Status: Eliminated
Artist: Stefan
Song: Hope
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
I kinda like every song of #Eurovision 2022 Every song is beautiful in its own genre and touches me in a good way. Really hope the best song wins and that politics are left out of the decision
Someone must have told the singer from Estonia #EST on #Eurovision to smile more - he has a nice, sexy one along with a great voice!
Oh Estonia. I love this. It's like a disco Ennio Morricone. This is brilliant. Great way to end the songs. #Eurovision
Strong Americana vibes in double denim from #Estonia. Very catchy. Could medal! #Eurovision Really strong set tonight - had everything you expect plus quite a few good songs
Estonia what a great finish to the Contest. Brilliant! Quite the looker and took over the whole stage. Bravo! #EST #Eurovision2022
I sincerely hope all finalists had an amazing time at #Eurovision2022 regardless. Good job to all!
#EST Sogar den passenden Wildenwesten Filter angewendet! Bravo, jetzt ist es offiziell ein Song aus Lucky Luck #Eurovision @Eurovision @one_ard
Good Lord, just turned on #Eurovision. Haven't seen any of the others but Estonia to win Love
Ok. He's winning me over with that smile and wink Love #EST #Eurovision
#EST very good. Nice uplifting song to end on. They should have given this to Rag N Bone Man. #Eurovision
That feels an amazing result. I hope we offer to host for them, as second place winners #Eurovision
I really hope that when @theguyliner finishes his supreme commentary on #EUROVISION he's going to write a column on Blind Date (surely Yev doesn't need a national paper to help her find love?! )
Tell you what Estonia comes earlier in the order and that has great chance one of the best for me #Eurovision
estonia closing it out strong! that was great- not as *country* as i thought it'd be, but regardless- loved it. #esc2022 #eurovision #EST
This effort by #est is pleasingly upbeat, but I feel like it's not really delivering on the original western promise #Eurovision
I hope we can all all agree that this year was a strong year. Five or so winners that I could live with. #ESC2022
Happy memories of my fantastic trip to #Estonia where I met the ex-wife of @glesgabrighton on a bus. What are the chances? That's all I have to say about this bland #Eurovision entry.
#estonia #est yeah it's ok, fun with a tune, he's enjoying himself, but it's typical ESC. #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
#EST #Eurovision impressive and different contribution from Estonia. Too many dark and slow contributions this year. Nice to see and here something else.
Stefan looks relaxed and as if he's actually enjoying his performance. A nice way to close the final #EST #Eurovision
As an American #Eurovision fan, I hope I never get to vote. I simply dont know how I could decide. There are so many songs I love this year. #Eurovision2022
Can see why they chose #Estonia to close. Very anthemic and he really works the stage. Won't be winning but a great song to finish on! #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #EST
Loved that as a final number, it fit perfectly #est #EUROVISION
I hope the good guys win #Eurovision
I'd love Estonia to win! #Eurovision
#Eurovision Estonia. Last song. Wild West start. Yes yes yes! Look him. He's so happy. Joyous
STEFAN!!!!! MY WINNER!!! GO ESTONIA!! Love #Eurovision
Question pertinent with Mika there a better "this song is sad" to "yes it's sad but there is still hope" crescendo than the bit in "Happy Ending" when "little bit of love' starts & then just climbs & climbs & climbs? I think not. #euro
I like that outfit, but I hope it's comfortable. She had to wear that right to the end in case she wins #Eurovision
I hope My Lovely Horse wins. #Eurovision #TheFilmCrowd
My daughter voted for #Estonia on #EUROVISION She did it on looks, not sure what the official ruling is on that! Good luck to him anyway! #Stefan
and Estonia #Estonia`s Stefan has such a beautiful tone of voice, liked the western genre too #Eurovision
Love love love Estonia, I've been belting it in the car for weeks and he's adorable. #Eurovision
That was a really lovely way to finish the performances. Loved that from #Estonia #Eurovision
I AM A FAN Love #est #Eurovision
Great song to finish on! #Estonia #Eurovision what a great night, good for the soul
I loved Mahmoud's song in 2019, so@l I hope this is good #Eurovision
#Eurovision Estonia well done. Nailed it
Good luck to Stefan #Eurovision
What a great ending with Estonia! Love Love Love #Eurovision
Rooting for Estonia i won't even listen to their song I just think they should win #Eurovision
Estonia, great voice! Hope! Love #Eurovision
Really proud of our #UK #EUROVISION entry this year. He's a gem. Top quality person and performer who I really hope does well!
I think I like Estonia as well!!! A refreshing and relaxing song and performance #EUROVISION Estonia
estonia Estonia , i love this ahhhh such a good vibes #Eurovision
Wow a country song I DON'T hate? I'm intrigued #EST #Eurovision
Estonia has won this. I love this song already #Eurovision
Whether he does well or not tonight, I hope he gets a record deal. Great voice and such a nice guy #uk #Eurovision #bbceurovision
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