote number 4! #Fin! #Eurovision Pleeeeeaseeeeee! Best thing you can do tonight! Love
Rasmus doing a very good impression of IT. You'll remember them from in the shadows this could do a lot better than people think, best song I've heard so far #Eurovision #FIN
I have paid good money to see the Rasmus. Not crowning them winners of #Eurovision suggests there may be some politics involved.
Regardless of the type of song, I gotta love anyone who's just there having fun. And The Rasmus with their literal decades of experience on the stage know how to put on a show. Love it. #fin #SBSEurovision #Eurovision #ESC2022
Finland was not bad, but I kind of wanted more? Nice shirt removal though. #eurovision
I've hopped in a time machine, teen Liam would have loved it, it was fun from Finland #Eurovision
#FIN is just an amazing vibe. Not believing how old they are, I love. #Eurovision
The songs okay, but the best thing about Finland's performance is that bod Love #Eurovision
The Embassy of Finland is so beautiful! So glad I met the ambassador Finland #EUOpenHouse #Eurovision
There was a lot of good rock in the #Eurovision semis, #FIN was not the best of the bunch but got through where others did not. Se on elamaa
Finland are determined to not win this #Eurovision
Enjoying Johnny Weir's commentary. He commented that Finland had the It look, ROFL. #Eurovision
Ze hebben meer actie toegevoegd dan in de halve finale, en ik moet zeggen, de tweede keer begint het eigenlijk best lekker te klinken. Ik ben fan! #FIN #Eurovision
Good start so far #Fin #Eurovision - love yellow, a good mac and wellies.
Fun fact Jezebel is the brand of leggings I wear from Costco for the gym You're welcome #Eurovision
The Rasmus had a great song in 2003 'In the Shadows'. I was a huge fan at the time. #Eurovision
He visto a The Rasmus en #Eurovision y he empezado a gritar porque soy fan fan fan faaaaaaannnnnnn Y no sabia que estaban!!!! Love Love Love Love
#Eurovision Just like every year, I want Finland to win
LOL! FINLAND again proving they are barking! Love it! #FIN #Eurovision
Up next is #4, Finland Represented by The Rasmus, yes, them that did 'in the shadows' in 2003. It's a nice dose of Scandinavian emo rock; and I like it, but their sound has barely evolved in 20 years not that that matters in #Eurovision land, but
Best so far is The Rasmus obviously #Eurovision We all know the best bit will be #Maneskin performing again though Love Love
An der Stelle: Danke The Rasmus fur "In the Shadows" und jahrelange gute Musik Love #Eurovision #ESC2022 #FIN
#Eurovision Jezebel by The Rasmus Finland no words 100% favourite to win IMO. What a performance!
Is Laura Pausini the fifth member of The Rasmus? Or is she giving us a hint that The Rasmus could win the grand finale? Finland #Eurovision #FIN
#Eurovision #Fin old rockers, what's not to love. Not sure it's a winner though, he looks like a poor man's #AliceCooper
Danke #TheRasmus, dass ich mich wieder wie 18 fuhlen durfte Love Finland #Eurovision #ESC2022 #ESC22
Love the song from the Rasmus!!!! Loved them so much in 2003 Love Love #ESC2022
I'm not into #Eurovision but naturally I want The Rasmus to win!
Is that The Rasmus?! Incredible #Eurovision
hoping finland places last Love #eurovision
finland makes me feel nostalgic and ngl I kind of love it #Eurovision
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