Czech Republic

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Domi
Song: Lights Off
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @WeAreDOMI
Instagram: @we.are.domi
Ok. Top 5 Italy Czech Republic Poland Sweden UK Not sure of order. Outsiders (to me) are Greece & France. #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision Soon the fun part......the comedy of the voting. Gotta love it. Mika is brilliant btw.
Casper from We Are Domi Czech Republic is having a good day. He is a massive Liverpool fan and they just won the FA Cup and now he's performing at the Eurovision Grand Final! #Eurovision
Czech Republic is just such a good song. Can we please bless such lovable people with a great result ? #Eurovision #SBSEurovision #CZE @WeAreDomi
Czech republic starting the grand final couldn't have chosen a better banger, hoping for a top 10 @WeAreDomi #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #CzechRepublic #wearedomi
Czech Republic ain't gonna win but i loved their emo pop vibes, good opener Czech Republic #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
#Eurovision #CzechRepublic #CZE is my favorite amazing song and amazing performance! Where are you nooaaaaw!!! Go win the song contest!
Winning the home crowd by desecrating one of their best loved pieces of art. #cze #eurovision
So far, our judgements are: #czechrepublic Yes, great start, love it #romania He loves himself and they need to learn to do laundry without shrinking their clothes #portugal Great telephone music #Eurovision
#CZE, we see you, @WeAreDomi, and we love it! Just #wow! Great opening of the show! #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #esc2022
#CZE and #MDA top for me. Mainly because they weren't dross ballads. #UK and #EST also pretty good. But none of those will win #Eurovision
Czech Republic #CZE Notes from Semi-Final: Love the staging. High energy stuff from the Czech Republic. Great vocal. Solid. #Eurovision @bbceurovision @Eurovision @GIPHY
So far I have loved all the best parties: France, Czech Republic, Romania and more heartful Portugal. Exciting times!#Eurovision
#CZE are not my total favourite but I like them a lot & would be happy to see them win #Eurovision
Czech Republic was great, I reckon #Eurovision Also, they make great beer so I'd be happy for them to win based on that alone
First 8: Czech good, Portugal to win, Romania great, Switzerland boring, Norway cynical and boring, Armenia- love you but boring. #ESC2022
A solid 8.5/10, I'd be happy if these guys won #cze #Eurovision
Love the Czech song, a great European banger. #Eurovision #CZE
Nice upbeat start to #Eurovision thanks to the Czech Republic
Missed #Eurovision last year when Arthur rudely decided to be born on the same day. This year, Alf is determined to stay awake as long as possible Love First opinion on #cze 'she's flashy and beautiful'
Czech Rebublic, Finland, France, Spain, Lithuania, Serbia and many more other countries had amazing songs this year Love #esc2022
Very good, Czech Republic !!!! Wow! #Eurovision
You are awesome guys, I love youuu @WeAreDomi #Eurovision
#Eurovision 4 I've got high hopes for Norway. Surely this is Ylvis in disguise. Big fan of them and the Norwegian Taskmaster. As I think I'll be saying all night it is no Czech Republic but it is a fucking banger and a dance floor filler. Now what will Armenia bring?
#CZE great opening act, love the energy #ESC2022 @uudenmusiikinkilpailu
Grand finals starting with a bang! Czech Republic is such an amazing opener #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022
Quite liking this from the Czech Republic - it's good in a background music kind of way. #CZE #Eurovision
czech republic has grown on me. it's pretty fun and a good way to start #esc2022
My favorites tonight: Czech Republic Romania France Norway Spain Belgium Greece Moldova Australia United Kingdom Serbia Voting for: France Norway Love Spain Australia Love United Kingdom #Eurovision
I'm happy Czech Republic made it into the final I hope they do good #Eurovision
We are domi ! #Eurovision guys good luck!
Great to see Robin Sparkles bringing out some new music #HowIMetYourMother #CZE #Eurovision
Czech republic great catchy tune like pink the group #Eurovision
Czech Republic First on the #Eurovision stage are the Czech Republic We Are Domi were formed in Leeds and feature 2 Czech musicians and 1 Norwegian. Lead singer Dominika's dad won a Bronze medal in this very arena in the Ice Hockey at the Winter Olympics in 2006:
Excited for #CZE to open the night. It's a great house track #Eurovision
I absolutely loved the studio version of Lights Off by We Are Domi Czech Republic and the live version was just as great! #Eurovision
wow she SLAYED that high note #cze #Eurovision CZECHIA TOP 10!!!!!!!!
Starting off strong with the Czech Republic. This was one of my personal favourites from the semi finals - a very solid bop #CZE #Eurovision
Friendship ended with Australia, now Czechia is our best friend. #Eurovision
#Eurovision 12 Why are Australia here? Great outfit but terrible yodelling. Another one with Lewis Capaldi vibes but not as good. UK next, not actually heard it. OK Mr Ozzie, just finish please. They seem to like the UK. Never heard of him though. Can he beat the Czechs for me?
Czech Republic 8/10 love the catchy tune #CZE #Eurovision Let me know your score..
Good luck #CzechRepublic !! #Eurovision
bravo domi que bien lo has hecho guapa #Eurovision
#CZE 10 Points in my opinion! Fantastic show, banger. #Eurovision
That was good, would be very happy for it to come on when on the traditional Prague stag do #Eurovision #CZE
Mis chequitos Love Love Love Love Czech Republic No habia mejor forma de abrir la final!!! Ojala tengan toda la suerte del mundo y se cuelen en un top 10, que lo merecen!! #Eurovision
watch czech republic ending in top 10 again I would love to see that #Eurovision
Catchy, but I think she did it slightly better in the Semis. #CZE #Eurovision
#ESC2022 Bueno, empezamos bien. Es uno de mis favoritos. Que lleguen a primer lugar #CZE
Czech is good omg loving it #Eurovision2022
Undeniable banger. Smashing the first song. #CzechRepublic #Eurovision
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